Watch out youngsters, the Seniors are coming...

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Agility has been built on the idea that 'agility is fun' but we think it should be changed to 'agility is fun for all.' That's regardless of breed, size or age. The wonderful thing about agility is that it is not just for the youngsters and the fleet of foot. If you can steer your dog around the course, then you have a chance for a place or clear round rosette. We want to recognise those handlers who are no longer young and fleet of foot, and that's why we've started the Senior Agility League (SAL). After all is said and done, age is just a number!

Some handlers and dogs have reached special milestones which is why we created the SAL Hall of Fame in 2017. Nominations for outstanding achievement and / or longevity are welcome. Email with details.

Since 1979, when the sport of Agility was introduced at Crufts, it has grown and grown to be the most popular dog activity in the UK. Once addicted, agility people don't seem to retire. They get another dog. They take a joint supplement. If they can't run faster, they learn to run smarter. It's not uncommon now for handlers to still be competing in their 60s+.

And that's why we set up the Senior Agility League to celebrate age and mature handling. So if you are 55 years old or over, you are eligible to join the Senior Agility League (SAL) There is no annual membership fee or need to show your birth certificate. To register just go to or if you just want to know what it's all about, go to the League home page

If you have any questions whatsoever, email the League administrator Ellen Rocco.

SAL 2021 is now open for registration. It is not necessary to re-register if you are or have been a member. Just start adding your points and watch them grow.


Join the Campaign for More Veterans Over 55s Classes
From Malcolm Bassett

In my opinion, I believe there should be more classes at competitions dedicated to the older generation of agility handlers, down to - and including - the judges who should be in that age group as they would have a better understanding of the capabilities of the 65+ handlers.

We see lots of classes and qualifiers laid on for the younger, more mobile end of the age scale but nothing for the older competitors who have dedicated their agility lives - in some cases 30 odd years - and have been supporting the sport by competing and passing on their knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next.

So come on the powers of Agility. Let's see some action for the Golden Oldies before it's too late and we're six foot under and pushing up daisies,

Claiming UKA Points

Good news!

You can now add your UKA Select points to the Agilitynet Senior League.

Just pick UKA Select from the Show Type dropdown and enter your points in the normal way. These points will show as UKAS on the show points page. UKA Regular will just show as UKA.

Don't forget that all places count towards points regardless of the height you run at, just so long as you gained a rosette or place card.

Taming Canines & Phase Purple Step in to Save Walking Pace Agility

Following the cancellation of The Agility Club Walking Agility Challenge and after having been approached by several individuals to see if they could help, Taming Canines has announced that they will be going ahead with a similar event called Walking Pace Agility.

Hooper and Agility Kit by Phase Purple are still keen to sponsor this event.

Heats currently listed below but there is the potential for a couple more heats to make for an exciting final.

  • Phase Purple - November 2021

  • Nedlo - Date TBC

  • Kelluki - Easter Show 2022

  • Paws in the Park (Whitstable Group) - May 2022

  • Taming Canines - May 2022

  • Phase Purple - June 2022

  • Taming Canines - July 2022

  • Taming Canines (Final) - August 2022

Full rules will be released later this week, but this event will be fully inclusive to all handlers and dogs

For more information, email

#paragility #inclusivity #dogagility

The Agility Club Walking Agility Qualifier Cancelled

Following the announcement that the Walking Agility heat to be held at the Nedlo KC Open Agility Show on 25th September has been pulled, The Agility Club has taken the decision to withdraw all the qualifiers and the Final. 

Kate McLaren, Treasurer and Vice Chair, said, When we first announced the competition, we had what we thought was a fair, consistent set of rules, that offered a new competing opportunity and put no one at a disadvantage. However, it was pointed out to us, by several people, that the rules didn’t adequately take into consideration agility’s handlers who compete in wheelchairs and buggies. 

We sought clarification from various sources how we can ensure that a rule accommodating 'wheeled handling' could be consistently and fairly applied without detriment to either wheeled or walking handlers, or if indeed it was even possible. 

