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Coronavirus Agility Picture Gallery

Co-sponsors of the 2021 Winning Out Certificates

A week in the life of...

It's only Week1 of lockdown and the agility community is learning to live with social distancing and self-isolation - words that up until a few weeks ago we did not even know existed. It's not been easy. Just ask the dogs. Thank you for sharing your images and stay safe.

The German Spitz Agility Team
Are we sitting too close?
Sue Thorpe

 Is this space alright mum?
Linda King

A re-active dog...
Isabelle Manby

The Staffie choosing to social distance.
Rach Hamilton-Howard

Social distancing! What’s that ?
Katie Thompson 

I've just been shopping
Gill Vann

Sara Seymour

 Herbie and Lily not social distancing.
Mandy Haines

Home schooling
Ellie Littlechild

Agiluki doing mindful doga practice.
Downward dog pose.
Masha Shaverneva 

The Crime Scene Challenge
Laura Jean 

You want us to jump that?
Mel Donson 

 First day of home education for Daisy and Elsie!
Jane Marie

Carole Holt 

Bored, too.
Marietta Kudyba

Fed up with hearing about Coronavirus
Ann Cooper 

 Where is everybody?
Jan Wilkin

Christine Benjamin Brown 

Lonely field
Nicola Foskett

Why you making us pose when we only allowed out once a day.
We want go chase all those pesky squirrels away.

Natasha Barnes

We see no peoples.
Karen Upjohn 

Hello... is anyone out there?
Naomi Thomas

Empty golf course.
Mandy Dumont

 The early morning ‘once a day’ walk
Bev Gittins

Shouldn't have been allowed near clippers and scissors.
Jo Maisey 

Lindsay Roberts

Got bored in isolation, so thought I’d redecorate the wall .
Layla Whitaker 

The joys of being a key worker.
Danielle Atkin

WFH webex with a bit of furry help.
Rachel Fensome 

Benny waiting.
Ken Whittington

Missing mummy.
It's another late night shift.
Deanne Nash

Waiting to go out.

I think I have found that virus bug
that's stopping my long walks.
Gillian Blanchard

Exercise hour
Darren Griffiths

Early morning walk
June Burrow

5 mile round trip to the shops!
Sarah Poppleton

A free bag of takeaway sausages for my dogs
from our dog-friendly cafe which is keeping us supplied
with bread, eggs, groceries and snacks.
Jan Stubbs 

Phew ...full tummies whatever else happens 
Annabelle Smith

Just wishing everything could go back to normal.
Georgia Hatton

Oy you, yeah you walking down the street.I’ve been taken prisoner. They won’t take me anywhere exciting in the car anymore, Can you pass me a file? I need to bust out of here.
Rebecca Atkin

River says 'In your face Coronavirus!'
Shellie Smith

First published 28th March2020


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