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When the wheels fall off...

The Agility Whisperer is back with a selection of excuses oft heard around the shows - 13 reasons why it all went wrong. So what's your excuse? Email your best ones to us... Someone else might be able to use them!

1. He never runs well first thing in the morning.
    AW: We know the feeling well.

2. On another day we would have won that class.
    AW: Dream on.

3. The judge set the wrong course.
    AW: Tell that to the 47 dogs that went clear.

4. The rings were too close together.
    AW: I admit that it can be a problem particular at indoor venues.

5. The wind knocked the pole off.
    AW: On a clear, still, sunny day, I donít think so.

6. The rings are too far from the camping.
    AW: So who got tired Ė you or the dog?

7. He thought the plane was a bird.
    AW: Moral. If you have got a gun dog, donít go to Shuttleworth.

8. He thought the bird was a plane.
     AW: Moral. If you have got a gun dog, donít go to Shuttleworth.

9. If  I had got there on time I could have won that class.
    AW: Are you sure you are not in an alternate universe?

10. There were too many obstacles.
    AW: The first one was getting out of bed.

11. The previous dog spent a penny in the ring.
    AW: This is the first one for which I have sympathy.

12. I should not have listened to my friend. I should have done it the way I had planned.
    AW: Good Ė lesson learned.

13.  If I had done it before lunch, I would have been okay.
    AW: Actually your number in the running order was called before lunch.


From Roger Worner
If he hadnít 'knocked that pole, run wide at that turn, been held on that contact., had got that contact,' weíd have won the class  because he was 2 seconds faster than the winner. ! (20/01/11)

From Sharron Schick
I once followed a gentleman back from a ring after he had not had a successful run. I don't know who he was but he was telling his companion that his dog would have done much better if the equipment had been made by RVA as his dog knew the difference! (08/01/11)

From Paula Kingswood
If he hadnít missed that contact, he would have won that class by five seconds. (08/12/10)

From Enid G.
After judging, had this once said to me. 'He was frightened because you were wearing red.' (0/12/10)

From Ellen Rocco
Another time whilst judging I was told the dog bit me because I was wearing a hat! (09/12/10)

Published 04/12/10


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