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The Animal Health Co Classic

     Sponsors of the 2018
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Watch out! You might get wet...

The Animal Health Company Classic, started in 2014, is a unique event that involves dogs of all three Kennel Club heights competing against each other in a Steeplechase type course. With 12 regional heats were held around the country during the year and the Final held at the Autumn Food & Country Fair event at the Peterborough Arena, this is a competition to watch. Reports from each of the heats by Graham Taylor.

Two Major Names Continue Agility Support into 2018

 Getting the 2018 agility show season off to a great start is the news that both Agria Pet Insurance and The Animal Health Company will be sponsoring agility sport for another year!

The competition is open to all sizes of Agility dogs in a steeplechase style course featuring the Westcotts Water Jump!

For The Animal Health Company, this is their fifth year supporting the sport. Their exciting steeple chase competition is a thrilling event thatís unique to the agility world with a course that always includes a bespoke Westcotts Water Jump.

Jennie Westcott, General Manager of The Animal Health Company, has had a dabble in competing at agility and was hooked from the start. 'I love supporting the agility community as it's great for a wide variety of dogs and their handlers, not just from a fitness point of view, but also for general well-being, physically and mentally. The Animal Health Company's products are perfect for agility dogs, with natural supplements for joint care, energy boosts plus natural calmers to get the best from sporting dogs.Ē

With the motto 'Committed to animal care,' The Animal Health Company is well known for producing a leading range of complementary feeds for horses and dogs. The significant and ongoing research the company carries out to produce award-winning products to increase the well-being, comfort and health of animal consumers creates an outstanding contribution to the world of animal healthcare.

 With qualifiers across the country, there are 12 opportunities in 2018 for the top five to join us at the autumn final to seek a share of over £100 of prize money.

For ring reports, follow the links.

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

  • North Derbyshire Championship Agility Show- Southwell, Nottinghamshire

  • Paws In Park - Detling, Kent

With a day of Animal Health hospitality for our winners, all of whom will need to book Saturday, 24 November 2018 to join us at The Animal Health Company Classic Final which will be judged be Championship Agility Judge Jackie Gardner. With Stratford upon Avon just down the road and a great place for some Christmas shopping so itís definitely a weekend destination.

Animal Health Companyís Sales Manager Jennie Westcott said 'We are delighted to continue sponsorship of this Agility competition with new heat hosts in 2018, and I look forward to meeting everyone at our first heat at the Scunthorpe Championship Agility Show in April.'

The Animal Health Company offers a range of products that will be ideal for the Agility dog including their new food, Westcotts. Unique to the market, it contains HypercCoat Prime, a popular supplement. Westcotts it is formulated with high levels of chicken and rice, is hypoallergenic, pro biotic and has no added flavourings or preservatives produced from quality ingredients thus helping dogs with a sensitive palate.

The Animal Health Company website http://www.animal-health.co.uk has all the details.

Scunthorpe OATC Championship Agility Show

Many fields on the way up the A15 to the Scunthorpe Champ show had water lying in them so the arrival of the Westcotts Water Jump for the first of 2018 heats was probably a bit over the top.

Well done to all the organisers and everyone connected to the show including the landowners. With a few roadway changes, all the rings and surrounding ground - whilst soft - easily accommodated Scunthopre's 4000+ entries across the weekend. The local Travel Lodge must have thought Christmas had come early with the increase in trade.

The fast moving competition, under the watchful eye of judge Doc Doherty, produced it's usual crop of 'if onlys' as well as five successful finalists.

Scunthorpe qualifiers for the Final are:-

  1. Debbie Figg with Rooquil's Truly Magical - 22.053 secs (C)

  2. Tom Flynn with Dreammarkis Flick the Switch - 22.156 secs (C)

  3. Alan Score with Genabacab The Dark Side - 22.222 secs (C)

  4. Jo Harris with Chickaramor Paparazzi - 22.383 secs (C)

  5. Dom Cotton with Devongem Tis The Biz - 23.069 secs (C)

Heat 2 see us joining the Hatton Festival where we look forward to finding our next five qualifiers for the 2018 Final.

Stonebridge DTC Three Day Open Agility Show

Heat 3 of The Animal Health Company Classic took us to Essex on 19th May where our hosts Stonebridge DTC seem to have found a great venue alongside the Ashfields Carriage and Polo Club.

I have no idea why our judge Elaine Hudspeth missed the photo call - although I am told she was seen in the ice cream queue. With all three sizes of Agility dogs able to take part, the course laid influenced the outcome and seems today all our winners were legless afterwards!

Congratulations to our finalists and you will need to book Saturday 24 November 2018 in your dairies to join us at the final. More details soon.

