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Disabled Handlers Annual Agility League

Co-sponsors of the 2021 Winning Out Certificates

Rules & regulations

Formed in August 2005, the Disabled Handlers Association is open to any dog agility handler who considers them self disabled and feels this substantially impacts on their training and handling of their dogs. Its aim is to support fellow disabled handlers and celebrate our achievements in open competition.  

Defining disability is a much debated subject. The most common definition is by accredited medical condition (impairment) be it permanent or temporary. However, our collective experiences are equally defining.

If you:-

  • ever feel you¹re 'different¹ to other handlers
  • sometimes feel frustrated that everyone else seems to be progressing faster than you
  • feel others do not share your ambitions
  • sometimes feel you need different skills to the rest of the group
  • ever wish for someone else 'just like you¹ to compare notes with

Yet you:-

  • love agility
  • love training you dog(s)
  • love finding innovative ways to achieve your goals
  • love that we can and do compete alongside our fellow competitors, and would not have it any other way
  • love that with hard work and tenacity we can be and are equally competitive

And like us, you would like to support each other to celebrate our skills and achievements whilst acknowledging our difference, then why not join us at the Disabled Handlers Association?

In 2006 we are running the Disabled Handlers League (DHA members only) and offering 'Best Overall Disabled Handler¹ Trophies at four of the major shows (open to all disabled handlers).  Further information can be found at www.disabledhandlersassociation.co.uk


Platinum  - for handlers who have won out of Novice Classes (KC classification)

Gold - for all handlers who have not won out of Novice classes (KC classification)

Place Points Place Points
1 25 11 15
2 24 12 14
3 23 13 13
4 22 14 12
5 21 15 11
6 20 16 10
7 19 17 9
8 18 18 8
9 17 19 7
10 16 20 6
Over 20th - 4  
Clear Round - 1

League Rules & Regulations

  1. The league is open to any handler registered with the Disabled Handlers Association who considers them self  disabled and feels this impacts substantially on their training and handling.
  2. Points are to be claimed on handler and dog combination.
  3. Double the points gained on classes with over 100 entries.
  4. The league will run from January 1st to December 31st each year. 
  5. Points can be claimed from all shows with the exception of Fun Days, Inter Club Matches / Leagues, Invitation Events and Finals.
  6. When claiming points the date, show, class, entry number, faults, place and points claimed must be filled in.
  7. A Clear Round point for a Clear Round in time may be claimed even if no Clear Round rosette is given.
  8. Points can be claimed on singles events Agility, Jumping, Snooker, Helter Skelter etc, but not Pairs, Trios or Teams.


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