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Please remind your show secretary to keep sending those updates to us and to include the name of the show, date(s), venue and other relevant details.

 APRIL 2015

New Safety Rules for Agility

Various Animal Welfare Groups, supported by both Legal and Health & Safety Experts, are in the process of informing Agility organisations that two new sets of safety legislation, which have received Royal Ascent in Parliament this week, will make it compulsory for all dogs who compete in Licensed Agility Competitions to wear head protection.

The Protection Of Animals (Amendment) Act 2015, and The Protective Equipment (EC Directive) Regulations 2015 require that all dogs be protected against 'Foreseeable Risks' such as banging their heads on tunnel entries or the inside of tyre rings etc.

The full regulations, which can be downloaded from the HMSO web site, state that three types / styles of head protection would be acceptable.

These are:-

Whatever the style of Head protection used, it must be Kite Marked and CE Marked to indicate that it complies with the minimum standards. All hats must be fitted with a flat leather or web strap complete with buckle or clip fixing as per the collar rule.

Similarly, volunteers will be required to measure all dogs to check that they have the correct size and type of head protection and that it is fitted correctly.

New requirements will also be placed on Show Managers and Judges to ensure that any dogs that do not comply with these new rules are not allowed to compete.

These arrangements are being put out for consultation prior to them coming into force at around this time next year.

Source: Tim Griffiths (1 April 2015)

 MARCH 2015

Top Prizes Announced for Brillo International Bounce & Agria Grand Prix

Agria Pet Insurance has some exciting news for handlers of Small and Medium dogs entering the Brillo International Bounce competitions this year. The winner from each category will receive a £400 voucher towards a ‘Dog Friendly’ break!

The prizes will be awarded to the winning handlers at this year’s final on Saturday, 19 September at Top Barn, Worcestershire, as part of Golden Valley DTC Agility weekend.

The announcement of these exclusive prizes, courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance and Dog Friendly, comes hot on the heels of the recent news that the same prizes will also be awarded to the winners of the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix for large dogs at May’s Hatton Agility Festival and August's Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park.

Source: Graham Taylor (23 March 2015)

Highdown Is On Again

Thanks to the power of Face Book, the organisers of the Highdown Summer Show have been able to source a new venue and are pleased to announce that their show will, after all, be running this year on Sunday, 28 June. The new venue is the Brinsbury Campus, Chester College, near Pulborough, West Sussex.

The schedule will be published next week via ISS and Agilitynet.

Source: Kate Austin (26 March 2015)

The Kennel Club Seeks Guidance on Securing the Pipe Tunnel

At a recent meeting, the Kennel Club Activities Sub-Committee discussed the need for pipe (aka rigid or hose) tunnels in agility to be safely secured at shows to ensure the safety of dogs competing. As a result, the Kennel Club has put together some guidance for agility show organisers/judges to assist with the securing of the pipe tunnel.

The Kennel Club Regulation for the pipe tunnel states that the obstacle should have a diameter of a minimum of 609mm (2ft). At present many tunnels are secured with strapping (approximately two inches wide) or bungees, which when tightened reduce the diameter of the tunnel by sometimes up to two inches or more. As a result, a dog enters a 2ft diameter tunnel and is then faced with a reduced diameter part way in, which for a large dog could be head height.

In an effort to prevent this problem, the use of saddle bags has been recommended as a means of securing the pipe tunnel. This involves using a PVC type material at least 24 inches wide to wrap over the tunnel which is then fixed in position with stakes through the attached straps/eyelets close to the tunnel. These saddle bag fixings can also be made with a pocket/pouch that can be filled with sand, using a Velcro type fastener, for use at indoor venues when stakes cannot be used. It is probable that there are different variations of this method, but as long as the same practices are followed then the result achieved should be uniform.

More information about securing pipe tunnels can be found on the Kennel Club website at

Source: The Kennel Club Press Office (23 March 2015)

Kennel Club Revises Qualification Procedure for Agility Team GB

The Kennel Club has announced changes to the qualification process for handlers wishing to be considered for a place on Agility Team GB in 2016.

Following feedback from last year’s Agility Team GB squad and the agility community, the Agility Team GB Coaching team has decided to reduce the qualification period for Agility Team GB from ten months to six months. The qualification dates for 2016 will now run between 28th March & 6th September 2015.

The new, shorter qualification period will allow for a rest period for handlers and dogs between December 2015 and February 2016. As a consequence of this new process, the first squad day will be brought forward to December 2015 and the second day moved to the end of February 2016.

It has also been agreed that points will be given to those handlers who secure a 3rd place in the Championship final classes. This change will provide a greater opportunity for dogs and handlers to be invited onto the Agility Team GB Squad.

To be considered for Agility Team GB, the following criteria apply:-

Achievements should be submitted via email to the Working Dog Activities Team at and must contain the following information:

Further details regarding the submission of achievements is now available on the Kennel Club website

Source: The Kennel Club Press Office (23 March 2015)

Half Moon on Telly

Exciting news... There will be a small TV crew doing some filming at the event. They're making a short film about pet insurance for a new TV series. They are interested in hearing dog owner's opinions on pet insurance and the cost of owning a dog so may approach some of you on the day and ask if you'd be willing you a couple of quick questions. If you'd prefer not to be filmed that won't be a problem.

They're also looking for people who don't have pet insurance and have had to pay a large vet bill for an operation for their dog, if this has happened to you and you'd be willing to talk to them please go and talk to them on the day or let the organisers know beforehand and they’ll put you in touch with them.

Source: Alison Grimes (19 March 2015)

Win a £400 Dog Friendly Break with the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix

From May to December, Agria is sponsoring a range of classes at some of the finest Agility events around the country, including the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix. During 2015, winners of the two Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix classes will each enjoy the fantastic prize of up to £400 towards their choice of a fantastic ‘Dog-Friendly’ weekend break! 

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

November 2015

December 2015

About Agria Pet Insurance
UK-based Agria Pet Insurance insures thousands of cats and dogs in the UK with affordable lifetime policies – each built to suit the needs of individual pets and their owners. Agria is the administrator of Kennel Club Pet Insurance, and, at 125-years-old, is the oldest and one of the leading pet insurers in the world.

For more information about the Agria Pet Insurance Grand Prix, contact Agria Pet Insurance Programme, 2 Medley Grove, Leamington Spa, CV31 2GA Tel. 01926 315335 Email Or for more information about Agria Pet Insurance and Agria Breeder Club, visit and

Source: Graham Taylor (14 March 2015)

Road Closure Alerts for Crufts Competitors

The Kennel Club is alerting anyone travelling to Crufts of road closures in the West Midlands area which may affect journeys to and from the NEC in Birmingham.

The Highways Agency has released the following details:

The Kennel Club would advise anyone travelling via these routes to consider planning an alternate route to minimise inconvenience.

