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For a bit of fun, Tara Sutton asked people on FaceBook to describe agility in just three words! And this was the result. Pretty much sums it up! If you have any suggestions, however, just email them to us. You can have more than one go.


















Paul Young
Just us two
Dog and handler
Nothing else matters

Anthony Bray 
Bloody amazing sport
What's a jump!

Carla Cruz
Whole new world!

Jan Hazel
Way of life

Jules Happy-labbys 
Best fun ever!

Julia Maxted
E for excellent

Sharon Simmonds 
Contacts wait go

Celfee Agility East Midlands
Team fun speed

Marilyn Rowley
Keeps both fit

Sally Hull
Makes me run

Jassy Gower
Don't go now!
I said tunnel.
Why oh why?

Lyn Francis 
Kaos Kaos Kaos

Beverley Massey 
Ass over tit

Andy Parkes
Most embarrassing moments

Margaret Goulden
Fun frustrating mud

Jay McCarten
Well, next time!

Tracy Hall 
Must be mad!

Pen Dent 
Fun with collies

Carol Robertson
Soooo getting there!
Love my boy

Tina Westwood
Bark bark barking
Go-on Gooo-on goooo-onnn!

Eddie Hawkins
First in ring

Felicity Martin 
Round, through, over

Victoria Hawkins 
Mud, rain, dogs 

Sylvia Stringer 
Most addictive sport

Jack Niko 
Addictive, addictive, addictive

Joanna Bower
Friends  fun bonding

Lynn Hirst
Fun friends fantastic

Janet Nero
 Early start again

Ruth Hathaway 
Not the tunnel

Mark Bunyan 
E Collection Society

Sharon Lear 
Knackering, expensive, addictive

Jess Radnor 
Time well spent

Jess Radnor 
Mums taxi service

Kelly Hogeslag 
Best game ever

Amanda Spreadbury 
Addictive, frustrating, rewarding

Dave Liddle
Let's go doggin'
Not addictive... honest

Karen Ni Leathlobhair 
Pissed off boyfriend

Shroom Wakefield
Exhausting, frustrating, amazing!

June Burrow 
Fun with dogs

Dawn Jackson
Crazy collie antics 

Ken Giblen
Uuuup an... under
(Sorry over!)

Kenneth Greenway
No clear run

Lyn Francis 
You little git

Dawn Jackson
Owner needs Satnav

Kathy Conneely 
Exhausting, frustrating, exhilarating!

Andrew Collins 
Not at work!

Sharon Reeder 
Made good friends

Lin Townsend 
Just love it !!

Debbie Prince 
Fun fun fun

Eddie Hawkins 
Person, dog, bond

Moya O Kennedy 
Crazy, addictive, wonderful

Sherrie Clarke 
Puffs me out.

Craig Woodhead 
Shoulda boughta cat

Debbie Walker 
Bloody good fun

Denise Smith-Howell 
Dog handler fun

Gabrielle Chambers 
Keeps me fit

Siobhán Owens
Pleasure and pain

Karen Cato 
Crazy addictive fun

Carol Disley 
Keeps you young 

Nicola Foskett 
Both sleep after

Nicola Foskett
Head over heels'

Tracy Neill 
Ups and downs

Tracey Norrey 
Always flippen skint

Sally Hull 
Healthy active fun

Aoife Ryan 
Very early mornings

Lynne Dickson 
Happy happy dogs

Karen Baddley 
Keeps you sane

Diane Boreham
ovely addictive fun

Julie Tait
Fun, laughter, happy days
(Opps, that four words!)























First published 27 April 2015


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