Who, what, where and when...

While everyone in the UK is being asked impertinent questions by the National Census Office, we thought we would add to the mountain of red tape (?) by inviting as many agility people as possible to complete an agility census. We would like to reflect the whole agility community as far as possible - so if you have got this far, please do take a minute (actually 53 seconds by our watch) to complete it.

By the way, unlike the national census, this one is anonymous!

A couple of notes:-

  1. Please click the 'VOTE' button in each box after you have ticked an answer, before going on to the next question

  2. There will be a short pause after you click the VOTE button while the web-page shows you the latest overall results for that question

  3. Please only complete this survey once. If you - or someone on your computer - has already filled it in, you will probably find you can see the results but can't 'vote' again


Thanks again!