The full list is available here

Other sources to make your show going easier and faster and drier!

Weather to go...
Courtesy of the BBC Met Office

Travel News

Courtesy of the Highways Department


WAO 2016 Venue

Organiser Greg Derrett has announced that the 2016 World Agility Open will take place in England. The event will be held on 13- 15 May 2016 at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Addington, Buckingham MK18 2JR. This fabulous venue is situated in Central England within one hour of both London Heathrow and Birmingham Airport, and a 2-1/2 hour drive from Dover.

For more information on the site, please visit . There will be 2 rings and 1 outdoor ring on an all weather surface. We will be releasing more details and information over the coming months so please keep an eye on the WAO Facebook page and website.

Source: Greg Derrett  (18 February 2015)

Granite City Summer Show Cancelled

Unfortunately the Committee of Granite City Dog Agility Club have had to make the hard decision to not hold a summer agility show this year. The reason for this is that the club has not been able to obtain our usual venue. The Committee also felt that we did not have enough time left available to source a new venue that would meet our requirements.

The Committee would also like to confirm that Granite City Dog Agility Club do intend to continue to promote an Agility show from 2016 onwards and are now focusing on that.

Source: Allan Wright - Chairman -Granite City DAC  (11 February 2015)

Agility Team GB Performance Day Call for Entries

Those dogs and handlers not already part of the GB squad are invited to enter the Performance Weekend on Sunday, 19th April to gain experience on international style courses designed and judged by an international judge. This is also a great way seen by Team GB Manager and the Coaching Team.

The show will be held alongside the Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts show for Grade 4-7 handlers (limited to 50 per height). Entries cost £15 per dog, and the closing date for entries is 20 February.

Spaces are filling fast so don't miss out, and book your space now! A few more dogs espewcially in the Medium and Small height would be welcome.

The schedule and Entry can be found on the Agilitynet Show Diary. Click on Agility Team GB G4-7 Performance Weekend on 19 April or go to

Source: Gina WDA Events Co-ordinator  (10 February 2015)


Burnham Announcement

Burnham & District DTC has made the tough decision not to hold our annual show this September. We would like to thank all of the Judges, competitors, trade stands, ring parties, hlpers, friends and Burnham members who have supported us in the past, and hope to be back in your Agility diaries soon.

Source: Vicki Merry (16 January 2015)

WAO Team News

Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, Jess Clarehough has withdrawn from the team this year.

At present the selection of for the 525 height will remain as announced as class allocation will not be made until after the first 3 training sessions. At that time a decision will be made about bringing in a reserve, if we feel it appropriate. We wish Jess well & she assures me she will tryout for the 2016 WAO.

Source: Bridgitte Wyre - Team Manager (10 January 2015)


Clevedon March Show Cancelled

Unfortunately the Hand Equestrian Centre have cancelled all shows and Clevedon Agility Show Society has been unable to find an alternative venue for their show on 1 March at such short notice. 

All entries via iSS will have a full refund returned to their iSS account. No cheques from postal entries have been cashed. Postal entry forms and cheques will be shredded unless the sender would like them returned in which case they should send a stamped addressed envelope to iSS by 31 December 2014.

Source: Kate Austin - iSS  (23 December 2014)

Winners Crowned at Olympia Agility Stakes

This year’s winners have been crowned at the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes. Held in association with Skinner’s pet foods, the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw the stars of agility compete in five finals in the Small, Medium, Large, Novice and Large ABC categories as part of the London International Horse Show at Olympia over the weekend.

Judged by Marc Saunders, the winners of the Stakes were:-

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'The Olympia Agility Stakes are one of the highlights of the dog agility calendar and have a very high level of talent competing each year.  This year was no exception and we were impressed with the quality of the performances of all the dogs and handlers taking part.  Congratulations to all the winners and we hope that their success is continued throughout 2015.'

The results for this year’s Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes can be found online at or

Source: The Kennel Club  (23 December 2014)

New Sponsor Fixed for Senior Agility League

Bowerland Cottage Holidays are thrilled to announce that they will be sponsoring the Senior Agility League for 2015.

Carole Langman said, 'We strongly believe that agility is a fantastic way to keep fit and active – no matter what age you are.  Nestled in the lovely Dartmoor hills our cottages and our Devon Dogs trainers help to invigorate and inspire many agility handlers and we would welcome you all to come down and visit us. We wish everyone in the league a massive good luck for the 2015 season!!

Situated just outside of Okehampton in Devon, Bowerland Cottages are located on the tip of Dartmoor National Park, surrounded by beautiful rugged scenery and offering some of the best dog walking ​in​ Devon. You can combine your stay with a top up of agility training, too! Bowerland is also the home of Devon Dogs Ltd. As part of your stay, you can arrange a bespoke training package to suit your needs. There is a beautiful purpose-built indoor dog training barn, so no matter the weather training takes place!

For more info, visit

Source: Agilitynet  (23 December 2014)

CSJ Highland Agility Stakes Heats for 2015

CSJ will continue it's ongoing support for the Highland Agility Stakes. This year’s final will take place at the Scottish Game Fair on Sunday. 5 July 2015 at Scone Palace. The judge will be the Margaret Quinn who simply needs no introduction!

Thank you to all the Scottish Clubs who are hosting qualifiers in 2015.

Rules for Schedules

Five heats for each height category will take place at KC registered shows in Scotland. Heats will take the form of graded or combined 6-7 agility classes held under standard KC rules and regulations. The preliminary event and final will take place at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone on Sunday 5 July 2015 and will each consist of an agility class judged according to KC rules and regulations.

Competitors may enter more than one dog in any heat and may qualify more than one dog in any final. Once a dog has qualified for the final further heats can be entered for competition.

Small CSJ Highland Agility Stakes
The winner or first previously unqualified dog from each of the five heats will go through to the final at the Game Fair. Dogs eligible to compete are those measuring 350 mm (1 foot 1¾ inches) or under at the withers and those eligible to compete in Grades 6 or 7 for Small dogs.

Medium CSJ Highland Agility Stakes
The winner or first previously unqualified dog from each of the five heats will go through to the final at the Game Fair. Dogs eligible to compete are those measuring over 350 mm (1 foot 1¾ inches) and those measuring 430 mm (1 foot 5 inches) or under at the withers and eligible to compete in Grades 6 or 7 for Medium dogs.

Large CSJ Highland Agility Stakes
The first four previously unqualified dogs from each of the five heats will go through to the final at the Game Fair. Dogs eligible to compete are those measuring over 430 mm (1 foot 5 inches) at the withers and eligible to compete in Grades 6 or 7 for large dogs

Source: Lisa Duggan  (22 December 2014)

Important News About Golden Valley's June Show

Due to an unfortunate clash with Thames Championship Show it is with regret that Golden Valley will not be able to hold their show in June. For 2015 ONLY, they will be holding their ‘Summer’ show in September on the 19th and 20th.

