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British Agility Association




BAA news & information

Since the announcement in 2003 giving independent agility show organisers the freedom to put on shows without the fear of sanctions, quite a few unaffiliated shows have been set up around the country. The British Agility Association (BAA) was formed and now administered by June Bass following the success of EMDAC in order to provide a solid, well thought out set of rules and regulations. It acts as a governing body to assure competitors that BAA sanctioned shows are well-organised with the dogs wellbeing at the top of the priority list.

The British Agility Association provides full hands on support and advice to all show organisers hosting a BAA sanctioned show. For more information visit www.baa.uk.net 


BAA Show News

The EMDAC  Four Day Show at Easter will be the first ever show in the UK where dogs are jumping no higher than their measurement to the withers compulsory and no higher than one inch higher voluntarily.

Dogs jump closer to their own height in many other countries and BAA supports any change that proves to be beneficial to the dog's long-term well being whilst partaking in our hobby. Over the years we have collected a substantial amount of information which provides enough evidence to support our philosophy. A folder containing the documentation will be available at all BAA shows for competitors to read, copy etc.

I am sure there will be many pictures and videos produced over the coming season which will also provide further supporting evidence. I personally am looking forward to witnessing many dogs jumping more naturally and comfortably. 

The BAA provides the following benefits for pet dogs in Agility:

  • Lower jump heights. Dogs do not jump any higher than their own height compulsorily

  • Six jump heights

  • Five competition levels

  • All new dogs start at Introductory Level

  • Separate Veteran classes, providing Veteran friendly courses

  • More flowing courses with minimum 15 feet distance between obstacles in all directions

  • No Tyre

  • No Flat Tunnel

  • No V-bends on rigid tunnels

  • Internal pivot brackets on See Saws to prevent scissor action trapping incidents

  • Lower A Frame -  5ft maximum to apex in standard levels 4ft maximum in Veterans

  • Lower  Dog Walk in Veterans

  • No Weaves or See Saw in Veterans

  • Fully fenced rings with L-shape entry & exit

  • Large spaces between rings with a 20 foot spectator rule - when requested by competitors

  • Six foot spacing in the queue rule

BAA also provides:

  • The facility to allow show organisers to be able to process their own entries and results, if required

  • In each ring results processing, if required

  • Dog's history, providing results info for every dog in every class entered whilst competing at BAA

  • Comprehensive set of Rules (to provide protection & fair play for all BAA competitors)

  • Minimum 20% Rosettes

  • NFC POTD (Not for Competition, Pay on the Day) entries) where classes are not already full

  • Annual Dog of the Year awards in all heights at all levels

  • Four separate Junior Handler Leagues up to age 18

  • Two separate Veteran Leagues for 7-10s and 11 plus

  • British Agility Dog Awards (BAD Certificates) based on wins accrued over dogs lifetime at BAA

  • Grand Finals for all heights and all Levels

  • Separate annual league awards for: Rescue, Gundog, Spaniel, Terrier, Crossbreed, Over 60s Female Handler and Over 60s Male Handler

Have fun with your pet dogs!


Soft Tunnel Banned

In 2011 BAA advised show organisers of the phasing out of the flat tunnel. Then at the start of 2012/2013 season all BAA show organisers were again advised that the use of flat tunnels at BAA shows were to be discouraged . We have now demanded that flat tunnels are not used at BAA shows. A ruling to that effect is included in all the summer schedules  in the BAA rules section so competitors will know the new ruling, too. (British Agility Association)

You can train a dog to negotiate a dogwalk, jump, see saw etc in a steady and safe manner. But you cannot train a dog

  • Not to get wrapped in the cloth tunnel
  • Not get friction burns from the canvas type
  • Not to get static shock from the sailcloth type
  • Not to get caught up in any rips/holes in the cloth etc etc

Larger sized dogs eg: German Shepherds are disadvantaged trying to exit the cloth especially if it is pegged too tight.

The Flat/Cloth Tunnel has proven to be an unfair piece of equipment in an Agility test. Depending upon the weather, it does not remain the same for all dogs in that class.

Yes, there is a risk to our dogs when competing in agility, but there is no need to include equipment that simply causes injury or discomfort even to a fully experienced dog.

