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A light-hearted look at our sport...

Written & Illustrated by James Liddle.
Reviewed by VIP friends Debbie Benton, Neil Flint & Jonathan Bruce

Description: Jim Liddle's cartoon book looks at the lighter side of Agility! A hilarious cartoon look at the exciting sport of Agility by a master observer of behaviour - both human and canine...-

Best Features:

  • Debbie - It was a very funny book and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.
  • Johnathan - Easy to look through the pages because it was spiral bound.
  • Neil  - It covered every aspect of agility.

Worst Features:

  • Debbie - The last page. It was a very funny book and a shame to read the end.
  • Johnathan - Didn't come across any.
  • Neil - I didn't come across any either.

Overall Ratings:

  • Debbie  - 10/10
  • Neil  - 10/10
  • Johnathan - 9/10

Price: $15.95 plus $4.00 shipping.

Value for Money:

  • Debbie - I'd say its value for money because I haven't come across any other books like it.

Other comments:

  • Debbie - It's a good gift idea to give a judge at a show.
  • Neil - At first I thought it would be too American, but it wasn't.
  • Johnathan - You don't need to be an agility expert to enjoy the book.

Absolutely funny and absolutely true!
George Philip Quinlan
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About the author
James (Jim) Liddle  has a wonderfully humorous way of looking at and recording the side-splitting moments in agility. Agility Trial and Tribulations is his first book. You won't believe that he doesn't even do agility!

Jim resides in Akron, Ohio (USA) with his wife Cherie and their loveable Shetland Sheepdog, Casey. He works in engineering for the Machining Corporation of America where he often inflicts his cartoons upon his co-workers. He draw for recreation and relaxation.

About the reviewers & their dogs

Neil Flint was introduced to agility six years ago by his partner Debbie Benton. They share one dog between them except when it's raining, snowing, windy or blowing a hurricane. When it's time for walkies, then it's Neil's dog.

An ex-Royal Navy accountant, Neil moved into Financial Services sector, working way up the ladder to Sales Manager for a major national insurer. Three years ago he and John Bruce established the Bruce & Flint Consultancy Independent Financial Advisers.

This year they set up a new company called Vet Fee Protector to specialise in agility and other canine sports. Their aim is to offer comprehensive, low cost insurance to agility people. By searching through their list of leading pet insurers, they are able to provide the most suitable and competitively priced policy for individual needs.

Jonathan Bruce, an ex-quantity surveyor, is a family man with three children, a Cocker Spaniel and an overworked wife. He enjoys long walks with the dog away from the ever ringing phone. In his spare time, he runs a local children's football academy and attends agility shows which he really enjoys.
Debbie Benton has been doing agility for the last 15 years though recently the pressure of work as a Freelance IT Consultant and Web Page Designer has left her little time to train or walk the dogs in the rain! She runs Collie IT, training people to use basic computing skills.

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What other people are saying...

From Deb Locke...
Just FYI, I have a BC who did not seem to care about knocking bars and the course would end up looking like a Jim Liddle cartoon!

From Kathy Flarey... Smile, you're on candid camera sorta.
Wanted to brag about a friend of mine who has a newly published agility book out. There is NO other book out there like it. It is called Agility Trials  and Tribulations. It is by Jim Liddle of Akron, Ohio.

I have known Jim and his wife Cherie for about 4 1/2 years. Cherie runs her Sheltie Casey and Jim, well, he draws. Yes, you will see Jim ringside watching and drawing cartoons of folks and their dogs running or training in agility. Jim says he draws for rest and relaxation, while we pull our hair out running agility, he is taking the funny side of it and doodling. I was the fourth person to buy his 100 page book of and have totally enjoyed it. I have to say a page or two looks like me, Jim.

I highly recommend buying this book. (Oh, I DON'T make a cent from the sale of his book.) I think when you look through the pages of antics that has been captured in his drawings, you may just remember that agility is fun and we can certainly look silly. Thanks Jim for reminding me of that.

Deb Jones adds...
I have to chime in and agree completely! I got my copy two days ago and have chuckled all the way through it. It's wonderful! I must admit that Cherie has taken classes with me and I think I've seen myself in one or two of those drawings as well. When you see the one of the tiny building with all the equipment, you'll definitely be looking at my building.

Jim is a very talented artist and he's got a great sense of what makes agility fun. I also have no financial interest, just a personal one. I'd love to see this book do well. It would make a great gift for all your agility friends too (the holidays will be here soon enough).


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