It will be held at their  usual venue - Top Barn, Worcester. They will be in touch with all the kind people who offered to judge for us in June  as soon as they can to make new arrangements for September 2015.

Ian Radford, GVDTC Chair said, 'We will be offering 4 standard classes that qualify for grade progression for all sizes and heights of dog, some of which will be graded classes. We look forward to seeing you there and hope that many of you can come to make this an enjoyable show.

Source: Ian Radford (22 December 2014)

Team England Announced for WAO 2015

The Team Management is delighted to announce the team that will represent England at the WAO in May 2015 in The Netherlands.

Team Manager Bridgette Wyre said, 'This is an exciting team incorporating experienced as well as new handlers and dogs. We congratulate all of you and look forward to a really successful WAO 2015.'

650 Height

  • Shaun Hunt with Phix

  • Nicola Garrett with Kayos

  • Chris Cole with Tom

  • Roger Teasdale with Jingo

  • Naarah Cuddy with Sassy

  • Claire Bacon with Ty

  • Non-Travelling reserve: Alexis Kay with PC

  • Non-Travelling reserve: Evie Coyne with Ace

525 Height

  • Karen Marriott with Puzzle

  • Jess Clarehugh with Cara

  • Bonny Quick with Ivy

  • Jo Tristram with Bitz

  • Alan Wildman with Mynx

  • Steven Richardson with Digit

  • Travelling reserve: Claire Bacon with Flake

  • Non-Travelling reserve: Lucie Hinchley with Pixie

400 Height

  • Steven Richardson with Libby

  • Lou Cadman with Twiggy

  • David Wright with Otis

  • Gemma Haycock with Ruby

  • Anthony Clarke with Minx

  • Travelling reserve: Bonnie Quick with Shelley

  • Non-Travelling reserve: Karen Gibbons with Willow

300 Height

  • Stacy Irwin-Burns with Sam

  • Sarah McLean with Kita

  • Tracy Ryan with Tink

  • Sarah Prentice with Lily

  • Travelling reserve: Stacey Irwin-Burns with Boo

  • Non-Travelling reserve: Martin Watts with Pippa

Tace Allen-Hunt will again be supporting Team England by travelling out to The Netherlands in May in her invaluable role as Team Physio.

On Agilitynet FB, Tace said, 'So proud to have been officially announced to be part of Team England management again for the WAO in the Netherlands next year. I have been England team therapist for the dogs and handlers since 2011 and the previous medals won show how well our system works. I am excited to be part of this new team including the management and look forward to working my socks off and dealing with the pressure of making sure that every dog and handler are fit enough to get on the start line. Let's bring those medals home!!'

Source: Bridgitte Wyre - Team Manager (15 December 2014)

Kennel Club Regulations Change for Show Schedules and Catalogues

The Kennel Club has made changes to its regulations on the submission of schedules and catalogues for breed shows, agility, obedience, heelwork to music, working trials, bloodhound trials and rally.

The Kennel Club General Committee agreed that, with over 2,500 licenced events taking place each year, the Kennel Club no longer has the facility to retain either hard or electronic copies for every event. Therefore, with effect from 1st January 2015, the regulations will be amended to reflect the following changes:

Working Dog Activities
For the disciplines of agility, bloodhound trials, heelwork to music, obedience, working trials and rally, societies and clubs will no longer be required to submit any schedules to the Kennel Club. Organisers will still need to retain their schedules for at least one year.

Societies and clubs will also no longer be required to send in marked catalogues for Open shows/trials to the Kennel Club. Organisers will still need to retain marked catalogues for these shows for at least one year. Marked Championship show/trial catalogues will still be required by the Kennel Club in order for the various award certificates to be issued.

Source: Kennel Club Press Office (09 December 2014)

2015 Agility Team GB Squad Named

The Kennel Club has announced the names of the agility competitors who will be part of Agility Team GB in 2015.

Two teams will be selected from the newly announced squad, which will go on to represent Great Britain at the European Open Agility Championships at Rieden, Germany from 24-26 July 2015 and the FCI World Agility Championships from 8-11 October 2015 in Bologna, Italy.

The 2015 squad was selected following the collection and submission of points from prestige agility events held during 2014. Early next year, the squad will attend two squad days at Nottingham Trent University which will be followed by a Performance Weekend held on 18th & 19th April 2015 in conjunction with Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts Show. Following the Performance Weekend, a team will be selected for each of the Championships.

Agility competitors not part of Team GB will also get the opportunity to compete at the Performance Weekend on Sunday, 19 April to give them an opportunity to practice on European style courses and receive feedback from the Team Manager. Although these competitors will not be considered for the GB team, it will give them a feel for European style agility and could inspire them to try out for the Championships in 2016.

Team Manager, Mark Laker said: 'Once again we have an impressive line-up of dogs and handlers qualifying for the 2015 squad. Calling up 30 - 45 dogs and handlers for the squad is always going to be a tough call, especially where there are a lot of handlers submitting points. The squad preparation process starts in January and will include two squad days and the Performance Weekend in April. I look forward to working with these top handlers once again over the following months and I’d like to thank everyone who submitted points this year. I wish everyone all the best in the squad process.'

