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Agility Course Plans
This useful workbook by top handler Helen Anderson contains approximately 200 exercises and 50 full size courses for use on any occasion and anywhere from small gardens for practice to big rings at club. It has been designed to be suitable for any style of handling and any level of handler. Reviewed by Zeffrienne D’Ulivo-Rogers.

Clean Run Course Designer 2000
Clean Run Course Designer is the world's most popular software for designing and sharing dog agility courses and exercises. Much more than just a program for drawing course maps. The latest version Course Designer 4 also lets you view course models in 3D, and take 3D virtual walk-throughs of courses.
DK9 Training Ladder
The DK9 Training Ladder is a simple yet versatile training aid designed to be used to improve the co-ordination and balance of dogs. It comprises a set of four 'Cavaletti' jumps, a term borrowed from the horsey world. Reviewed by Hannah Banks.
DK9 Wobble Board
The Wobble Board is a training aid which promotes balance and co-ordination. In agility it is commonly used to get beginning agility dogs used to being on something that moves under their feet. It is also to reduce joint injuries or during rehabilitation therapy. Reviewed by Angela Lucas
Jump 4 Joy Maintenance Free Jumps
A portable, lightweight yet sturdy stick-in-the-ground practice jump reviewed by Sally Jones. (13/11/08)


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