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League and competition rules and regs

The Kennel Cub ABC Agility
The rules for ABC Agility competition, organised and administered by Newton Heath DTC.

Australian Workers Agility League
AWAL rules and regs

Border Terrier Agility League
Rules and regs for new league for Border Terriers.

Disabled Handlers Annual Agility League
Run by disabled handlers for disabled handlers


First Contact Starters Competition
Rules and regs for Show Secretaries

The Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes
Rules and regs for The Kennel Club events at Olympia including the Large Dog Agility Stakes, Mini Agility Stakes, Midi Agility Stakes, Novice Agility Stakes and ABC Agility Stakes

Papillon Agility League
Rules and regs for those clever little Butterfly dogs
Pedigree Agility
Rules and regs for the Pedigree Team Relay, Pedigree Pairs Relay, Pedigree Highland Agility Stakes, Pedigree Crufts Team Flyball and Pedigree Irish Agility Dog of the Year
Poodle Agility League
Go the Poodles.
YKC Team Agility
Rules and regulations for a Team event to promote local clubs involvement in YKC activity and to encourage young people to be involved, rather than just participate in isolation.


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