The successful handlers and dogs are as follows:-

Large Squad

 Medium Squad

 Small Squad

  • Jessica Clarehugh - Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic

  • Greg Derrett - Nedlo Detox Sproglett

  • Laura Chudleigh - Ag.Ch.Borderpaws Dark Prince

  • Matthew Goodliffe - Turboed Widewater Wizard

  • Charlotte Harding - Ag.Ch.Rujaff Red Hot Scandal

  • Alan Short - Give It Some Juice Irn Bruce

  • Dave Munnings - Devongem Mister Boss Man

  • Greg Derrett - Rehab Devongem Sproglett

  • Karen Marriott - Petnat a Touch Puzzling

  • Natalie Mitchell - Streak of Chaos

  • Alan Wildman - Chikaramor Born Performer AW/G

  • Bonny Quick - Lightning Trail of Flames

  • Naarah Cuddy - Sheltysham Seance

  • Lucy O'Neill - Darleyfalls Rock to the Top

  • Steven Richardson with Ag.Ch.Noworries Sweeps Dream

  • Natasha Wise - Ag.Ch.Raeanne's Flipping Heck

  • Helen Anderson - Ag.Ch.Dinky Demon of Downunder

  • Rebecca Sargent - Raeannes Aurora

  • Amanda Hampson - Ag.Ch.Shoredancer Sea Jade

  • Ashleigh Butler - Ag.Ch. Ashpen Pudsey Bear

  • Christine Wingate-Wynne - Obay Tiz Wild

  • Karen Gibbons - Riverbend Mitzie AW/G

  • Jennifer Machon - Cloudtenn Fuel For Life

  • Nicola Wildman - Ag.Ch.Za Zar Zoom AW/G

  • Neil Ellis - Cheeky Chester The Jester

  • Linda Cummings - Urban moonlight Noworries

  • Samantha Smith - Jensen Interceptor Racing

  • Sue Cooper - Blackthorns Speedy Mitzi

  • Vivienne Wells - Coco Brambler

  • Claire Burrell - Daimonic Expelliarmus

  • Rosie Cavill - Ag.Ch.Fieldspy Leana

  • Daniel Croxford - Bogshole Bess Beauty

  • Steven Richardson - Ag.Ch.Ain't No Angel

  • Marc Wingate-Wynne - Ag.Ch. Vanitonia Mister Big

  • Linda Evans - Dotties Luck

  • Natalie Webb - Quiksilver Shooting Star

  • Jeanette Tandy - Ag.Ch.Wee Betsy Boo

  • Lou Cadman - Another Mad Moment









Agility Team GB is supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Agility1st and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club’s preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact.

Source: Kennel Club Press Office (03 December 2014)

Downland Change Format of Indoor Spring Show

Downland Agility Club is pleased to announce that they will be holding  an outdoor KC Premier 5 ring show at Bentley Wildfowl on Saturday, 25 April  2015. This show will replace the indoor Spring show formerly held at Golden Cross, which was previously just for Large G1&2 and all Small / Medium dogs. Please note it will be for all grades and sizes of dog and  will include the Small Olympia qualifier.

Camping will be reserved for judges and some helpers, but there are caravan sites very close to the venue.

The following day an Open show will be held by Lewes Club at the same  location.

Source: Judith Falkner - Secretary  (02 December 2014)

Pachesham Gold Rush Message

Show organiser Eleanor Balchin has asked Agilitynet to post this message. 'It has been brought to our attention that competing for money can potentially invalidate your insurance should your dog sustain an injury. As our shows are meant to be fun and low key events we will, therefore, be withdrawing the cash prizes offered to the tournament winners at our Goldrush Shows and replacing them with Pachesham credit and possibly some gold.'

If anyone has entered a Goldrush show and would like to cancel their entry because of this we will offer a full refund. Contact details are on the schedule

Source: Eleanor Balchin  (01 December 2014)


New Venue for Newton Heath Champ Show

Newton Heath DTC has found a new venue for their 2015 Championship Show. The show will be held on 20-21 June 2015 at the Great Harwood Showground, Harwood Lane, Great Harwood BB6 7TB which is situated within easy access of the M65, approximately two miles from Junction 7 in the direction of Blackburn.

The 40 acre permanent showground has two pubs / restaurants within 500 yards plus a petrol station with small shop across the road, The nearest town, Great Harwood is only a mile away.

Source: Annette - Show Manager (24 November 2014)

2015 Agility Regulation Changes

The following amendments to the agility ‘H’ regulations have been recently approved by the General Committee and will come into effect on 1 January 2015.

Regulation H(1)10.e. (Competing)

TO: Food shall not Except for mobility aids, nothing shall be carried in the hand or while the dog is under test and food shall not be given to a dog whilst in the ring - elimination. (Deletions struck through. Amendments in bold)

Regulation H(1)(A)4.

TO: Standard classes may be scheduled for Agility Shows, as Agility classes or Jumping classes. Agility classes to include contact obstacles and Jumping classes when there are no contact obstacles. All standard classes must contain the Weaving Poles obstacle. Standard Agility classes must contain the following elements: 'A Ramp', Dog Walk and See-Saw. In the event of mitigating circumstances (i.e. adverse weather conditions) at a show a Judge, with the full agreement of the Competition Manager, may omit an item of compulsory equipment as deemed appropriate at the time. Any omission from the equipment must be reported by the show management to the Kennel Club within 14 days of the date of the show. With this proviso classes are defined as follows: (Deletions struck through. Amendments in bold)

Insertion of new Regulation H(1)(B)5a.(22)(Marking)

INSERT: Handler traverses over, under or through any piece of equipment – elimination. (Insertion in bold)

Regulation H(1)(D)9.e. - for Limited Shows

TO: Silent toys may be used in the rings, at the discretion of the organisers, but must be used with consideration for other competitors.  Food may not be given to dogs or carried in the ring in any classes. Except for mobility aids or silent toys, nothing shall be carried in the hand while the dog is under test and food shall not be given to a dog whilst in the ring - elimination. (Deletions struck through. Amendments in bold)

For more information about agility, visit:

Source: The Kennel Club (20 November 2014)

Tunbridge Wells Awarded Champ Status for All Sizes from 2015

The Kennel Club has announced that Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society has been awarded Championship agility status for Small and Medium dogs from 2015 onwards. This will be in addition to Championship agility status for large dogs, which they have held since 2014, taking the total number of Championship agility show societies to 28 for Small and Medium dogs and 28 for Large dogs. The Kennel Club wishes the club every success.

Any society interested in applying for future Championship agility status should submit a presentation for consideration by the Activities Sub-Committee. Please note you should also submit your intended show date, and it will be necessary to select a date that does not coincide with another Championship agility show.

Applications should include details of the society’s committee structure and show management team, as well as providing information on the proposed show venue stating the facilities available for judges, competitors, dogs and spectators. Presentations should be submitted to the Working Dog Activities Team, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, W1J 8AB or by email:

Source: The Kennel Club (20 November 2014)

Apply for Your 2014 Winning Out Certificate

If you have won out or moved up a level at a Kennel Club or UK Agility show, you can claim your 2014 Agilitynet Winning Out Certificates 2014. Just fill out the on-line form on the web site, just under the masthead. Do it now and your name will also appear on the New Year's Honours list will be published, as usual, on 1 January. The certificates will be sent out at the end of February 2015.

Thanks to Lintbells who make iMove and uMove joint supplements for their invaluable help and sponsorship.