As we have not yet received this clarification, our only option was to pull the competition, as show organisers were keen to put out their schedules and needed a decision on the rules. 

It was never our intention to marginalise part of the agility community, and we apologise for not giving this issue greater consideration before announcing competition. 

Sadly, some people have pre-empted our announcement, and there is speculation about our decision and some very unkind social media posts based on that speculation. 

At no time has the Agility Club been threatened with legal action over the Walking Agility. The people who have corresponded with us on this issue did not want the competition cancelling, quite the opposite, and it is entirely and only a committee decision to do so based on practicalities. 

The Agility Club stands for all its members and for the wider agility community, and while we understand our decision is disappointing, we ask that in all things agility, you be kind.


Agility Club Special Walking Agility Competition
In association with Phase Purple

The Agility Club has announced a brand-new competition - The Agility Club Special Walking Agility. Qualifiers will be invited to a final at their annual Championship show. Phase Purple Agility and Hoopers Equipment has come on board to sponsor the inaugural competition.

What is walking agility?
Walking agility is exactly as it sounds – instead of sprinting to points to control your Ketchker and tidy your turn, the handler must walk. This is defined as having one foot on the ground at all times. Apart from that, the course is a normal agility course, and what the dog is required to do remains the same. The equipment and course are not modified in any way.

Why walking agility?
Walking agility tests a different set of handling skills to regular agility. Why not give it a try and see how you get on?

Where can I find a walking agility class?
There will be six heats for the years 2021/2022 with the final being held at The Agility Club Championship, Premier & Open show in July 2022.

The following shows have agreed to host a qualifier for The Agility Club Special Walking Agility in association with Phase Purple:-

  • Nedlo

  • Blackdown

  • Phase Purple

  • Agility Vision

  • Cornwall

  • Kelluki

You don’t need to be a member of The Agility Club to enter, but only members can qualify for the Final.


Fingers & Paws Crossed

It looks like the shows are coming back, so get out there and grab those points. Places in any show except train in the ring / fun shows count, and places mean points as long as you get a rosette.


Senior Agility Hall of Fame 2020

Congratulations to the new inductees to the SAL Hall of Fame.

  • Clive Hildersley RIP
  • Freda Wallace
  • Faith Whitely

To read more about them, go to Senior Hall of Fame.

Nominated by Gay Horsley

Clive Hildersley RIP

  • Fran Hildersley
    Thank you for the keepsake rosette.

  • Chris Huckle
    Well deserved, for a Cornish Agility Legend

  • Lindy Margach
    How extraordinarily appropriate

  • Wendy Radcliffe
    Wowee that's a rosette and a half! It's beautiful.

Nominated by Jennie Costello

Freda & Tika
I would like to say thank you for the beautiful rosette that arrived this morning from the senior agility league with my name on for the hall of fame. Rosette pictured with Tika who made it all possible. Let's hope we can have fun together again later this year. Thank you once again. it was a wonderful surprise.

Faith Whitely
I was totally amazed to receive my Hall of Fame rosette. it is such a lovely idea and I shall really enjoy having it. It is the lovely reminder of the happiest of times. It was sweet of Linda to recommend me- she is always full of surprises - and very kind of you to include me. Thank you so much.

I did not start in agility until I was 69 and then I could only watch my Bella beginning her agility journey as I was recovering from an operation.

I have had such a wonderful time learning to communicate with my dogs and enjoying their enthusiasm for the sport. We all adore it, love the training sessions and owe so much to the patience of Linda Croxford over many years and to Dawn Hughes, who introduced three of us to agility. I have received so much kindness from many other handlers, ring parties and judges who put up with the fact that I am a bit slow at organising myself and arriving at the start.

I only do about five shows a year as I work at weekends, but the shows are my real highlights of the year. So amazing to take part, and such a privilege to share my life with my wonderful dogs - Dorabella, my ‘Golden’ Fleur and their respective offspring, Gemma , Gena and the irrepressible Bizzie Lizzie - all agility addicts.

Thank you to Norton's sister site Remarkable Rosettes for providing the amazing rosettes.

It's a Rollover
No Shows. No points!