People complain about the see saw banging down too hard and call that dangerous. I would suggest that if you train your dog to negotiate the see saw correctly and to ride the tilt, rather than train it to speed to the end and take the full impact of the jolt, there would be no reason to complain about it, providing the see saw has a hidden pivot bracket to eliminate the risk of leg trapping injury.

People call the Dogwalk dangerous because 'their dog fell off it.' IMO that would be a training issue.

BAA have made moves to remove the Flat tunnel from their rings since 2011 because of the above mentioned factors, but in the light of the recent fatal accident BAA has decided that it must now be banned totally.

Height  Reminders

Over the past four weeks BAA have registered over 200 new members. Many of these handlers have also competed at other organisation's shows and there seems to be a lot of confusion over the heights that dogs are eligible to jump.

At BAA shows, the height specifications are...

  • Micro - dogs that measure 14in or under at the withers. Jump height will be 9in.

  • Mini - dogs that measure 16in or under at the withers. Jump height will be 13.75in. Also for dogs measuring over 20ins & weighing 35-45kg

  • Medium - dogs that measure over 14in and 20in or under at the withers. Jump height
    17.75in. ALSO for dogs measuring over 20ins & weighing 25-35kg

  • Maxi - dogs that measure over 17in at the withers. Jump height will be 24in.

You will also find these details In the schedules, Rules booklet and on the BAA website.

Thanks for your continued support. Hope this helps clear up the confusion &and sorry I don’t have time to answer individual queries on this subject at the moment.

Have fun !


British Open Championships 2011 Qualifiers

Top scoring dogs from each section of the country North, South, East and West (below) have qualified for The British Open Grand Prix Championships 2011 featuring:

  • The British Open Grand Prix Maxi Championships

  • The British Open Grand Prix Medium Championships

  • The British Open Grand Prix Mini Championships

  • The British Open Grand Prix Micro Championships

The Finals will take place on Saturday, 16 July at Asfordby Amateurs Sports Club, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Have you qualified?
If you are unable to attend, please inform June Bass by emailing


  • Miranda Watson with Fly

  • Heather Litherland with Will

  • Pamela Denton with Leah

  • Billi Allen with Flix

  • Melanie Wright with Jho Jho

  • Pauline Homer with Foley

  • Janice Bell with Kestrel

  • Bruce Lyons with Zip

  • Julie Nicholson with Misty

  • Aemillia Nicholson with Edith

  • Katie Ford with Jet

  • Louise McCulloch with Maisie

  • Carol Merola with Tizzy

  • Carol Kean with Rhub

  • Pat Griffiths with Jodie

  • Gabi Powell with Bree

  • Gloria Easthaugh with Fizz

  • Teresa McAteer with Badger

  • Julie Chapman with Pace

  • Yvonne Black with Meg

  • Anne Marigny with Kafka

  • Mike Walker with Caddie

  • Gemma Miles with Asher

  • Julia Docking with Star

  • Caron Evison with Dylan

  • Bob Scott with Lottie

  • Sylvia Wilde with Bonnie

  • Julie Chapman with Em

  • Freya Cooper with Tilly

  • Freda Wallace with Ritz

  • Alison Schofield with Robbie

  • Clare Hulme with Ben

  • Robert Morley with Chloe

  • Pauline Goddard with Misty

  • Peter Heffer with Meesha

  • Ron Oliver with Gypsy

  • Rachel Flentje with Poppy

  • Dawn Smith with Meg


  • Becky Score with Beau

  • Clare Hodkinson with Stella

  • Gill Payne with Molly

  • Jordon Winsor with Magic

  • Sue Fitton with Rosie

  • Ann Boyles with Flint

  • Colleen Harris with Gem

  • Sue Dack with Lucy

  • Harriet Pattinson with Maisie

  • Robert Morley with Star

  • Sylvia Wilde with Pippa

  • Brian Creswell with Barney

  • Simon Ellis with Gypsy

  • Richard Greengrass with Pippin

  • Tracy Burgess with Tisha

  • Melanie Wright with Flyte

  • Steven Rogers with Tessy

  • Steven Rogers with Grommit

  • Julia Morter with Jess

  • Andrew Green with Coober

  • Sarah Stonton with Tad

  • Maureen Boutel with Susie Q

  • Jo Hallam with Jess







  • Claire Smith with Saphire
  • Sue Gibson with Max
  • Sue Batley with Dottie
  • Carolyn Snowdon with Minnie
  • Denise Smith with Ozzie
  • Liz Lewis with Ria
  • Chris Mann with Shadow
  • Pat Bishop with Rosco
  • Joy Hitchcock with Quincey
  • Christine Dack with Buster
  • Avril Moran with Ellie
  • Lou Cadman with Poppy
  • Sian Townsend