John Howie said, 'Many congratulations to all of those handlers and dogs that have won out this year. Together with Agilitynet we are very pleased to able to recognise such a fantastic achievement. Here at Lintbells we are hugely grateful to have the opportunity to support Agilitynet in celebrating all of you and your dog’s hard work, by helping to provide winning out certificates. We wish you the best of success over the coming year and hopefully you will be winning out again in 2015.'…/winningout2014_appform.asp

Changes to EU Pet Travel Scheme Changes

DEFRA has reminded us that changes to the pet travel scheme will come into effect on 29 December 2014. The changes are mainly designed to strengthen enforcement across the EU, increase levels of compliance and improve the security and traceability of the pet passport. They give effect to a new EU pet travel Regulation (576/2013). If you already have a passport for your pets, you do not need to get a new one

The main requirements of the scheme will stay the same.  All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owner will still require the following:-

There are exceptions to some of these preparations in certain circumstances. If you are planning to travel with your pet you must read the detailed guidance at:

What's changing and what you have to do?
The key changes affecting pet owners are outlined below:

1) A new pet passport
A new style pet passport will be introduced from 29 December 2014 However, if you already have a passport for your pet you do not need to get a new one. Existing passports will remain valid for the lifetime of the pet (or until all the treatment spaces are filled) The new style passport will include laminated strips designed to cover those pages with the pet’s details, microchip information and each rabies vaccination entry. This will help prevent anyone tampering with this information once it has been completed by a vet. The vet issuing the pet passport will also need to fill in their details on a new ‘Issuing of the passport’ page and  must make sure that all their contact details are included when they certify vaccinations and treatments. The UK pet passport will also now include a unique passport number printed on every page These changes will improve the traceability and security of the pet passport and enable us to contact the vet who issued the passport if anything goes wrong.

2) The introduction of checks across the EU
If you travel with your pet in the EU you may be asked for your pet’s passport when entering other countries. This is because all EU countries are required to carry out some checks on pet movements within the EU. You must make sure that your pet is fully compliant with the rules of the EU pet travel scheme before you leave the UK. In particular, you must wait 21 days from the date of your pet’s primary rabies vaccination before you travel (the day of vaccination counts as day 0 not  day 1). Your vet can advise you on this point. If you have a new style pet passport they will put a ‘valid from’ date in the primary vaccination entry; This will be the earliest date you can travel. All pets entering Britain on approved routes will continue to be checked by the carriers either prior to boarding (for rail or sea) or upon entry (air).

3) A new minimum age for rabies vaccination
From 29 December 2014 your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before you can get it vaccinated against rabies for the purposes of pet travel. These rules will be the same across the EU and help pet checkers carry out compliance checks. It will also prevent very young pets being moved across the EU.

4) New rules for those travelling with more than five pets
If you have more than five pets and wish to travel with them within the EU and/or return to the UK (unless you are going to a show or competition) you will need to comply with additional rules. These include:

If you are travelling from outside the EU you will also need to enter through a Border Inspection Post.

5) Shows and competitions
If you are travelling with more than five pets (aged over six months) and can present written evidence that they are registered to attend a show, competition or sporting event (or training for such an event) you do not need to comply with these extra rules and can continue to travel. under the EU pet travel scheme. The evidence you provide will need to show at least the name of the event, together with the address and date(s) it is taking place. You may also be asked to sign a declaration confirming that you are eligible to make use of this exemption. This requirement may change – we’re consulting on some of these details –so you should check the website for up to date information before you travel.

6) Requirements for pets entering the UK/EU by air
If you are entering the UK (or another EU country) by air on a flight that began outside the EU it may not be possible for you to physically accompany your pet, for example because it is necessary for your pet to be carried in the hold of the aircraft or you are unable to travel on the same flight. In such cases, you will need to sign a declaration confirming that you do not intend to sell or transfer ownership of your pet. You must travel within 5 days of your pet’s movement.

Clearer definition of cat, dog and ferret
The new EU Regulation specifically states that the only species of pet animal that can travel under the EU pet travel rules are:

The reason for this change is to make sure that wild animals can’t be moved under rules designed for pet travel. This change will not affect the majority of pet owners. However, if your pet is a hybrid such as a Bengal or Savannah cat or a Wolfdog, then you must seek advice from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency before you travel. They will advise you on the import requirements for your pet.

Don’t forget...
Your pet must receive the correct treatments in the correct order. In particular, your pet must have been microchipped before it receives its rabies vaccination. If your pet was vaccinated before being microchipped then it will need to be re-vaccinated after the microchip is inserted. If you take your pet abroad it may be exposed to diseases which we do not have in the UK. We recommend you consult your vet about your pet’s health and fitness to travel before you take it abroad. Ask your vet for advice on the appropriate treatments for the part of the world you are travelling to.

The pet travel rules apply to all dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owners (including assistance and guide dogs). You are responsible for ensuring your pet meets all the rules for entering the UK under the pet travel scheme.

Make sure you have had the procedures carried out in the correct order and that your pet’s documentation is correctly completed. If you do not, your pet may not be able to enter the country or may have to be quarantinedon arrival. This will mean delay and cost you money.

If you are bringing a dog, cat or ferret into the UK in order to sell it or pass it to a new owner (e.g. for rehoming) , you cannot travel under the pet travel scheme. Instead you must comply with the rules of the Balai Directive. Further information is available:

Stringent penalties are in place for those that break the pet travel rules in order to bring animals into the UK illegally. Pets that are non-compliant pose a potentially serious risk to both animal and human health. Anyone with information relating to illegal activity should contact their local Trading Standards office.

For further information on any of the changes outlined above or for enquiries relating to pet travel, please contact the Pet Travel Scheme helpline  on tel. 0370 241 1710 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (closed on bank holidays) or email:

Source: © Crown copyright 2014, PB14200. August 2014 (revised October 2014)

Kennel Club Specimen Schedules Revised for 2015

Calling all KC show organisers... Updated versions of the specimen schedules for agility, obedience, working trials, bloodhound trials, heelwork to music and rally can now be downloaded from the Kennel Club website.

Organisers of Kennel Club licensed events in these disciplines are reminded that all show schedules must conform to the current Kennel Club specimen schedules, and that no changes may be made to a show/trial schedule once issued, except with the permission of the Kennel Club.

The updated specimen Agility schedules can be found at

The downloads are in PDF format; Microsoft Word versions may be requested from the Working Dog Activities team by emailing

Source: The Kennel Club (14 November 2014)

Starters Cup Final at Discover Dogs

The rising stars of the agility world took part in the prestigious Kennel Club Starters Cup Agility Finals at the Discover Dogs event at Earls Court on Saturday, 8 November.

The Starters Cup is a showcase for the most talented newcomers in agility. Large, medium and small dogs, along with their handlers, qualified to compete in the Starters Cup finals at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival, which was held in August at Rockingham Castle, Northamptonshire.

The Starters Cup is for beginner dogs competing in Grades 1 and 2 in the UK or the equivalent overseas classes (e.g. Grade 1 under FCI rules or Novice in the USA).

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'Discover Dogs is a celebration of the many roles dogs play in our society, and the Starters Cup Agility Finals gives less experienced dogs and handlers the chance to compete at a major show in front of a large crowd. Agility is one of the most popular dog sports and these finals may well have given us a glimpse of some of the potential agility stars of the future.'