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that we have decided to roll over the 2020 Senior Agility League to next year in the hope that 2021 will be a better year for shows. In the meantime, just keep adding your points.

Earlier in the year we had decided that points from video/virtual shows would not count towards the total but everything else is okay.

You can find the SAL rules below.

Senior Hall of Fame
The good news is that we are taking suggestions for the Agilitynet Senior Hall of Fame. It can be a person, a dog or a special dog/handler partnership.

Last year we inducted two dogs and two handlers.

Email your nominations to

Agilitynet to Support Veteran Handler Stakes for 2020

For a while now I’ve been wanting to organise a Senior Agility League Final where people can against their peers and show off their handling skills compete in ‘real time’ but, as members are spread all over the UK, the logistics of organising such a show seemed impossible.

That's why I am now pleased to announce that we have agreed to support the new CSJ have set up a new competition called the Senior Veteran Handler Stakes and agreed to let us reward the best SAL member with a special trophy.

Anyone over the age of 60 can take part – sorry Gold handlers, this time you’re just too young. All you have to do is enter one or more of the 10 the heats around the country next year. The winners of each heat will meet in the Final at the Prestbury Park in September. The highest placed SAL member in the Final will get a special trophy. The Final will be judged by Championship Judge Andrew Dicker.

The Heats and Final


2020 Dates



7th-8th March

Jan Smith


26th April

Bob Perks

Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts

25th-26th April

Pat Wallis


10th May

Frances Parslow

Hare 'n Hounds

17th May

Virginia Harry


6th June

Christine Stratford

Golden Valley

20th June

Hilary Bowden


11th-12th July

David Sweeney

FAB KC Dorset

13th July

John Coppin

Prestbury Park

29th-30th August

Andrew Dicker

First heat for 2021

Suffolk 5 Rivers

27th September

Jon Winney

Veterans will be able to add points for the heats of the CSJ Agility Veteran Handler Stakes onto The Agility Club database if they are competing in the League.

For further information, please see the CSJ Agility Facebook Group or email . For more info on CSJ products visit or ring 01745 710470.

Senior Agility Hall of Fame 2019

Anyone who is or has been a member of the Senior League can nominate a person and/or dog for the SAL Hall of Fame. Here is some of the reaction to the new 2020 inductees.


Jean Tuck
What a grand surprise when we got back from a long weekend with the family! Not only the delightful plate and lovely rosette for the Platinum league for Zac, who managed to collect enough agility points despite being busy last year with Obedience and Obreedience.  But also for that absolutely enormous rosette for dear Scott for the Hall of Fame!

Brought a bit of a tear to the eye that did.  He went off his legs last March and we thought he wouldn’t see Easter, however hydrotherapy gave him his legs back and now, despite a couple of fits, he looks likely to reach his fifteenth birthday which is just a month off now.  

I hope folks looking at his HoF entry might remember seeing him on the many Crufts videos over the years.

Barry Parker

Karen Parker
A big thank you to the Senior Agility League for adding my wonderful Dad, Barry Parker into the Hall of Fame with his special JRT, Gem and presenting them with this incredible rosette. Way to go Dad. (22nd February 2020)

Quercus Lewy Robur 
Well deserved a total gentleman and an awesome agility competitor. (23rd February 2020)

Rachel Fensome
We love Barry! Nobody deserves this more - a true agility legend and wonderful gent. (23rd February 2020)

Debbie Culley
Sorry for the late post as only just seen this - amazing photo . No one deserves this accolade more - well done Barry you are awsome. (26th February 2020)


Very well done to all the winners of the 2019 Senior Agility League and to everyone who participated. It was a good year for the Over 55s especially in light of the larger courses and the increased distances between the obstacle.

Special congratulations go to a surprised Jenny Hastie with Nessa Ainmhithe Girl who told us, 'Wow! Haven't we had an amazing 2019! Nessa came to us in 2012 from Ainmhithe Animal Rescue at five months old, having spent her early weeks in poor conditions. Initially we were only fostering, but after turned families turned her down as even then it was apparent that she would be a small Collie, we decided to keep her as she fitted in so well with our family.

