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Things to do before you retire from agility...

With various bucket lists doing the rounds, Roger Brown thought he'd do one for Agility - not totally comprehensive, just for a bit of fun. Give yourself 4 points for every item you can tick off. Anyone get 100 points? And if you have any other things on your agility bucket list that you would like to share, send them to Agilitynet.


Yes No Have you ever...
    Competed in all countries of the United Kingdom? (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland)
    Qualified for Crufts?
    Run someone else's dog in competition?
    Had anyone else run one of your dogs in competition?
    Been a groom at a major final?
    Competed at more than one show in one day?
    Won a trophy in either the Agility Voice or Agility Eye points tables? 
    Competed in a fancy dress class?
    Won a Welsh Dragon?
    Run dogs at shows in all the height categories - Small, Medium & Large or equivalent?
    Qualified for Olympia?
    Attended a KC Agility Liaison Meeting?
    Run your dog in the snow?
    Been to the World Champs as a competitor or spectator?
    Owned a van?
    Won at Bingo at a show?
    Competed in another European country?
    Fallen on your backside running your dog at a show?
    Run in a class that has been abandoned part way through due to the weather?
    Moved up two or more grades / levels in one year? (KC or UKA)
    Worked on a ring party for a full day?
    Run in a course at a show without having walked it first?
    Represented your country in a competition here or abroad?
    Run in a Team?
    Rehomed a dog with the idea of doing agility with it?


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