Finalist Jodie Forbes said, 'I am so incredibly proud of Hazel. After coming 4th in Jumping in the morning, she came 3rd in the Agility and went on to gain 3rd overall in the Starters Cup Grand Finals. She really is a dog in a million and I love her more than anything'

The following were announced as winners of the Kennel Club Starters Cup Agility Finals:-


  1. Madeleine Herridge with Oh Henry No

  2. Gail Cotterill with Cheeky Chasing Charlie

  3. Jodie Forbes with Cerbora Special Fortuna


  1. Yvonne Bland and Hamish Macharry

  2. Katie Dalrymple with Hunbart Wizz

  3. Amy Underwood with The Cool Dude


  1. Julie Mason with Bramble the Mudlark

  2. Vicki Young with My Cookie Monster

  3. Laura Quinn with Prefect Cato

Source: The Kennel Club (12 November 2014)

Congratulations to the Small / Mixi Pairs Winners

Father and daughter duo, Alan and Selena Bray, with their dogs Tayla and Shade, have won the Small/Mixi Pairs Final at the Kennel Clubs Discover Dogs event at Earls Court on Saturday, 8 November.

The Small/Mixi Pairs Challenge consists of eight heats of jumping. The competition is open to Small dogs, partnering either a Medium dog or a Large dog, with heats scheduled as a special combined class for all grades of dog. Handlers and dogs qualified to take part in the prestigious finals by gaining points at qualifying heats held at agility shows across the country during 2014.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'Discover Dogs is a wonderful celebration of dogs and is London’s biggest dog event. The Small/Mixi Pairs Finals is a fantastic competition and a highlight of the schedule every year. Congratulations to Alan and Selena and all the handlers and dogs for a tremendous performance.'

  1. Alan Bray and Selena Bray with Rosmarinus Rumrosa at Upanova and Ag.Ch.Shanandi One and Only

  2. Alan Stuff and Donna Lewis with Devongem Mist and Iceniares Celtic Amethystium

  3. Chris Anthony and Mandysu Sarti with Saffron Ruby Rose and Stonebridge Dashing Diva

Source: The Kennel Club (11 November 2014)

ABC Dogs Qualify for Crufts at Discover Dogs

Twenty dogs have qualified for the ABC Agility finals at the world’s greatest dog event, Crufts. The ABC Semi-final for Medium dogs and ABC Semi-final for Large Novice dogs, held at the Kennel Club’s Discover Dogs event at Earls Court on Sunday, 9 November, saw ten dogs and their handlers qualify from each competition.

The Semi-finals consisted of one round of Agility and one round of Jumping. The winners were those with the fewest combined faults in the fastest combined time, calculated over the two rounds of the semi-final. The medium competition is open to all agility grades and the large novice dogs had to be at grades 1-5 at the time of qualifying.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented: 'All of the dogs and their handlers did so well. It was a fiercely fought competition and the standards were very high. We look forward to welcoming the successful dogs and handlers to Crufts 2015.'

on FB Judge Gary Murphy said, ' The event was well run, well supported and the atmosphere was terrific. Some great performances at all levels and some 'Oh so nearly.' Enjoyed it, loved it; didn’t want it to finish. Well done to all the winners and good luck to all those that qualified for Crufts 2015. Congratulations.'

The qualifiers from the Semi-finals were:-

    Medium ABC Agility Semi Finals

  1. Sam Lane with Woodhouse Quartz of Daimonic

  2. Eleanor Balchin with Sheldray Smoke on The Water

  3. Nicola Wildman with Za Zar Zoom AW/G

  4. Stephanie Spezia with Lupin David

  5. Karen Penman with Fire Flier

  6. Carol Jewell with Jack It In

  7. Gemma Haycock with Simply Red Roobs

  8. Ru Baker withJenkim Royal Vintage AW/G

  9. Helen Anderson with Ag.Ch. Dinky Demon of Downunder

  10. Karen Gibbons with Riverbend Mitzie AW/G

ABC Semi Finals for Large Novice dogs:

  1. Gillian Mason with Notchlings Legend

  2. Tracy Hunt with Katalin Nusa

  3. Tony Parmiter with Jetaime Elegance du Futur

  4. Sue Mosedale with Skinny When Wet Part Too

  5. Victoria Lyons with Jamedemi Molly Andromeda

  6. Elaine Sherwin with Penwest Phoebus At Tarnwalk AW/S

  7. Joanne Sampson with Perdy’s Little Miracle at Russetvalley

  8. Fiona Gavin with Cories Hot Tramp

  9. Tony Parmiter with Nightsabre Elara in Ebony

  10. Charlotte Harding with Jed Icandy

Discover Dogs took place on 8-9 November at Earls Court, London and attracted a crowd of more than 30,000 over the two days. For further information, please visit

Source: The Kennel Club (10 November 2014)

The Tim Marsh Captain's Challenge

Nedlo Winter Series will be launching The Captain's Challenge, a perpetual trophy in memory of Tim Marsh plus £50 donated by Sharon Marsh for the dog accruing the most points over the Nedlo Winter Series and a Runner Up Trophy plus £25 donated by Linda Evans.

Lesley Olden explained a bit of the background. 'Tim had the unique ability to make you feel totally at home whilst in his company and always had a little tale to relay. He had so many life skills and experiences he could chat about practically anything and had an extremely quick wit. His main passion, apart from Sharon! was cycling closely followed by his dogs and agility.

 I first met Tim when he had his beloved Muffin, whose claim to fame of pooing in the ring whilst on the move at Discover Dogs caused much hilarity

Having known both Tim and Sharon individually for many years. it seems fitting that we should remember him at the Nedlo Shows. It was a privilege that he was able to attend our show in July to draw the winning ticket for the £50 note raffle, where all proceeds went to Macmillan, a charity so close to his heart and something I hope to continue. 

The Nedlo Winter Series shows will be on 15 November, 13 December, 10 January and  21 February. Schedules now available on Agilitynet

Source: Lesley Olden (3 November 2014)


New Venue for BAA Leicestershire Shows

The BAA has announced that they have found a new indoor venue for their monthly 1 day shows for the first three months of 2015. Set in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, the Brooksby Equestrian Centre has a cafe on site that will be open for the duration of these shows. The address of the new venue is Brooksby Equestrian Centre, Brooksby Melton College, Hives Farm, Brooksby, Melton Mowbray LE14 2LJ.

BAA also has some exciting news regarding the leagues the new show season! New leagues include Yellow Dogs (space dogs), Disabled Dogs, Lurcher and ABCK (Anything But Collies/Kelpies and their crosses) as well as a separate league for just Collies / Kelpies and their crosses.

Hayley Laches revealed that they are currently under going discussions with multiple venues around the country and hope to be announcing some more show venues soon!

Source: Hayley Laches (20/10/14)

IMCA / PAWC Fundraising Shows Announced

Angela Lucas, Show Secretary, has booked three dates at Little Meadow Stud, near Lewes (E. Sussex) to run unaffiliated fundraising agility competitions to raise money to send the UK team to the 2015  IMCA/PAWC in Austria.