Only 10 months before, I had first started agility with another rescue Collie and had loved it so much that I started foundations with Nessa immediately. The three of us learnt together through the years with the girls moving up the grades within weeks of each other.

Nessa is a complete natural. In 2019 she has had 53 KC wins and was awarded the title of Agility Club Agility Dog of the Year. She had won the Large Grade 7 league and had the most points overall. She also won the SupaDarl Rescue League Large Grade 6-7 League and the Large Lower Height (now Intermediate) League overall. Because she ran at LHO, having won up to Grade 7 at full height, we haven't entered qualifiers or Champ. At home, she is one of seven rescue dogs and a very much loved member of the family. She is totally ball obsessed.

For those people who like stats, here are a few.

  • Number of dogs registered: 406
  • Combined points for the top three handlers / dogs in each age division: Gold (15,116), Platinum (14852), Diamond (14,580) and Ruby (13410) 
  • Total number of points for all divisions: 57,958
  • 73% of the divisional winners have Agility Warrants.
  • Three people got 2 x 1st places with different dogs: Linda Jesson (Ruby) Dave Walker (Diamond) and Irene Haddock (Diamond)

Other comments included:

Pat Kidd said, 'Thanks for rosette received today for 2nd place in Diamond League. This means a lot to me as my dog turned nine years in July so he is veteran, too. Amazingly last season was his best ever!

Jan Linch said her rosette and trophy had arrived today, 'What a lovely surprise! I love the specially designed plate! It's very unique! I'm very proud of my little Pomme de Fleur!'

From Jean Tuck, we received this message. What a grand surprise when we got back from a long weekend with the family! Not only the delightful plate and lovely rosette for the Platinum league for Zac, who managed to collect enough agility points despite being busy last year with Obedience and Obreedience, but also for that absolutely enormous rosette for dear Scott for the Hall of Fame!  Brought a bit of a tear to the eye that did. He went off his legs last March and we thought he wouldn't see Easter. However, hydrotherapy gave him his legs back and now. Despite a couple of fits, he looks likely to reach his 15th birthday which is just a month off now. I hope folks looking at his HoF entry might remember seeing him on the many Crufts videos over the years.'

Thank you to Norton Rosettes for the amazing rosettes, Kelvin Beard for the delightful original trophies and John Ward for all his help with the League Tables.

New this year is that we have added another height division to the League - Intermediate.

Trophy by Kelvin G. Brand Pottery

Overall & Division Winners





Overall Winner

Jenny Hastie Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D 3322


Jane Penninck Kizzi of Crackerhouse 2568


Jan Linch Pomme de Fleur AW/G 1943


Jenny Hastie Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D 3322


Freda Wallace Meisterwerk Tika AW/D 3113
Allsorts Kath McHugh The Spy Who Loved Me 928

Trophies by Kelvin G. Brand Pottery

Top Three in Each Category


Gold (55-59)

  1. Ann Bide with Dexter Littleman AW/B - 1617 points
  2. Kate Carden with Lady Taya AW/S -1431 points
  3. Margaret Pennington with Diggate Teddy Boy AW/G - 1409 points

 Gold (55 – 59)

  1. Linda Seaton with Our Boy Zeus AW/P - 1405 points
  2. Drew Ramsay with Andralor Dazzler at Ansabak AW/D - 1254 points
  3. Heidi Rumble with Remedyclose Buckaro AW/S - 1314 points

1st -Kizzi of Crackerhouse

2nd - Dans Defender

Gold (55-59)

  1. Jane Penninck with Kizzi of Crackerhouse - 2568 points
  2. Shona Broome with Dans Defender AW/S - 2090 points
  3. Mandy Davenport with And Then There Were Three - 2028 points


Ruby (60-64)

  1. Jan Linch with Pomme de Fleur AW/G -1943 points
  2. Juliet Dearbergh with Mayandream Itzan Owl AW/S- 1842 points
  3. Antonia de Bearn with Lizzie of Letchmore AW/S - 1418 points