Stonebridge DTC qualifiers for the Final are:-

  1.  Ash Warner with Doc My Blue Eyed Boy

  2.  Sam Davies with An Unexpected Trim at Sigroc 

  3.  Wendy Woodcock with Mirramay Islander

  4.  Sandra Sutherwood with Soldaze Minstral

  5.  Vicky Bryning with Little Miss Trini

Heat 4 see us going up North l where we look forward to find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final.

Dog Vegas Matlock

If you have ever been to Matlock Bath, you will know that end of the pier feeling about the place with a range of motorbikes on a sunny evening that would gladden the heart of any enthusiast. Just down the road peace and tranquillity reigned at Cromford where Dog Vegas hosted Heat 5 of the Animal Health Company Classic 2018.

Amy Gandy who officiated reported, 'I recently had the privilege of judging qualifying heat of the Animal Health Classic Steeplechase qualifier. It was scheduled at the end of a long hot day for judges, dogs and handlers alike.

I set a fast flowing course which meant the dogs could really open up and enjoy running with no tight turns to slow them. The dogs had a blast whilst the handlers only needed to encourage the dogs in the right direction and feel the pressure of trying to qualify themselves.

All heights running against each other there was a great variety of dogs taking part. You would think that it was only open for the fast collies to win but, with their reckless speed, poles went flying. Some of the smaller dogs were very quick and accurate too, not wasting even a space inch on their route around the course. It was exciting to judge as you just could not tell whose round was quicker. They were all fantastic!

In the end, although won by a Collie, there were at least two notable rounds that were paw perfect from ABC dogs - a lovely Chocolate Lab and a Poodle that really caught my eye. Well done to all partnerships even if your round did not go to plan, but especially well done to those who qualified for the Final in November.'

Dog Vegas at Matlock qualifiers for the Final are:-

  1. Deana Freeman with Fly by Chance - 911 secs (C)

  2. Veronica Hill with The Spy Catcher - 22.086 secs (C)

  3. Melissa Hovell with Aspires Little Daredevil - 22.108 secs (C)

  4. Juliette Whittaker with Pips Precious Pandemonium - 22.127 secs (C)

  5. Chloe Von Dinther with Domino Super Dog - 22.468 secs (C)

Keeping with the motoring theme, we move to the birthplace of Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce fame where Heat 6 will see us find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final.

Wye Valley Premier Show

Finally we even got Sassy to look at the camera!

With the weather in full cooperation, the Wye flood plain provided the backdrop for the Wye Valley DTC Premier Show under the lee of, and within walking distance of Monmouth Town Centre, which hosted this heat of the Animal Health Company Classic 2018.

Open only to Small and Medium dogs, 150+ partnerships took up the challenge with judge Richards Ascough's winners today coming from as far away as Cornwall.

Wye Valley qualifiers for the Final are:-

  1. Anita Jones with Sassy Cinnamon - 19.428 secs (C)

  2. Kim Holness with Cynhinfa Peggy - 19.943 secs (C)

  3. Stuart Milton with Juppavia Blue Motion - 20.638 secs (C)

  4. Helen Sharpe with Ready Welly Go - 20.721 secs (C)

  5. Amiee Kerton with Basilea Little Lionheart - 20.834 secs (C)

Returning to England we will cross the country to Peterborough Show ground where Just Dogs Live, a celebration of the dog in many guises where Heat 7 will see us find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final.

RVA DTS (Cambs) Championship & Open Agility Show
Just Dogs Live

For the sharp eyed amongst you, youíll notice our judge Christine Stratford did not make the photo call. I am sure Just Dogs Live was pleased that Nigel Rudd, Christineís ring manager was able to step into the presentations breech.

Now I only have this second-hand as it were, but it seems some orange fencing 'attacked' Christine on her way to the water tap, resulting in an A& E visit of some hours where they found she had a broken right wrist - perhaps making her 'armless.' Enough!

Christine said, 'Huge thank you to RVA@JDL for looking after me so well. Thanks to the people who rushed to my assistance and took great care of me by the ring as well as the show management who took me to hospital and made sure I was well cared for not forgetting my friends who made sure I got home safely

I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging and I hope people enjoyed running my courses. It was a very hot and sunny day and the handlers queued sensibly, keeping their dogs cool and in the shade till called forward by my fantastic ring party.

I'm so sorry I missed the prize giving! Note to self... the shortest route isn't necessarily the quickest.'

Just Dogs Live Championship Agility Show qualifiers for the Final are:-

  1. Richard Wagner with March Madness of Valgrays - 25.983 secs (C)

  2. Jeanette Tandy with Blame it On The Boogie - 26.266 secs (C)

  3. Gwyn Roberts with Stantastic - 26.266 secs (C)

  4. Shelley Christmas with Fun Fast Quick Compulsion - 26.849 secs (C)

  5. Caroline Durrant with Braxway Blazing Ready - 28.195 secs (C)

Thanks to our hosts of Heat 6 of the Animal Health Company Classic 2018, we are building a great range of finalists to join us on Saturday 24 November 2018 us at The Animal Health Company Classic Final.