The shows will be limited number of dogs, split into morning and afternoon sessions - 40 dogs per half day - allowing them to have two attempts on two different courses, agility and jumping. There will be a cash first prize for Small, Medium and Large winners. There will also be a prize for the team that has the best overall result of the three competitions.

Angela has estimated to that they need to raise in the region of £3000 to cover Team UK costs so this is the first efforts. She said that everyone on the Team is really fired up and, although they are spread over the country a bit, they are networking their fundraisingideas.'

Source: Angela Lucas (20/10/14)

Nottingham Champ & Premier Show Moves to New Venue

Nottingham ADTC is delighted to announce that it has booked a new venue for it's 2015 Champ & Premier Show on 23-24 May. The Newark Showground is a very short distance from where they have held previous shows and offers amazing facilities including:-

Natalie Silcock said, 'We are very excited to be putting on a great show at this new venue.'

The full address is The Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 2NY.

Source: Natalie Silcock (17/10/14)

YKC Email Initiative

The Young Kennel Club will be sending out weekly email updates to all of our members and affiliates to keep everyone up to date with what is on offer and any new initiatives.

The type of information will include:-

if you know anybody whom you think might like to be included, please send Lucy with your / their email address.

Source: Lucy Smith (15 October 2014)

Opportunities Available to Host Olympia 2015 and Crufts 2016 Qualifiers

The Kennel Club is currently organising qualifying heats at agility shows during 2015 to find finalists to compete at Olympia, Discover Dogs 2015 and Crufts 2016.

Whilst the majority of these qualifying heats will continue to be held at the shows which staged them during 2014, the following heats are looking for new host societies, and could be held at different shows if need be:

In order to be eligible, societies must be Kennel Club registered and must hold an agility show prior to 31st July 2015 for Olympia and 31st October 2015 for Crufts. Shows will be asked to provide full details of all qualifying dogs and handlers to the Kennel Club within two weeks of the end of the show.

Show organisers wishing to stage the qualifiers are invited to write to the Working Dog Activities Team, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, London, W1J 8AB, or by emailing, before 31st October 2014.  For further information please contact the Working Dog Activities Team on 020 7518 1013.

Lists of current qualifying heats for Olympia and Discover Dogs 2014 and Crufts 2015 are available on the Kennel Club website at:

Source: The Kennel Club (7 October 2014)

Olympia 2014 News

This year’s finalists of the prestigious Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes finals have been announced.

The country’s most talented agility dogs and handlers have been competing in qualifying heats at agility shows across the country in an attempt to gain a place in the finals that take place from 18-22 December 2014, as part of the London International Horse Show.

The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes are held in association with Skinner's Pet Foods and will see dogs and their owners compete in five finals in the following categories: small, medium, large senior, large novice and ABC (Anything But Collies). There will also be two semi-finals, for the large novice and large senior dogs categories, which will see 36 dogs in each category whittled down to ten who will go on to compete in the grand final. For medium, small and ABC dogs, ten dogs for each category have already qualified for the Olympia final.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: 'Olympia offers handlers the chance to compete in front of an audience of up to ten thousand noisy supporters, giving them a fantastic opportunity to showcase agility to a new audience, as well as the chance to win at the most prestigious agility event of the year.'

Will Delamore, Sales & Marketing Director for Skinner’s, said: 'We are delighted to be working alongside the Kennel Club on this prestigious event. I remember going to Olympia as a child myself and the excitement and fun we had, so we are really looking forward to meeting and supporting the handlers and their dogs.'

The judge for the 2014 Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes will be Marc Saunders and the dates for the competitions will be:-

The semi-finalists and finalists for this year’s Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes can be found online at

Source: The Kennel Club (7 October 2014)

Scunthorpe Weekend Show Announced

For the first time Scunthorpe OATC will be holding a two day agility show on the weekend of 11-12 April with their Championship show on Saturday and the Premier show on the Sunday. There will be classes for all grades and sizes on both days as well as a number of qualifiers including the Large Crufts Singles, Large KC Olympia ABC and the Medium Crufts ABC.

They will also be holding a Crufts Flyball qualifier under a separate licence on Friday, 10 April.

The show organisers said, 'Many thanks to all the judges and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you all there. Keep an eye out for the schedule will be released later this month.'

SOATC will no longer be holding an August show.

Source: Amy Smith   (3 October 2014)

New Venue for Tuffley 2015 Show

Due to the unavailability of Berkeley Meadows for future shows, it has been necessary for Tuffley AC to look for a new venue for their 2015 show. They have decided upon Vauxhall Fields, a well known and respected agility site where both Wye Valley and Golden Valley Agility Clubs hold their respective Championship and Open shows.

Vauxhall Fields is sited adjacent to the River Monnow where there are picturesque walks and an approximately four to five minute walk across an iron bridge into Monmouth> The Town Centre is an excellent shopping area where there are shops, restaurants, takeaways and cafés etc. Nearest postcode to the venue is for the fire station NP25 5BA. There are various camping sites in the close vicinity if you are unlucky enough not to obtain a space on the show ground.

The Tuffley Champ Show will be held on 3 July at the follow:- Priory Farm, Vauxhall Field, Town Centre, Monmouth NP25 5BA

Source: Chris Starling  (2 October 2014)



FAB IFCS Team 2015 Italy Chosen

FAB is pleased to announce the team that has been chosen to go to the IFCS World Championships in Italy in April 2015. Some of these dogs have qualified via the points system attending the qualifiers at the FAB shows throughout the summer, some are wildcards and others are previous medal winners. All dogs chosen must have run at one of these qualifiers.

The list of handlers and dogs who have qualified is below…

Maxi Dogs

  • Abigail Doxford with Oggie (Qualfied on points plus being a previous Gold medal winner)

  • Lauren Langman with Reef (Qualfied on points)

  • Dawn Weaver with Galaxy (Qualfied on points)

  • Pat Brown with Diva (Previous  Gold medal winner)

  • Janet Thompson with Wish (Wild card)

  • Tracy Runyeard with Rumba (Wild card)

Midi Dogs

  • Kim Kraushar with Bubtee (Qualified on points)

  • Dawn Weaver with Breezer (Qualfied on points and previous medal winner)

  • Lauren Langman with Tiki (Qualfied on points)

  • Tracy Runyeard with Tizzy (Previous medal winner)

  • Bonny Quick with Ivy (Wild card)

Mini Dogs

  • Lian Knight with Sonic (Qualfied on points)

  • Sam Davies with Panda (Qualified on points)

  • Katie Wallbank with Bumble Bear (Qualified on points)

  • Sam Towe with Penelope Pitstop  (Wild card)

  • Abigail Doxford with and Cassie (Wild card)

Toy Dogs

  • Lian Knight and Sizzle (Qualfied on points and previous medal winner)

  • Tracy Ryan and Tink  (Previous medal winner)

  • Sarah Prentice and Lily (Wild card)

Congratulations for qualifying on the team and good luck at the event.

