Me and my buddy

My mum and I started doing agility at Angela Agility Academy at Black Robin Farm at Beachy Head. We took turns sharing our dog Jazz, and we made a new friend called Charlie.


After 2 or 3 weeks, Charlie asked if I would like to run Tia, her other dog. I said yes and she went and got her.


I started running Tia every week, and I became a great friend of hers. She now can go round courses without having to stop and run to Charlie, then having to be sent back.


I have been doing agility with Tia for a couple of months or so now. We had entered Angela’s show last year in December and I won 6th  place and a special edition one.


We are looking forward to the competitions this year.


Amy & Tia xxx


P.S. I am 10 years old.



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