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Alleviating aches and pains in the agility dog...

New Zealand Greenshell Mussel is from the pristine waters of the South Islandof New Zealand.Agility is a physically demanding activity so do bear in mind that dogs can develop joint problems whatever their age, size or breed. There is a complex natural product – green-lipped mussel -  which is said to be able to help protect areas prone to injury, and, at the same time, guard against the normal wear and tear of the ageing process.

In case you hadn't heard, green-lipped mussel (GLM) offers unmatched anti-inflammatory benefits for your dog's wellbeing. Your vet may have diagnosed joint problems and suggested adding GLM to the dog's diet or you may simply wish to give your dog extra protection to prolong working life and help mobility.

And what is green-lipped mussel anyway? Well it's clearly a shell-fish but the best kind is found only in waters off New Zealand. Green Lipped Mussel is renowned for it's unsurpassed lubrication and soothing properties. It was long treasured by the Maori people in New Zealand as a food that alleviated their misery from arthritis. The benefits of GLM were recognised several decades ago and developed by pharmaceutical boffins for the treatment of arthritis in humans.

GLM is a natural product
It is renowned for its chondroprotective properties which encourage a healthy level of synovial fluid, which in turn lubricates joints, protects against cartilage degradation and supports connective tissue elasticity.  Put another way, it is a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine, names which are probably much more familiar to most of us.

These days you can still buy large, fresh, juicy mussels in supermarkets in New Zealand or, if that is too far away to go to shop, you can buy  pharmaceutical grade freeze-dried extract of green lipped mussel from Ace Canine Supplements, a company set up by Border Collie owners and agility devotees Sheila and Jon Szegota to act as a distributor of Nupafeed's products for dogs after they had seen for themselves the difference in their own dogs. Sheila already used Nupafeed's Liquid Calmer on her horse with great results.

The Nupafeed range specifically formulated for canines includes:-

  • Nupafeed Flex GLM - contains pharmaceutical grade green-lipped mussel and also anti-oxidants Selenium and Vitamin E, which block free radicals from damaging the immune system and DNA, as well as assisting with cell repair.  The result is an effective means of soothing sore joints, easing mobility and assisting recovery from injury.

  • Nupafeed Stress-less - a unique magnesium calmer which has had wonderful results in helping control all manner of erratic and unwelcome behaviours.  It also works well for agility dogs, helping make them more easily controllable.  It is not a sedative so will not slow them down indeed our experience has shown that a sensitive dog may even get faster because of reduced stress levels. Similarly the dog may be better able to maintain focus because he/she is not over-stimulated by adrenalin.
  • Nupafeed Stamina Extra contains L-Carnitine and magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride  which promotes increased energy and stamina levels, shortens recovery time after hard work and improves muscle tone.  If your dog ‘runs out of steam' when working this could be a means of increasing his/her endurance.

Because Stamina Extra contains only natural ingredients professional trainers of racing greyhounds have been able to use this product to develop increased muscle tone in their dogs which helps them maintain their top speed for longer.

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