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Wikipedia defines an email signature as a block of text appended to the end of an email message, often containing the sender's name, address, phone number, disclaimer or other contact information. Laura MacGregor started off ten years ago when she shared these little footnotes from the Dogs Today e-list and we've added a few more. Email your favourites to us?


  • Running terriers is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get
    Hannah Grantham

    Agility is a doggone good time! 

Agility dogs don't die. They just keep weaving

Agility is A-frame of mind

Agility was invented by dogs to get even with cats. 

  • Show your ability, try agility!

  • May the course be with you

  • Own the course

  • Oh....Chute!

  • Agility is a contact sport

  • Agility - life on the edge

  • Agility is having tunnel vision

  • Mini dog - maxi attitude

  • Life is merrier with a second-hand terrier!
    and even jollier with a sixth-hand collie!

  • My Border Collie is really clever,
    Will he leave me? - Never!

  • Life is a whirl
    When you live with a merle.

  •  Life is a breeze when you own GWPs
    (German Wire-haired Pointers) or GSDs.

  • The only dog for me
    Is the wonderful GSD.

  • It's all hustle and bustle,
    When you own a Jack Russell
    Soraya Porter

  • You can't sit on your bahooki
    When you live with a Saluki.
    (Bahookie is Scots for yer bum!

  • You're as safe as can be
    With a GSD

  • You can never linger,
    When you live with a Springer

  • You're never in a mess with an ESS.
    Or you're always in a ESS

  • You must be off your rocker
    To own a cocker.

  • Life is better
    With an Irish Setter.

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