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Agilitynet Rescue Dog of the Year

Congratulations to the Large Grade 4 Winner and Agilitynet Rescue Me Award Mike Walker and Fourpaws Caddie Shack (Caddie). They racked up a total 1630 points in 2010. Here's a bit more about them in the Rescue Me page style.

Tunnel Weaving

Breed: Monster - possibly Doberman or Huntaway X
Owner & Handler Mike Walker

KC Name: Fourpaws Caddie Shack

Dogs Pet Name: Caddie

Age now: 3-ish years

Sex: Bitch

Age when re-homed: Approximately 6 months

Rescue organisation: Fourpaws Animal Rescue

History: In the summer of 2008 I decide it was time to take the plunge and get another dog. The search for a big, fun, potential agility dog led me to enquire about Caddie from the Rescue Me page on the Agilitynet. (June 2008)

I went to South Wales to see her and, although she wasn't quite what I was expecting, she certainly was a big, bouncy dog! She came home with me that day.

Then the work began...

She settled in quickly but was very over excitable and had a tendency to try and consume all sorts of electrical items! I began training her in obedience classes before starting agility at Staffs Agility School. She took to it really well but it did take a while to get her concentrating and curb the enthusiasm slightly!

We began competing at Easter in 2009, but the show environment did seem to be a bit much for her. After this slight false start we went back to concentrate on training and returned to the ring a few months later. She got her first clear round at Shrewsbury later that year and never looked back. She started quite steadily but when the confidence came, so did some speed! She won out of Grade 3 at the end of the summer that year.

2010 has been a great year. It just shows how far we have both come. She has now won up to Grade 6, qualified for a few finals including the ABC Semi-final which I made a complete mess of!

Achievements: In the last year she has won from Grade 4 in to Grade 6. We qualified for the ABC semi-final, winning the qualifier at Empingham. She has also been in the finals of the Team Dash and the Laser Pairs. We qualified for the rescue final in our first year, finishing 8th.

I would like to thank everybody involved in the rescue league and Agilitynet for the work they do in promoting the cause for dogs that need 'forever' homes.. and one day become stars in agility!

First published: 24/01/11


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