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In celebration of the dog

As everyone here knows, London is to state the Olympic Games in 2012. The Kennel Club has decided to hold a very special event or series of events during that year, entitled the 'Dog Olympics.' In this editorial from Ronnie Irving, Chairman of The Kennel Club, reprinted from the Kennel Gazette, he asks for 'our' help in setting the format of the event. We may not be considered a 'sport' by some, but this is our chance to show the world what agility dogs can do.

It is intended that the main purpose of the Dog Olympics will be to celebrate all aspects of man's relationship with the dog and will incorporate the many canine activities with which The Kennel Club is involved. The UK will be the focus of the world attention in 2012, and it gives us an opportunity to use that focus to the benefit of dogs. The Kennel Club has been around for 132 years and so we won't have a key anniversary for another 18 years. This special year for the UK and London, gives us an ideal reason to celebrate and publicise the dog in a unique and beneficial way.

We are at the very earliest stages of thinking about the project and have not, at this time of writing this piece, decided on precise timing or indeed on whether there should be one huge event or a series of smaller activities. We, of course, have lots of ideas on how the project should proceed and on its content, but we have ot yet taken any firm decisions. Before we do so, we welcome the views of all those involved in every sphere of canine activity. Those who have ideas on the subject should send them addressed to Vanessa McAlpine at the London office. I can assure you that the group set up to carry out this project through to completion, will consider all the ideas submitted.

As long as in planning the event we keep at the forefront of our minds the primary role of The Kennel Club - namely the general improvement of dogs - then we can be assured that the Dog Olympics will be of benefit to al our canine friends - and let's hope that at the same time it can be fun for all of us involved in dogs as well.

Reprinted with permission from The Kennel Gazette (November 2005)