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Football has The Premier League. Rugby has Rugby League. Television has it's League of Gentlemen and cinema had it's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen so why shouldn't Agility have it's own leagues, too? Leagues bring people together and measure their skills and achievement against their peers. Even if you're not a joiner, it's fun to compare yourself to other handlers and their dogs and share mutual experiences.


The Agility Club Leagues to Reopen in Spring 2022

As many of you know or have experienced The Agility Club has been experiencing technical issues with the membership and points side of things. Despite the efforts of the company that commissioned the build, they have been unable to resolve the issues due to the nature of how the website was built and the coding used.

Unfortunately, this has led to a high amount of manual administration on the league organiser (aka Points Fairy) along with having detrimental impact on membership.

Website Co-ordinator Melissa Doubleday said, 'We know that this has left members feeling frustrated and a huge amount of emails that could have been avoided. As a club, we wholeheartedly apologise for this and assure you that we have been working hard not only to resolve the issues but to try and answer all your queries as well.

Now for the Good News…
A new developer has been found who is confident that they will be able to do a complete rebuild of the back end of the website and banish these gremlins. The Agility Club is hoping the site will be ready to go live in the spring to tie in with the launch of the Leagues.

What does this mean for all members?
As a user of the website, there will not be a lot of visible change. Most of the work is happening in the backend which means that there will be little impact apart from an improved user experience. The renewal process will be easier, members will be able to manage your account more efficiently and we hope to improve the readability of the online magazine with new software.

In time, an auto renewal process for subscriptions will be introduced which will mean your membership will auto renew on expiry, taking away the hassle of the renewal process all together.

What next...
All historic data will be deleted, and any expired members will not be carried over to the new site. Only live memberships will be moved over. If your membership is lapsed, you will be required to join as a new member.

When members login for the first time after the edit window has opened, you will need to re-enter all your dog's details as well as any extra handlers, if you have a family membership.

This will be available within the next 10 days or so, and a further email with both timelines and instructions will be sent shortly.

The leagues will start again on the 1st April 2022 and run through to 30th November 2022. The current changes will not affect the points collected from this date although you may not be able to enter them from the 1st.

For more information, go to The Agility Club website


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