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How an ancient natural remedy saved Tammy's life...

Many people will remember Tammy, the German Shorthaired Pointer, who delighted everyone at Olympia with her natural energy and exuberance on the agility course. Then everything went wrong. Tammy was at death's door. Here her owner, Ann Parker tells, in her own words, the true story of how she treated Tammy with aloe vera.

I took Tammy to the vets at the beginning of May 1998 as she had no energy and kept falling down. The vet decided to do a blood test as she was losing a lot of weight. He tried to take blood from her and was unsuccessful at first. Finally he took blood from her jugular vein and was able to run some tests.

The results of the test stated that Tammy's white blood cells were low (but not too bad) and her red blood cells were 3.0 which was very low. She had no vitamins in her system, and no enzymes, hence the lack of muscle. To top all this, she had liver damage.

We were advised me to put her on SA37 and cooked liver to improve the condition. We had to stop the liver, however, as it irritated her colitis. She was also given extra vitamins that contained iron, B12 and folic acid.

Not Long to Live
Her next visit to the vets showed no change to her blood even though she had picked up in herself and was beginning to enjoy life slightly. When the vet failed to find a cure for Tammy's condition, he told me to take her home and 'just enjoy her last days' as she would not live much longer.

After telling Rosemary and Ian Stowers about Tammy's condition, they suggested that Tammy could go on Aloe Vera Gel which I was already taking. I thought that I should check with my vet first. Though he was not very keen at the time, but said that I had nothing to lose as Tammy was a very very sick dog.

I went ahead and tried Tammy on Aloe Vera Gel. On her next visit to the vet, he said that her blood count was up and that he could tell this by her heart beat.

As I write this, Tammy has now been on the Aloe Vera Gel for nearly three months, and her blood count has improved. She still goes to the vet because she has a tumour on her liver. This gives her a lot of problems, and she also still has colitis. Our vet has told us that we were lucky to have had the last few months with her.

At the time, we did not expect her to survive another week when she was so ill, but with the amazing Forever Living Aloe Vera Products and my vet's patience, she is still with us today, enjoying her life.

A Happy Ending
March 1999 - Ten months on and I am happy to say that Tammy is still with us. On the whole, she is quite a healthy dog for her age. She is now ten years old and takes a maintenance level of Aloe Vera Gel to boost her immune system. Although she still attends the vet due to her liver tumour and her colitis which sometimes reoccurs, she can join in the fun and games played with my other dogs, even if she is slow. Her quality of life is quite normal now.

What is Aloe Vera?
A succulent plant with thick and fleshy, aloe vera flourishes in warm dry climates. It looks like cactus, but is a member of the lily family. Very ancient records show that the benefits of aloe vera have been known for centuries.

The Egyptians associated its use with their quest for beauty, whilst the Greek physician Diosorides used it for its health-promoting properties. Alexander the Great grew it in wagons so that he could carry fresh supplies on military campaigns. The Bible also mentions it use in Numbers 24:6 and John 10.39.

However as the main centres of civilisation moved north from the Mediterranean, the change to a cooler climate meant that Aloe Vera was no longer so widely grown and its benefits forgotten and lost to man.

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