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Welsh Kennel Club Champs 2016

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Judges' reports...

The Welsh Kennel Club is one of only two UK organisations to hold Championship Agility, Breed and Obedience on the same site. On 20th August some 160 Agility partnerships at the top of their game gathered on the Royal Welsh Showground at Builth Wells to find the 2016 winners amongst the largest dog entry in Wales. Judges Bob Griffin (Small & Medium) and Chris Huckle (Large) got together to write this report.

It was a privilege to be invited to judge both the Championship classes - and one which we thoroughly enjoyed.  We have known each other for many years and have a similar mind set on how to test various aspects of agility. All in all, we both were extremely happy with how the courses ran and felt that they provided the opportunity for all sizes of dog to show off their agility and the skills of the handler.

Small & Medium - Bob Griffin
The day started with the qualifying Jumping round, run in a reasonably large course that made full use of the ring. It required handlers to run but still maintain a degree of control in several tighter sections.The course was run in heavy rain showers and squally winds, but the competitors ignored the difficult conditions and turned in some excellent rounds.

The weather improved somewhat to just being blustery with shorter lighter showers, but this did not detract from the competition which was keenly fought with a range of contact faults and poles down as the handlers were pushing their dogs as fast as the conditions allowed, yet still turning in some excellent rounds.

I would like to congratulate all the competitors who got through to the Final round a superb achievement in itself.

The final round was once again a fairly large but open and flowing course that still required a degree of control.

The weather did improve slightly for the Small final which turned out to be the only class that was judged during the day without any wet weather gear on!

It was good to see everyone attacking the course and putting in some excellent runs. When Lauren Langman ran with Blink, knocking four seconds off of the fastest time, I did not expect that to be beaten. However Bernadette Bay with her Ag.Ch. Obay Itz Got Pizazz was to prove me wrong. She put in a superb run which was extremely smooth and didnít lose any time at all on the turns, beating Laurenís time by just 0.148 sec and, thereby, taking the ticket!

Many congratulations to Bernadette with Ag.Ch. Obat Itz Got Pizazz AW/G for winning the KC Small Challenge Certificate and to Lauren with Samsir Blinkin Brilliant for Devongem for taking the KC Small Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Small Results

Place Handler Dog Time/Faults


Bernadette Bay

Ag.Ch. Obay Itz Got Pizazz AW/G

38.583 (C)


Lauren Langman

Samir Blinkin Brilliant for Devongem

38,731 (C)


Sarah McLean

Golden Kita

47.299 (C)


Roberta Powell

Miners Boy

5`098 (C)


Sue Tanser

Roma Gypsy Dancer

55.992 (C)


Marc Wingate-Wynne

Obay Boyz Toyz

42.507 (5)


Tania Bull

Logans Run

44.369 (5)


Gemma appin

Tonring Little Princess at Gemgray AW/G

53.052 (5)


Rosie Cavill

Ag.Ch. Fieldspy Leana

54.552 (10)

The Medium final was also a very keenly fought competition with some very good runs and even closer times than in the Small Final. The difference between Linda Cummings 3rd and Christine Wingate-Wynne 4th was only 0.079secs. Nicola Garrett had a fantastic run with Obay One Crazy Dude in 40.363 secs, only to be beaten by just 0.035 secs by Jo Gleed with Ag.Ch. Letís Get Ready to Rumble.

Congratulations to Jo with Ag.Ch. Letís Get Ready to Rumble for winning the KC Medium Challenge Certificate and to Nicola with Obay One Crazy Dude for taking the KC Medium Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Medium Results






Jo Gleed

Ag.Ch. Let's Get ready to Rumble

40.328 (C)


Nicola Garrett

Obay One Crazy Dude

40.363 (C)


Linda Cummings

Ag.Ch. Urban Moonlight Noworries

41.818 (C)


Christine Wingate-Wynne

Ag.Ch. Obay Tiz Wil AW/G

41.897 (C)


Amanda Hampson

Ag.Ch. Shoredancer Sea Jade

42.640 (C)


Alice Moodie

Grinshill Mr Pip

44.539 (C)


Sue Powell

Avalia Black Cardamom

50.810 (C)


Rob Archbold

First Class Buddy AW/S

78.653 (25.653)

Large - Chris Huckle
It was both a pleasure and honour to judge the Large Championship
. With too many excellent rounds to mention everybody individually, I would still like to make a special mention of Theresa Hagreen Hagreen who ran third with Sparky and put in a storming round. She led the competition for a considerable time, putting pressure on all the rest of the competitors until the last five dogs. Greg Derret put in wonderfully smooth round at a blistering place with Rehab, taking the lead from Teresa and Sparky by almost 1.8 seconds.

We were down to the last few dogs when Lee Windeatt and Pip took the competition to another level with a wonderfully smooth round, taking over a second out of Greg and Rehabís round.

Well done to Lee and Pip taking the Kennel Club Large Challenge Certificate and to Greg and Rehab for taking the Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Large Results

Place Handler Dog Time/Faults


Lee Windeatt

Ag.Ch. Darleyfalls Pipistrelle

35.616 (C)


Greg Derrett

Devongem Rehab Sproglett

36.758 (C)


Teresa Hagreen

Devongem Bright Spark

38.579 (C)


Nicola Garrett

May the Boo Be With You

38.595 (C)


Marc Wingate-Wynne

Nedlo Strictly Classic

39.441 (C)


Sam Clarke

Indysols Miss Moneypenny AW/G

39.605 (C)


Bonny Quick

Redwood Trail of Flames

37.340 (5)


Anthony Clarke

Rujaff Fate El Protest

37.992 (%)


Michelle Sturge

Benjamins Gwter Goch AW/S

46.231 (5)


Lauren Langman

Darleyfalls Free Flo for Devongem

45.017 (10)


Wendy Page

Borderspirit Holy Grail



Heidi Vague

Just a Grizzy Mo AW/S

45.227 (15)


Ashley Peach

The Moo

40.897 (20)

Many thanks
We would
both like to thank the Welsh Kennel Club and Graham Taylor for inviting us to judge at this prestigious Welsh Kennel Club show. It was a real pleasure to judge many of the county's leading handlers as they competed for the Kennel Club Challenge Certificates in all three-height categories.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our ring party for keeping everything running so smoothly. With a special mention to our old friend Robert Andrews who provided the backup timing, and Luke Taylor and Barrie James who kept everything running to time.

The Welsh Kennel Club said, 'As ever we wish to record its thanks to our judges this year and join in congratulating the winners, all the competitors and the team that makes it all work. We are very grateful for the continuing support of Royal Caninģ of the 2016 Agility Championships at the summer show.'