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PAL rules and regulations

This is the first agiity league for Papillons only. Its aim is to enhance the Papillon in the world of agility. The League will include all standards and abilities.

For more information contact: Denise Welsh, the Administrator, at Ridgewood, 61 Hawkswood Drive, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1UP Tel. 01323-441583 or email:

1.   PAL is open to Papillon dogs/bitches only.

2.   PAL shall run from 1 January 2005 to 11 December 2005 and annually thereafter.

3.    Dogs may compete in the following categories: Starter, Novice, Senior and Open.

4.     The categories are defined as follows:-


Dogs/handlers who have never won a class at a show


Dogs who have won one class but not achieved senior status.


Dogs who have won two agility and two jumping classes


Open to all dogs

5.   A dog will remain in the same category for the year unless the handler requests a change upon winning out into a high level.

6.   Cost for entry to PAL is 4 per handler/year which will go towards trophies, rosettes, etc.

7.   A points system will be based on 20 points for the winning dog, 19 for the second etc. All clear rounds earn one point. Points can be claimed from all Kennel Club events, all UK Agility events and unregistered shows.

8.   The dog in each category with most points will win a trophy and rosette to be presented at Just Minis Christmas Show. Runners up will receive rosettes.


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