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What they want...

Agility judges give up their time - and their runs - to stand in the ring, come rain or come shine for up to five or six hours at a time, just so you can have a good day/ And what do they get for it - a free lunch, big rosette, camping near the ring and travelling expenses which in these days of might just about cover the cost of petrol - and a thank you present. We know that most judges don't do it for the gift but we thought it was about time that we asked them what they preferred and this is what they told us.

Type of Gift

143 people answered the questionnaire of which the overwhelming choice was a High Street gift voucher.

Please choose the ONE type of judge's gift you would MOST like to receive this year
  Percent Votes
Voucher - High Street Store  
47% 68
Voucher - trade stands at show  
3% 5
4% 6
Present for your dog  
8% 12
Agility related gift  
12% 18
Household item  
0% 1
16% 23
Donation to a charity  
2% 4
1% 2
Other (briefly)  
2% 4
Total Votes   143

Judge's Experience

The percentage of agility judges who completed the questionnaire was more or less even with the most having judged for 2 - 10 years or more. Some people hadn't judged yet and some probably could not remember!

How many years have you been judging?
  Percent Votes
Just starting out  
10% 14
1 year  
5% 8
2-4 years  
25% 35
5-10 years  
28% 38
Forever! (over 10 years)  
29% 40
Total Votes   135

Type of Agility Judged

From the number of answers, it seems that quite a few people have judged at various types of aglity shows. Most had experience judging at Kennel Club licensed shows.

Which of these show types have you judged at?
  Percent Votes
Kennel Club  
38% 123
9% 31
5% 16
Non-affiliated show  
22% 70
Club, match, league (non-show)  
24% 78
Total Votes   318

Favourite Gifts

We asked people to specify their favourite gifts. The results were interesting, ranging from bottles of wine to gifts for the dog, items of clothing to gift vouchers . Here are some of the things that people told us they liked best.

What is the favourite judge's gift you have ever received?

£30 cash and a bottle of wine  •A fluffy throw for my dogs •A folding directors camping chair  •A goody bag of wine, cheese, cheese biscuits a herb plant all from the local area  •A voucher to have my dogs photo taken by Nick Ridley  •A wonderful pencil sketch of my dog  •Alcohol  •All of them  •Border fine arts model  •Camping chair  •Cash  •Clothing •Coat  •Coat  •Cool box  •Crystal wine glasses  •DINAS fleece  •Directors Chair  •Dog bed  •Dog bed from Dog Vegas  •Dog duvet  •Dog quilt  •Drawing of my dog (thanks Wallingford!)  •Embroidered Coat (with show logo on)  •Embroidered Hoody  •Embroidered jackets from Spytech but now got too many!! •Fleece  •Fleece  •Fleece  •Folding chair I use for scriming •Framed photo of my own dog  •Free camping and entries and travel costs for a whole week's show!! •Free Camping and Free runs for my dogs the other day/days  •Free entries, camping, meals  •Gift pack at Tamisje •Gift voucher  •Glasses  •Glassware with club name, class  •Goody Bag - ACTS, I think - something for me, something for the dogs!  •High st voucher  •High Street Store Voucher •High street voucher  •High Street vouchers but not M&S  •Jack Wolfskin bag  •Jacket  •Jacket •Large fleece blanket  •Leather dog lead embossed with my details  •Local produce hamper  •Luxury dog bed  •Marks & Spencer voucher •Marks and Spencers tokens •Nametag collar  •Painting  •Patagonia body warmer - REALLY expensive  •Pencil sketch of dog  •Personalised collar  •Personalised, hand-drawn picture of my dogs •Photo frame  •Photo frame with gift voucher for photo  •Photo of my dog  •Photographic portrait of dog  •Picnic bag  •Portrait of my do •Portrait of one of my dogs  •Present for new puppy  •Professional photo of dogs  •Quilted gilet  •ROLLED LEATHER LEAD  •Sealskin socks  •Shrewsbury, my 1st KC appt gave me a snuggle which I still use every day (a fleece blanket to the rest of you that me and the dogs snuggle into)  •Solar/battery/wind-up radio/torch gadget thingy  •There are 2: wrought iron dog sculpture that was a plant pot holder with a floral arrangement in it and then a lovely warm fleece with my name embroidered on it  •Toaster  •Torch!  •UKA sweatshirt  •Very generous Argos voucher so I could buy just what I wanted  •Very large china dogs water bowl  •Voucher  •Voucher  •Voucher for Marks and Spencers  •Vouchers •Vouchers which I put together and bought a new camera  •Waterproof picnic rug  •Waterproof socks  •Waterproof walking jacket  •Waterproof walking jacket  •Whisky  •Wolf design dog blanket  •Wonderful Rain Jacket from Granite City Dog Club 


First published: 25/01/10


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