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Hands on healing...

The modern day domestic animal has a lot to contend with. The pressure of finding its natural ground in what can be an unnatural environment for their species can sometimes prove too much. The benefits of Reiki/healing for humans is well documented  with over 150 studies showing that it has a wide range of benefits but it can also have positive affects on dogs, affecting them on a number of different levels. It can be useful in treating agility dogs as Jackie MacCallum describes below.

Reiki/healing is a powerful, enlightening, awesome and wonderful way to be able to play a part in the healing, both mentally, physically and emotionally of animals and humans alike. Animals communicate with one hundred percent honesty and integrity. They have no preconceptions. They do not judge. They simply want to share our lives and love unconditionally.

Of course, the sceptics may say that there is a placebo effect, but that flies right out of the window with animals. Hands on healing works very well, in many cases dramatically. There is no placebo effect with animals. They do not have a faith, are not aware that the therapist is a healer nor aware of the benefits healing can give. When healing is given to them, they take it very readily and are ready to move on if possible and gain health improvements.

How does it work?
Applying Reiki to an animal is a simple procedure. The practitioner places his or her hands around specific positions on the animalís body, activating a healing process directly relative to the animals needs. Animals respond quickly to the ease that Reiki produces on these levels, often harmonising seemingly difficult or impossible attitudes and conditions. Combined with animal communication, Reiki is a very powerful healing tool.

Healing offers an energy blue print to enable the animal to rebalance and take over the recovery process. It works on three levels ~ emotionally, mentally and physically ~ and to be healthy an animal, like a human, needs to be in balance on all these levels.

Healing is something that anyone can do ~ all that is needed is the intent to help, the focus and the unconditional love.

Case study
I am currently helping Blake, Jill Gibsonís wonderful Harlequin Great Dane known Iím sure to many of you.  He is the reason the Harlequin Fun Agility club was born and through him - and his mum - Agility has been opened up to larger breeds.

Below is an exert from Jillís testimonial, saying what she thinks of Reiki healing:

I first met Jackie hot on the heels of Noodle when they arrived for a dog agility lesson in the summer of 2004. It was to be a few months later that I was to witness - and my dog experience - the special gift of healing that Jackie has been given.

Now ten years young, Blake's exuberance and lust for life is still there at the front end, but the cavalry part of him is having a bit of difficulty now 'bringing up the rear.' Daily doses of Cortaflex and Seraquin help to keep his arthritis manageable in both hips, but I could see that this proud boy was in need of something else, something that I knew nothing about but was about to experience - the amazing powers of Reiki healing.

Maybe it was the sadness in my eyes, or the frustration in Blake's that prompted the conversation, but after one class, Jackie approached me with a question that was about to change my whole thought process regarding pain and growing old.

'Would you like me to help Blake with some hands on healing?' she asked.

Having always been the kind of person that dismisses things that I cannot find a rational explanation for, I must say that I greeted the question with scepticism, but there was something about her offer that I could not dismiss. Jackie and Blake started a programme of healing. This has not changed my rational way of thinking, but what I can say is that whatever is happening, Blake is benefiting. I can always tell, without talking to Jackie, when Blake has had a treatment. His gait is so much smoother and as I have said before, if seeing is believing, I cannot and will not, dispel something that has truly helped alleviate pain and discomfort for both of us.

Noodle About the author...
Jackie MacCullm presently shares her life with Tanza, a horse with whom she also events at Novice level who has taught - and is still teaching her -humility. There is Lucy, a Whippet who teaches her patience and understanding, and Noodle, an adorable Jack Russell who has taught her the true meaning of the word 'love' and who is her soul mate. She is also very lucky to have an extremely supportive, loving and patient husband!

Jackie uses Reiki healing which is a hands on method together with a telepathic form of communication which with her works in the form of visualisation. She is now practising Shiatsu as well.

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