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Hear here...

Caroline Hair has been using this formula I've been using since she got her first Standard Poodle in 1959. It was given to her by a breeder of cocker spaniels - and she can honestly say she has NEVER had an ear infection in one of my dogs. She have given it to others to clear up existing infections and given us permission to reprint it on Agilitynet. It is especially good at drying up the black gunk.

The formula


  •  4 oz. zinc oxide powder
  •  4 oz. boric acid powder
  •  1/2 oz. Iodoform powder

 Mix well. Keep in a sealed jar in a cool dry place.

Instructions on use
Place a large pinch of powder in each ear, and use your finger to work it down. Wait five or ten minutes (I cut toenails) then pluck the hair  out of the ears, being sure to get all the way down. Allow the dog to  shake, but leave the excess powder in the ears. Repeat monthly.

Treatment of an existing infection
Use as described for maintenance, then apply a fresh pinch of powder to  each ear. Wait twenty-four hours, then use a dry q-tip to remove all the  powder and the balls of dried gunk. Put a fresh pinch of powder in each  ear. Repeat daily until the ears are no longer runny. At this point, repeat every other day, until there is no more runniness, then three times a week, then twice, then weekly, then every other week, etc. When the ears remain dry for three weeks, go to the monthly maintenance  routine.

How it works
The reason this works so well is that the iodoform powder kills anaerobic bacteria and fungi which flourish in warm, moist, airless  places, like the inside of a poodle's ear. The zinc oxide and boric acid keep the ear dry, which prevents further infections. In the days before  antibiotics, Iodoform was frequently used in human medicine to pack puncture wounds where anaerobic bacteria also grow. It may be hard to find because it isn't used much any more.

Photo: Jensen from Battersea Dogs Home, since re-homed.


From Bud Velat
Excellent article. However, is the IODOFORM in the formula harmful if swallowed by the dog? I was informed that it could be used in between their toes for mites but my questions is that if they then lick their paws, is there anything harmful to them if some of the powder is ingested? Anxiously awaiting your reply. (19/11/02)


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