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Vroom Vroom...

As Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig were not available to judge the Chudleys What Car Is You Dog? competition, we asked automotive consultant Ian Watts to do it. These were his favourites. So what's your dog like...

economical 'V' ate motor and dynamic response steering. She is the result of years of development and, like the sport, can trace her pedigree back to an agricultural background. She is equally at home on or off-road and makes light work of rivers, streams and deep mud - very deep sometimes. Her lightweight chassis and performance motor provides effortless acceleration, and the finger tip speed sensitive steering makes her very stable at high speed. Fitted with power brakes and a tight turning circle, she's the ultimate  experience. When on private land, she is even capable of being driven quite well by younger, less experienced drivers with some success. Ian Balchin

Judge's comments: Someone has done their homework! Did they know that I actually have a Range ROver Sport? Love the V-ate motor. Very clever!


Moss is like a Ferrari - stylish yet flamboyant, his lean sleek lines stating obvious power and speed. He also shares that same throaty roar when at speed! Zoe Heritage

Judge's comments: The throaty roar at speed won 2nd place for me!



My terrier X Poppy (A Moment of Madness) would be the front car on a rollercoaster. She goes from 0 flat out in no time at all, has no real control on the corners, is a whole load of fun on the way round and when we finish I'm never sure which way I am facing! When we get back to the van, she promptly falls asleep until the next mad run! Fortunately we haven't done the upside down thing yet. Lou Cadman

Judge's comments: Would have been higher if they'd actually done the upside-down bit.

Our large Munsterlander Paws has to be a Cadillac - the car that thinks its a tank. He is built like a brick house and is a swine to insure. Nicky Logie

My dog Taz [Turbo Taz] is like a Caterham R500. He accelerates at 0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds round the agility ring without even doing any jumps, leaving me at the start. Angie Brooks
My X breed dog Maple would have to be like the car I own a Rover. The name obviously suits her. She is not the fastest nor the most stylish, but is reliable and always gets you there... eventually! Karen Gregory

My dog Fynley is a Bentley Mulsanne Turbo. Why? Because he is stylish, good looking, elegantly understated and very quiet, yet has powerful acceleration and corners well. Zoe Heritage
Snoop (Sir Snoop AWG) is an Audi RS6 because he is powerful and agile for something so big. Karen Colls

Dre (Caristan Sir Dre) is a Lotus 7 because he is a little pocket rocket with no traction control. Karen Colls
Charlie, Springer spaniel is like a Range Rover Discovery -All Terrain. He gets into the mud and his nose is into everything 'discovering.' Ann Milner

Our pedigree golden red and white Border Collie has to be a red Ferrari. She has the speed and sleek body, the glamour and the price tag too! Erin Logie
My  Border Collie is a formula one racing car because he goes  fast, and makes as much noise. Penny Penfold

First published 25 Nov 2009







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