  • Keely Foster with Scruffy
  • Debbie Goodwin with Sarah
  • Sarah Ratcliffe with Lottie
  • Sarah McLean with Kita
  • Maureen Worley with Berry
  • Mel Read with Dodie
  • Pat Bishop with Alfie
  • Janet Morgan with Jay
  • Philippa Russell with Polka





British Agility Dog Titles to Date

Congratulations to the winners of these titles so far. Certificates that were not picked up at the BAA finals on August Bank Holiday, can be collected at Future BAA shows.


Wins Required










June Bass




Pat Spilman




Sue Wootton Freeman




Laurina Gilbert




Georgina Baker




Pauline Freeman




Pat Bishop




Pat Bishop




Helen Norton




Jackie Smith




Angela & Nigel Crockford




Julie Kondor




Karen Johnson




Allison Harris




Hilary Tomlinson




Kathy Conneely




Melanie Wright




John Paterson




Barry Hadley




Kim Hadley




Mandy Surch




Davina Webster




Pat Holliday




John Brough




Phil Spilman




Lynne Moore




Richard Blanchard




Sandra Padmore




Paula Merryman




Paula Merryman




Danni Bailey




Alex Bailey




Steve Hutchinson




Denise Clayton




Rachael Moynihan




Gemma Brunt




Joy Hitchcock




Dawn Smith




Hannah Vaughan




Danni Bailey




Helen Norton




Steve Hutchinson




Janice Bell




Tom Young




Larry Kelly




Joanne Hyslop




Teresa Waite




Helen Aucott




Jan Bojko




Liz Mutton




Jayne Pettitt




Jacqui McWhinney




Julian Lloyd




Pauline McCallum




Konstantin Vershinin




Candy Hanby




Phil Wrighton




Lucy Osborne




Sue Street




Layla Hudson




Heather Mitchell




Samantha Mills












Jane Morley




Melanie Wright




Kathy Conneely




Martin Clayton




Steven Rogers




Davina Collings




Pat Conneely




Samantha Mills




Karen Balloch




Martin Reid




Jacqui McWhinney




Pat Slater




Anne Marigny




Robert Carman




Angie Pelling












Jacqui McWhinney




Rachael Moynihan




Jo Chambers




Steve Hutchinson




John Paterson




Rachael Alldritt-Smith




James Denton




Rae Blythe




Lynne Kelly




Owen Passey




Micheala Fairbrother












Bob Scott




Joy Hitchcock




Angie Pelling












Nell Pegg




Jo Chambers




Jo Chambers












Gemma Miles












Melanie Patten




Bob Scott












Julie Chapman












Gemma Miles

MCCS at Dogs Unleashed 2010

Midland Counties Canine Sports (MCCS) will be showcasing a BAA sanctioned Agility show on Saturday and Sunday 26-27 June 2010 at the Dogs Unleashed show to be held at Bakewell Showground, Derbyshire.

Dogs unleashed was held for the first time in 2009 at Newark Showground and proved a very successful and enjoyable show for all dog enthusiasts.

All types of dog activities were showcased including; BAA Sanctioned Agility, Heelwork to Music, BFA Flyball, Terrier Racing, Husky Racing, Spanish Water Dogs, Canine Weightpulling, Gundog Scurries, British 60 Weave Challenge, British Clever Dogs, Carting Dogs, Fun Dog Show, Splash & retrieve, Have-a-go events, Breed Stands, Charity Stands, Microchipping. Dog Photography, Dog Behaviour and more!

June Bass, principle of the British Agility Association said, 'Dogs unleashed 2009 was a fantastic show and I would like to wish Andrew and his crew every success for Dogs Unleashed in 2010.'

EMDAC Summer Series Announced

East Midlands Dogs Agility Club (EMDAC) will be holding a series of five BAA sanctioned shows over the summer of 2010. The shows will as usual be held at Asfordby Amateurs Sports Club, Hoby Road Asfordby Near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

The dates are as follows:-

  • 24-25 April

  • 22-23 May

  • 12-13 June

  • 15-18 July

  • 28-30 August

Please note the new date for the June show. The July show will include the British Open Championship Finals for each height (Micro, Mini, Medium & Maxi). The British Agility Association Grand Prix Finals will be held at the August show.

