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 Official rules & regulations

Rules and regulations for a Team event to promote local clubs involvement in YKC activity and to encourage young people to be involved, rather than just participate in isolation. Final to be held at Crufts in 2005


  1. Team event to promote local clubs involvement in YKC activity.

  2. Team event to encourage young people to be involved, rather than just participate in isolation.

Team composition.

  1. All teams should consist of 5 Dog handled by five separate handlers.

  2. Teams should represent a KC club or group of clubs, and the name of the team should reflect this. I.e.- the Northants & Wellingborough YKC team.

  3. For the first year all five handlers may be from different clubs.

  4. There will be five dogs/handlers per team. No reserve is required due to scoring system that ignores the worst performance from the five.


  1. Handlers must be YKC members. They may handle any KC registered dog, providing that the dog is not being handled at Crufts, by another person

  2. The team may consist of dogs from any or all the 3 size clasifications.

  3. Handlers may compete in more than 1 team, from the same club/s, but must handle a different dog in each team..

  4. Once a handler has qualified, he/she may not compete for a different team, for the same year.

  5. One only, team member may (not Must) be from the 18 to 25 age group.

Qualifying heats

  1. Seven heats at selected agility shows, with wide geographical coverage.

  2. The first team from each heat will Qualify.

  3. In the event of only one team entering a heat, that team will run in the heat & providing no more than 2 dogs are eliminated will qualify.

The test

  1. The course will be set by the Judge who will utilise at least 2 pieces of contact equipment.

  2. The five dogs will be individually timed,(not relay)

  3. Jump height will be 30 inches for Standard dogs, 20 inches for Midi dogs and 15inches for Mini dogs.

  4. Scoring - Standard agility marking will apply, including the counting of any time faults.

  5. Elimination will incur 50 faults -scoring will continue.

  6. The combined score/time of the best four out of the five dogs in the team will decide the results.

Reduced blame

  1. By counting only four out of five scores the 'Let the side down' element is reduced, whilst making it competitive within the team to get one of the four best scores.

  2. In the event of a dog/handler pulling out at the last minute the team can still be competitive.

Substitute dogs or handlers

  1. Once a team has qualified the dogs and handlers should remain as per the entry form.

  2. Special permission to substitute will be required in writing from the YKC, in the event of a dog or handler being unable to compete in the final for reason beyond the teams control- this permission will not be unreasonably refused.

Big Ring

  1. In order to encourage clubs to take an active interest in the event, the final should be in the Special events ring.

  2. The SE and Main ring offer this prestige, and comply with minimum size requirements. Also the surface is, if as last year far more acceptable in agility circles.

Finding host clubs

  1. A letter will be sent to all clubs holding KC licensed  agility shows , telling them about the event and asking if they are interested in hosting a heat.

  2. Decision will be based on geographical spread and time spread throughout the summer.

  3. Note: Team events cause considerable disruption to running orders at multi ring shows, so only host clubs who show that they are prepared for this will be considered.


  1. A results sheet will be distributed to all host clubs. Copies of the entry form for the winners will be sent to the Co-ordinator within three weeks of the event.

  2. Results sheets and time limit will also apply to all other Qualifiers.

  3. Handlers age  6-18 or one 18-25

  4. Age cut off will be:: Age at first day of show, or Closing date for the Qualifier if that is used for other classes at the show.


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