1st -Teddy of Willow World

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Linda Jesson with Teddy of Willow World (sbt CAP CSC3 OAC) - 1150 points
  2. Gill Cowie with I Should Be So Lucky AW/S - 1106 points
  3. Val Kidd with Bruich Laddie AW/P - 1081 points

3rd - Willow World AW/B

Ruby (60-64)

  1. Jackie Potter with Cornerstones Super Spud - 1812 points
  2. Jennifer Costello with Idonea Icknieldway AW/S- 1647 points
  3. Linda Jesson with Jimbo of Willow World AW/B - 1411 points


Platinum (65-69)

  1. Vivien Spranger with Tearsran Tango Visions AW/P - 1677 points
  2. Jennifer Walker with Abbie Hopebeyondthestars - 1574 points
  3. Linda Hailstone with Mae in The Mist AW/B - 1476 points

1st - Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW/P

Platinum (65-69)

  1. Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW/P - 1420 points
  2. Sandra Yates with Our Jubilee Queen AW/P - 1388 points
  3. Jackie Cheshire with Bertie Bumble Sticks AW/S - 902 points

Platinum (65-69)

  1. Jenny Hastie with Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D - 3322 points
  2. Ken Whittington with Tri Againben - 1870 points
  3. Aileen Watson with Serenskye Dream Rockett - 1223 points


Diamond (70+)

  1. Dave Walker with Josie Hopebeyondthestars - 2044 points
  2. Dave Walker with Echo Hopebeyongthestars - 1403 points
  3. Beryl Brander with Hettsolina Valentina - 1332 points

Diamond (70+)

  1. Freda Wallace with Meisterwerk Tika AW/D - 3113 points
  2. David Spranger with Tearsran Tango Bachelor Boy AW/D - 2165 points
  3. Julia Morter with Meisterwerk Little Elle AW/G – 1595

1st - Not Another Redfire (Thor) and 3rd -  Redfire Storm AW/S

Diamond (70+)

  1. Irene Haddock with Not Another Redfire - 1161 points
  2. Pat Kidd with Level Seven of Valgrays AW/G - 891 points
  3. Irene Haddock with Redfire Storm AW/S - 876 points


The Spy Who Loved Me

My beautiful Herbie was injured and had a plate in his hock so competed for only part of last season. Thankfully he is now fully recovered, receiving physio and hope to let him do a bit of jumping but that depends on his recovery so to receive this award was amazing.


  1. Kath McHugh with The Spy Who Loved Me - 928 points

 Top Ten Handlers
By total points

  1. Jenny Hastie with Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D - 3322 points

  2. Freda Wallace with Meisterwerk Tika AW/D - 3113 points

  3. Jane Penninck with Kizzi of Crackerhouse - 2568 points

  4. David Spranger with Tearsran Tango Bachelor Boy AW/D - 2165 points

  5. Shona Broome with Dans Defender - 2090 points

  6. Dave Walker with Josie Hopebeyondthestars (Sheltie) - 2044 points

  7. Mandy Davenport with And Then There Were Three - 2028 points

  8. Jan Linch with Pomme de Fleur AW/G - 1943 points

  9. Eleanor McMahon with Spot The Birdie Twitcher Tor AW/S - 1886 points

  10. Ken Whittington with Tri Againben - 1870 points

Senior Agility League Rules

Please note that by submitting your application for the Senior Agility League, you are agreeing to the rules below.

1. The Senior Agility League (The League) is open to handlers aged 55 years and over on 1st January in the current year.

2. Dogs entered in The League must be registered with the Kennel Club.

3. The League will run from 1st January to 21st December in each year. It will re-open on 23rd December. Points from shows between 22nd December and 31st December can be carried forward to the next year.

4. The League is organised in four main categories based upon the age of the handler on 1st January with three sub-categories in each according to size (Large, Medium & Small).

  • Gold:- 55 -59 years

  • Ruby: 60 -64 years

  • Platinum: 65 - 69 years

  • Diamond: 70+ years

5. Points can be claimed from places and clear rounds from open classes at all shows but not pairs, teams, qualifiers, club matches, leagues, fun days or simulated/training in the ring shows etc.

