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Now in its 12th year! Agilitynet's Winning Out Certificates and New Years Honours lists have helped more than 7,000 handlers and their dogs to celebrate winning into the next level or grade. This year we'll be doing the same for everyone who has won out during 2014. As always, your Winning Out Certificate and entry on the New Year's Honours are absolutely free thanks to the kind sponsorship of Lintbell's, makers of YuMove and iMove and other products. Only wins in Kennel Club or UKA shows count.

How it works:

1) Enter the details below when you and your dog 'win out' - but actually, tick the grade you have won INTO!

2) Feel free to enter details on behalf of a friend or fellow club member. If you are a club, etc, and you'd like us to post you the certificate so you can present it to the handler, enter YOUR address in the boxes for 'Handler's address.' PLEASE double check the spelling of the dog's name(s) especially carefully if you are entering for someone else.

2) Please type with care! Check that you have used Capital Letters (not BLOCK CAPS) where you should have, especially  for Handler's Name and your Dog's Registered Name and Pet Name, and spelled everything correctly. What you type goes straight onto the certificate.

3) You will see a confirmation page that lets you know we have got your entry. NB Make sure your browser allows 'third party' cookies or you WON'T see the confirmation (see more about this below the form)

4) On 1 January 2015 Agilitynet will publish its 'New Years Honours List' of all the people and dogs that we have had winning out details for.
Sorry, we cannot add names to the 'New Year's Honours List' after 29 December 6.00 pm - but you can still get a Winning Out Certificate sent to you, free.

5) Towards the end of February 2015, we will send you your own Winning Out Certificate as we need time to prepare them and allow for 'late entries.'


Please use the form below

  •  Use a separate form for each dog/person combination (two or more wins for the same dog can be put on the same form)

  •  You must fill in boxes marked with a *

Winning Out Certificate Application Form - 2014
PLEASE use Upper and Lower Case, punctuation and correct spelling!

 1. Handler and Dog

Handler's First Name(s)*

                    (please use Capital Letters eg George not george)

Handler's Last Name*

          (please use Capital Letters )

'Send to' postal Address - line 1*

                    (certificate will be sent here, see note in Section 3 below)

                        - line 2


                        - Town/City*


                        - County


                                                         - POST CODE*

                      (Please include the space in the middle!)

Dog's Registered Name (KC/UKA)*

                   (please use Capital Letters eg Bracken Boy)

Dog's Pet Name

                   (please use Capital Letters eg Fido not fido)


 NB All Spaniel types are under 'S'
       All Retrievers are under 'R'... and so on
       If your breed isn't here, please email us winningout@agilitynet.co.uk

 2. Details of win(s) -  please tick grade won INTO or achieved during 2014 ONLY! 

Kennel Club Logo


UK Agility Logo


 Grade 2

   Grade 3

 Grade 4


UKA - Steeplechase Novice               

UKA - Novice                                

 Grade 5

   Grade 6

 Grade 7


UKA - Steeplechase Senior                 UKA - Senior                                 
Championship                UKA - Steeplechase Champion            UKA - Championship                     
      UKA - Steeplechase Champ (CSC)      UKA - Champion of Agility (CAP)    
      UKA - Win Steeplechase Champion     
UKA - Win Champion of Agility     
 3. Your Details
Submitted by - YOUR Name*  


YOUR email address*  


Handler's email  (if you aren't the handler)    
If you want to receive the Certificate to present to the handler, enter your address at 'send to' in Box 1 above, AND TICK HERE
Please let the handler know about this, to avoid duplicate requests!

JUST BEFORE YOU CLICK : If your browser is set to block ALL 'Cookies' you will not be able to see or check any of your answers on the next page, which confirms details of your entry once you have submitted it. If you see the page but all the spaces for your details are blank, it means we HAVE received your entry but your settings don't allow us to copy your details onto the confirmation page. You can check your settings in Internet Explorer by going to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy Tab and choosing any privacy (cookies) setting except the top one which blocks all cookies.


Organised by Agilitynet

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 To give us time to correct all entries and collect all names, the Certificates will be sent out at the end of February 2015

If you have any questions not answered on this page, please send an email to ellen.rocco_at_agilitynet.co.uk [replace the _at_ by the usual @ symbol]


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