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In case of emergency dog rescue information...

Attention all dog owners... please can we ask you a couple of questions? Do you travel with your dogs in your vehicle?  If so - and we assume 99% of you do - do you have emergency provisions in place just in case you cannot, for instance, get home to your dogs who may have been left there when you went out? Or what if you get involved in an accident and are taken to hospital? Wendy Clay  hadn't thought about it until she broke down on a winter day on the M5 and was stranded over three hours from home.

On that very cold December day, my van engine seized and I had to coast onto the hard shoulder of the motorway. After getting myself and my dogs up the embankment to safety, I had plenty of time to think about the hazards of travelling up and down the country with my dogs whilst i was waiting for the breakdown services.

My van is custom-caged for my eight dogs so when the breakdown truck arrived although I wasn't exactly happy about my dogs being in the van on a flat bed recovery vehicle. At least, however, I knew they were contained, safe and warm - and I was only a couple of feet away from them in the cab.

Imagine how different this scene would be if I'd have been involved in an accident rather than just a a breakdown! 

  • What would happen to my dogs if I was taken to hospital?

  • What would or could the emergency services do?

  • Who would they call?

  • Would my breakdown provider still be prepared to move my vehicle with my dogs inside without me there and what would happen to my dogs if they did?

There were far too many unanswered questions for my liking! This made me determined to design something for friends, family and my Racingredd Agility members to keep in their vehicles.

The cards only cost 3 including VAT plus 1.00 p&p and will available by contacting me by email  or collection from Wendy or Gill Duroe at shows and on Wendy's own website.

About the author...
Wendy Clay has been around animals all her life. Her Grandad was a shepherd and general farm worker so he passed on his enthusiasm for dogs and horses to her.

When she was about eight years old, she used to make the family Collie Bess 'show jump' in the garden, going over broom handles and flower pots long before agility started. She used to go to Obedience classes with her mum so, when Wendy left home and bought her first dog Zany, it wasn't surprising that she started competing in Obedience with her. Once she started Agility, she decided to try that... and the rest, as they say. is history.

In 1991, Zany won Wendy out of G1 which in those days was called 'Starters.' Zany was a great dog who, although not the fastest, always did her best. She retired at Crufts after finishing 3rd in the Mini Maxi Pairs. Since then Wendy has competed with several other dogs of all different shapes an sizes.

Wendy has represented Great Britain four times with Scout who has also won Olympia and Crufts twice.

Wendy currently lives in South Lincolnshire with eight dogs and runs her own training school Racingredd Agility.

First published 28 July 2014


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