7. When claiming points, the show, day (optional), class and place must be stated. The administrator reserves the right to assess if the show is eligible under the above guidelines.

8. Placed points can only be claimed if a placed rosette is presented by the show. Otherwise, clear round points only can be claimed. Clear round points can be claimed even if clear round rosettes are not given by the show but must be within the course time.

  9. Placed points can be claimed for all Standard 'singles' classes including Championship qualifying rounds (but not the Final or Semi-Final) as well as Helter Skelter, Gamblers, Snooker, Steeplechase and other 'special' classes. Points may also be claimed for UKA Masters Combined result but not the individual rounds. Points cannot be claimed for Pairs or Teams.

  10. The Dog will remain in the category/level it starts in on 1st January for the duration of that year. If a dog transfers to 'Allsorts' during the year, please contact the administrator.

  11. The Handler/Owner must update registration each year.

  12. The Handler/Owner is responsible for changing the categories if required, when starting the year.

  13. It is the Handler/Owner's responsibility to send their points via post or submit points on-line.

  14. There is no time limit to claim points, although we would ask that you try to do so on a monthly basis.

  15. Final results for the year must be received by 21st December of the current year. The winners will be announced on Agilitynet and Agilitynet Facebook.

  16. Points claimed for the combination of dog and handler cannot be claimed when run by another handler, even if registered with The League.

  17. If the Handler/Owner wins out / moves up a level at any time during the year, they can change the grade. It is the handle who counts, not the dog

   18. Allsorts dogs are welcome to join The League. Only points from special classes such as Anysize, Allsorts and Veterans can be claimed. Allsorts points cannot be used in the 'main' League. If a dog moves to Allsorts mid-year, points cannot be transferred from Standard classes. If no places are awarded by the show for the class, clear round points can be claimed.

  19. It is not necessary to re-register each year if the Handler participated in the League the previous year.

Points Table

  •  1st place = 22

  •  2nd place = 21

  •  3rd place = 20

  •  4th place = 19

  •  5th place = 18

  •  6th place = 17

  •  7th place = 16

  •  8th place = 15

  •  9th place = 14

  • 10th place = 13

  • 11th place = 12

  • 12th place = 11

  • 13th place = 10

  • 14th place =  9

  • 15th place = 8

  • 16th place = 7

  • 17th place = 6

  • 18th place = 5

  • 19th place = 4

  • 20th place = 3

  • Clear round* = 2

* Clear rounds must be in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. During this difficult Coronavirus time when most shows have been cancelled, can I add points from online and video shows?

        A. We've a had a good think about it and decided that points earned on these shows should not be included. We have decided to merge 2020 and 2021 points so all is not lost.

Q, How soon should I add my points?

A. As soon as possible so that everyone can see how you are doing in The League, though officially you have until The League closes on 21 December to add your points

Q. Some unaffiliated shows allow dogs to run at their own level rather than the level of the handler. For example, when dogs are KC Grade 3 but are allowed to run in 'Elementary' under a different organisation. Can you claim these points?

A. Yes

Q. I have won out. Do I need to change my Grade?

A. You can if you want. Your dog remains in the category it started in January of the current year for the duration of the year. It is the age of the handler that matters.

Q. What system should I use to calculate points from a KC Limited show?

A. The points are the same as a KC Open show, Unaffiliated shows have different points values. Click here to see Points Table.

Q. Why does my dog have to be registered with the Kennel Club?

A. The League needs set a criteria to work with such as levels, heights, recognised breeds etc.

Q. Do wins / places have to be clear rounds to count or can faults be involved?

A. A place is a place. Claim it.

Q. When I try to register or add in points, I keep getting sent back to the Login screen. What do I do.

A. Click here for help. It's all about cookies - and not the eatable kind.

Q. As a resident in N Ireland, I frequently compete in the Republic of Ireland under Irish KC rules and regs. Do wins under IKC rules count and if so, in which category -- KC or unaffiliated?

 A. As the Two Kennel Clubs have similar standards - rules and regs, your points would count as KC.

Thank you to John Ward and the DARL Rescue League for their help with the League Tables.