Rugby Championship Agility weekend is where Heat 8 will see us find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final.

With a day of Animal Health hospitality for our winners with the final kindly judged by Championship Agility Judge Jackie Gardner; Stratford On Avon and Warwick Castle just down the road it all makes a great short break destination.

Rugby DTC Championship Weekend

With this show drawing entry from Cornwall to Scotland it was the first time hosts Rugby DTC welcomed a heat of the Animal Health Company Classic

The question was could this weather last? Rugby connections certainly hoped so for their Championship Agility weekend and so it proved as even our winners sought a bit of shade in the Animal Heath Company trade stand.

Judge Simon Thurlbeck took charge today and found a further five finalists to join us on Saturday 24 November 2018 at The Animal Health Company Classic Final. With a day of Animal Health hospitality for our winners with the final kindly judged by Championship Agility Judge Jackie Gardner; Stratford On Avon and Warwick Castle just down the road it all makes a great short break destination for some pre Christmas shopping just a month away

Rugby Championship Agility Weekend winners and qualifying for the final are: -

  1. Robin Gretenkort with Heikym Quitzel - 24.744 secs (C)

  2. Lizzie Roberts with Devongem Tiz Gold Standard - 24.866 secs (C)

  3. Lee Lainton with He Is Marvellous - 25.482 secs (C)

  4. Dave Cooper with Non Oblitas Sid - 25.872 secs (C)

  5. Amy Bennett with Heaven Sent to Mirramay - 25.924 secs (C)

Chipping Norton

It was too hot for the dogs for the photo call today. Judge Jane James glowed all day as Chipping Norton took over their favourite venue to host, amongst other qualifiers Heat 8 of the 2018 Animal Heath Company Classic.

With the competition open to all sizes of dog, itís often the smaller dogs, with tight turns and bouncy style that hold their own against what maybe perceived the larger striding dog in this competition.

Chipping Norton Premier Show qualifiers for the final are: -

  1. Leigh Wilkinson with Along Came Proffessor - 26.639 secs (C)

  2. Jan Gordon with Lilhaze Nisaby Far - 26.850 secs (C)

  3. Jenni Hilliard with Braxway Reddy to Rock It - 27.747 secs(C)

  4. Sue Adams with Anwyn Cariad Oír Duffryne - 27.804 secs(C)

  5. Sarah Lund with Kenquartz Midnight Jasmine - 28.423 secs (C)

And so a further five finalists join us on Saturday, 24 November 2018 at The Animal Health Company Classic Final kindly judged by Championship Agility Judge Jackie Gardner.

There are details about the day on Animal Health Face book page, Agilitynet and from the address below with family, friends and connections very welcome to join you to celebrate your achievement.

Pembrokeshire By the Pond is where Heat 9 will see us find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final.

Pembrokeshire By The Pond

It is true that all sizes of dogs can successfully compete in this competition as a delighted Jackie Travers Spencer proved in front of an enthusiastic County Show crowd.

Mimi set the pace and, whilst some came close, neither handler experience nor a previous winner of Welsh Handler of the Year managed to topple her.

Thanks to Judge Sam Jackson who joined us especially for the show.

Pembrokeshire By The Pond qualifiers for the final are: -

  1. Jackie Travers Spencer with Its All about Mimi - 29.531 secs (C)

  2. Susan Wiiliams with Ianto Banto - 29.877 secs (C)

  3. Joe Barnsley with Moltini Eddie - 30.607 secs (C)

  4. Julia Maclean with Freyasway Emerald Yolo - 30.667 secs (C)

  5. Barbara Bank with Laetare I Wish You Love - 31.021 secs (C)

Welsh Kennel Club is just around the corner, which will see us find our next five qualifiers for the 2018 final. 

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Agility Show

Keeping it Welsh, Judge Sam Jackson joined us and 150+ entrants in Bulith Wells in the heart of the Welsh dog world to find some more qualifiers for the  Animal Heath Company Classic.

It was success for one of Agility's youngsters , 15-year-old Sara Bacon who also won the Championship Large dog class as well so no doubt she really enjoyed her day.

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Agility Show qualifiers for the final are: -

  1. Sara Bacon with Tynevermoor Torque - 22.544 secs (C)

  2. Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades of Blue - 22.609 secs (C)

  3. Gemma Walchester with Bexenolly Miss Dior - 23.504 secs (C)

  4. Lauren OíConnor with Griffsgirls Concealed - 23.817 secs (C)

  5. Katie Jones with Taffy Daffy Do - 23.988 secs (C)

North Derbyshire Championship Agility Show will see us find our penultimate five qualifiers for the 2018 final.