Schedules will be released early in the new year.

MCCS Change of Dates

The Midland Counties Canine Sports show which was originally planned  to take place on 6th & 7th June is now scheduled for 13th & 14th June 2009. The reason for this change is to avoid a clash with North Derbyshire show.

Andrew and Rachel Capille welcome competitors new and old to the first of several relaxed and friendly MCCS shows in 2009.

BAA Announces British Open Grand Prix Agility Championships

In May 2009 hundreds of Agility enthusiasts from all around the UK will be converging on Asfordby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, in an attempt to qualify for a brand new British Open Grand Prix Agility Finals featuring:

  • The British Open Grand Prix Maxi Champion

  • The British Open Grand Prix Medium Champion

  • The British Open Grand Prix Mini Champion

  • The British Open Grand Prix Micro Champion

This brand new competition is open to all dogs from Primary, Novice, Graduate & Masters Levels. All dogs will compete over the same course with awards and titles to each height - Maxi, Medium, Mini and Micro.

The Finals will take place in July at The Cold Wet Nose Show (Guildford) in the Main Arena, under media spotlight. The course will be set at Novice level. There will be mega quality trophies and rosettes presented to the Winners. Further details of the Judge and  Commentator etc. will follow.

There will be one qualifier session which will take place at the EMDAC May show held at Asfordby. Finalists will consist of: 20 Maxi, 10 Medium, 5 Mini and 5 Micro. The competition will be run under British Agility Association (BAA) Rules & Regulations.

June Bass said, 'Although news of this competition was released just this week, the interest and requests for application forms has been phenomenal. We are looking forward to showcasing 'The Best of British Agility Dogs & Handlers (of course) at this prestigious event.'

Application forms will be released from 29th November 2008.

Check out the BAA website for all the latest news on this and other forthcoming prestigious events. www.baa.uk.net

Source: June Bass (23/11/08)

BAA Welcome their 3000th Member!

Congratulations to Victoria Thornton and her dog Bob on becoming the BAA's 3000th member. Victoria and Bob were presented with a splendid rosette and lots of goodies from our sponsors Alpha to mark the occasion. They will also enjoy free entry to BAA shows for a whole year.

Victoria's account of the day...
Sunday, 25 May - our first EMDAC show of the season.  Little did we know what the day had in store for us. It was Bob’s first show with EMDAC and we had entered the Introductory Agility and Jumping classes. I acquired Bob at four months of age on Easter Sunday, 2006.  He brought with him a new source of energy and cheekiness that wasn’t always popular with my two other dogs (Molly and Madge) and even less popular with my leather sofa and chair (which is now held together by brown parcelling tape). 

Bob and I are not the best at agility. He is fast but unfocussed. I am slow and continually stick my arms out when I point at jumps which sends him off at a tangent (when he bothers to look at me).  I was apprehensive to say the least about our performance and what would happen.  After a “messy” agility round I did not have high hopes for the jumping class.  To my surprise and delight we got a clear round.  I felt on top of the world and will nearly admit to almost shedding a tear – a day I thought I would never see (and probably never will again!).

Shortly afterwards I was tannoyed to go to the Secretary’s tent.  My heart sank. Was our clear round going to be nullified? 

Quite the opposite.

June informed me that Bob was EMDAC’s 3000th member and qualified for loads of Alpha goodies. I was in shock and speechless (for once). We were lucky enough to receive a bag of food, a water bowl, a collar and lead, free entries for the rest of the year for EMDAC shows not to mention the photograph shoot with all the EMDAC members. 

I nearly fainted, not renown for being lucky. It was almost too much to take in – a clear round and the 3000th member all in the same day. Bob, however, took everything in his stride -the goodies, the fuss, the photos - all in a normal days work. I hope he doesn’t expect this much attention after every clear round. 

We felt very honoured and proud to be the 3000th member. The club is so friendly and made it such a special day that we will never forget. My other two dogs both got a clear round, too which made the day complete. Thank you to everyone involved in running the club and we hope to make some progress over the next few months. But please don't watch us! Thanks again.

Victoria, Bob, Molly &  Madge

Photo: Alan Boutel



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