Source: Dawn Weaver (22 September 2014)

Agility Team GB Triumphs at FCI Worlds

Agility Team GB has enjoyed another year of international success at the world’s most prestigious agility event. Held in Coque in Luxembourg, this year’s FCI Agility World Championships saw Agility Team GB secure Gold in the Medium individual class, and Silver and Bronze medals in the Team rounds.

Natasha Wise and her Medium Border Collie, Dizzy were victorious for an amazing fifth time in the Individual Jumping Round, taking the gold medal in 30.38 seconds.

The Large dogs team secured a Bronze in the Agility round and then achieved further success by taking Silver overall in the Large Team Final, with a line-up which included mother and daughter Border Collies, Ruby and Scandal.

The 19th FCI Agility World Championships saw 451 participants from 36 nations take part, including Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Canada. With so many top level participants taking part, Team GB's performance was highly commendable. Alongside the medal winners, there were many other notable achievements.

Team GB accomplishments were as follows:-

Team GB Manager, Mark Laker stated. 'This year’s World Championships in Luxembourg was a fantastic event where we watched the world's top dogs and handlers show agility at its very best. Agility Team GB performed admirably and, once again, showed how strong they were under the highs and lows and pressure experienced at these Championships.

'I'd like to congratulate all the team on their achievements at this event which has been a culmination of months of training and preparations. The support team have been fantastic. In fact everyone involved in helping these top dogs and handlers get to the line, as best prepared as possible, has worked tirelessly over the last nine months. I'd also like to thank all the people who made the trip to Luxembourg to support the team. Their cheering and encouragement helped to make it an amazing experience.'

Marc Saunders added, 'After a days worth of catching up from sleep deprivation of the highs and lows the stress and the excitement of being in management at the FCI AWC in Luxembourg. Makes me proud to be part of British Agility!! I would like to say to everyone in Team GB EO and FCI that it was a pleasure to work with you all and an honour to be part it!! Thank you and here's to 2015.

Agility Team GB is supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Agility1st and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club's preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact.

For more information about International Agility, visit:

Photo: Martin Cavill

Source: The Kennel Club (16 September 2014)

Watch the FCI Worlds Live

Agility Vision will be live streaming the 2014 FCI Dog Agility World Championship in Luxembourg on 11-14 September 2014. You can read more about it at

For those who can't watch the live streaming of Team GB at the FCI World Championships, then there will be updates as the competition progresses on the Dog Agility page, the official Kennel Club Agility fan page.

Source: Debbie Deuchar (11 September 2014)

Photo: Alan Score

Calling All ABCs for Lagotto Show

The closing date for the 2014 Lagotto Romangnolo Association  (LRA) show on 4 October has been extended to the 20 September so if you run an ABC dog you can still enter, .

Emma-Jane LaRoche said 'The Lagotto Romagnolo Association is a new club and this is our first limited agility show.  We’re trying to encourage people just starting out in Agility and for those that have those breeds which are  'Anything But Collies.' We’ve also included a standard height class as well as Small, Medium and Large to encompass everyone.

'You may have seen a few Lagotto Romagnolo out there competing at the moment, some of which are at grade 7 and  grade 6 and some have even competed at Crufts!  For a rare breed in the UK, this is quite an achievement.'

The show will be held at Ryslip Kennels, Bracknell, Berks RG42 5NL.

Source: Emma-Jane LaRoche  (8 September 2014)

FMBB BSD World Champs 2015

The Working Belgian Shepherd Dogs Society (WBSDS) and Belgian Shepherd Dog Association (BSDA) are planning to send a team to next years BSD World Championships in the Czech Republic on 7-10 May 2015

Anyone with a KC Breed registered Belgian Shepherd, grade 3 (who meets the minimum criteria) or higher may apply to attend the selection day to be held  on 12 October at Sandbourne House near Pershore, Worcestershire

If you are interested, please contact Michelle Griffiths by email on  or ring m. 07751 830654 before 20 September 2014.

Source: Michelle Griffiths  (3 September 2014)

Good Luck to Team GB at the FCI World Champs

The Kennel Club sends its best wishes to Agility Team GB who will be making their way across the Channel next week to compete at the Agility FCI World Championships in Coque, Luxembourg.

The Agility World Championships will take place from 11-14 September 2014 and will see pedigree dogs from all over the world compete for the sought after title of Agility World Champion.

The British team includes three times Agility World Champions, Natasha Wise and her dog Dizzy. Also taking part will be Sian Illingworth and her dog Maybe who won the Medium Dog European Open Championship title in 2013.

Team Manager Mark Laker said, 'With only a week to go before Agility Team GB leave for the World Championships in Luxembourg, we are getting excited and looking forward to this year’s competition. Once again we have a strong team of top agility dogs and handlers who have been working extremely hard in their preparations for these championships. This is the ultimate agility competition. Elite agility partnerships from across the world will be there along with thousands of supporters. Agility Team GB will go out there confident and well prepared to compete at their very best.'

Ceri Rundle from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, said. 'CSJ was created with canine athletes in mind and so it was only natural for us to sponsor Agility Team GB. We wish both the handlers and dogs all the best in Luxembourg and hope they bring home some medals.'

The members of the Agility World Championship Team are as follows:-


  • Bernadette Bay with Ag.Ch. Obay It's Got Pizzazz (T & I)

  • Louise Eden with Clanavon Misty Shadow (T)

  • Marc Wingate-Wynne with Ag.Ch. Vanitonia Mister Big (T)

  • Rosie Cavill with Ag.Ch. Fieldspy Leana (T & I) 


  • Amanda Hampson with Ag.Ch. Shoredancer Sea Jade (T)

  • Christine Wingate-Wynne with Obay Tiz Wild (T)

  • Natasha Wise with Ag.Ch. Raeanne's Flipping Heck (T & I)

  • Sian Illingworth with Arnpriors Made of Honour (T & I)


  • Anthony Clarke with Ag.Ch. Blazing Red of Rujaff (T & I)

  • Charlotte Harding with Ag.Ch. Rujaff Red Hot Scandal (T & I)

  • Dave Munnings with Devongem Mister Boss Man (I)

  • Greg Derrett with Ag.Ch. Nedlo Detox Sproglett (T & I)

  • Jessica Clarehugh with Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic (T & I)

Team reserves

  • Medium - Jenni Machon with Cloudtenn Fuel for Life

  • Large - Matt Goodliffe with Turboed Widewater Wizard

Agility Team GB is kindly supported by The Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Agility 1st and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club’s preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact.

Source: The Kennel Club (1 September 2014)

See Show Snippets 2014 for information from January

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