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Music to Train By

Da da da dum...

If you were compiling a CD to play while you were training, which tracks would you choose? Whether you like rock 'n roll or hip hop, Sinatra or Cher, Beethoven or Bob Marley, we invite you to add your own top 10. Or would you prefer the Sounds of Silence? In any case, just email your suggestions - with or without an explanation - to Agilitynet. We'll start you out with a few of our favourites.




Spinning Around (Kylie) When doing a Helter Skelter Angela Lucas
Theme from Chariots of Fire (Vangelis) For those oh so stretched out courses! Angela Lucas
Stand by Me Said the judge to the scribe! Angela Lucas
Iím still waiting (Diana Ross) For the last competitors to show for the class Angela Lucas
We are the Champions For those significant prizegivings, or, of course, congratulations Angela Lucas
Iíll be there for you (Theme from Friends ) They always seem to be there to commiserate with you after the bad rounds Angela Lucas
Respect (Aretha Franklin) For the dog that doesnít! Angela Lucas
The Minute Waltz For pairs jumping classes Angela Lucas
Who Are You? (The Who) For a Fancy Dress class Angela Lucas
Granddad or Grandma We Love (Clive Dunn) For the Veteran classes Angela Lucas
Winner Takes it All (Abba) For a Gamblers class Angela Lucas
The Joker (Steve Miller Band) Also for the Gamblers Angela Lucas
It's raining again (Supertramp)  Yet another summer show bites the mud... Karen Young
Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now (Samantha Fox) The dogs view on contacts! Karen Young
Shine (Take That) Because every dog is a star and I love the song! Vanessa Hardin
I did it my way (Frank Sinatra) A spectacular 'E' Raine Wellman
Jump Not a refusal! Raine Wellman
Help (The Beatles) Played by Greg Derrett over the PA while people were running the tunnelers class at UKA week. Ha ha Alex Finnie
The Benny Hill Theme Tune Played by Greg Derrett over the PA while people were running the tunnelers class at UKA week. Ha ha Alex Finnie
Footloose (Kenny Loggins)   Kenny Spottiswoode
Top Gun Theme Tune (Kenny Loggins) Danger zone! Kenny Spottiswoode
Don't Make Me Get Old Skool (Dizzee Rascal)   Kenny Spottiswoode
Firestarter (The Prodigy)   Kenny Spottiswoode
Eye of the Tiger (Theme from Rocky)   Kenny Spottiswoode
Song 2 (Blur) Whoo Hoo! Jo Cebula
21 Seconds to Go (So Solid Crew) Time to beat! Jo Cebula

William Tell Overture (Gioacchino Rossini)

Who could forget the pairs class Jackie McDevitt and I did  at Northern week when the theme was 'Western.' I played the Lone Ranger music and we tried to beat the music!  Boz was at the last jump just as the music was finishing, and stopped dead! We were laughing so much Iím amazed either of us had got round! Angela Lucas

It's Over (Roy Orbison)

End of a run

Enid Buckland-Evers

Keep on Running (Spencer Davis)

Even if you've got a pole down

Enid Buckland-Evers

Catch Me if You Can (Dave Clark 5)

Said the dog to the handler

Enid Buckland-Evers

Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)

Don't blink or you'll miss the run


Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)

I am going clear... yes I am


Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)

Whose brilliant idea was it to include a wall on the course?


Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)

Oh no, another 5 faults.


Grease Lightning (Grease the Musical)

Who won the Jumping Champ Class?


Who Let the Dogs Out? (Anthem at Olympia)

The exercise area early in the morning


Don't Worry, Be Happy (Big Billy Bass)

Eliminated... again


Slip-sliding away (Paul Simon)

Running in the rain at Supa Dogs!