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How it all started...

It may have been John Varley's idea to do a dog jumping competition to fill the spare time in the Crufts Main Arena between the Obedience Championship and the Group Breed judging, but it was left to Peter Meanwell to organise the demonstration. He turned to his long-time friend Trevor Jones of the Yorkshire Working Trials Club to provide a team of four dogs. Before his death, Trevor wrote  this brief account exclusively for Agilitynet about the first time he heard of Agility.

My first memory of Agility was on a rainy day on a Lincolnshire farm. I was at the ASPADs Tracking Dog of the Year competition with Peter Meanwell. We'd both been invited to take part as we each had a dog that had won an ASPADs tracking competition that year.

As we were walking across a wet grassy field towards a pub where the competition was based, I remember Peter pulling a piece of grubby paper from his pocket. This must have been the first ever idea for an agility course.

Then he asked f I could get some dogs from Yorkshire Working Trials to go round.

At the time I donít think I was too enthusiastic. It could have been because it was mucky weather and I wanted us to get back to the pub to get warm and dry. However, he persisted and persuaded me as we were both top dog handlers with WT.Ch. (Working Trials Champion) dogs at the time.

By the time we'd reached the pub, it had been agreed. I would put a Yorkshire team together.

I know a number of books have been written about the start of agility, but believe me, I was there. It was only Peter Meanwell and me in that field on that cold wet day.

And that's how it all started.

I have many more memories that I recall and one day I will write them all down.

Maybe now is the time.

Author credit...
Sadly Trevor Jones passed away before he could write down all his memories.


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