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Boodles Learns New Games

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A Boodle the Doodle Adventure

Authors: Jane & Christopher Ambler
Reviewed by:
Sasha Shelley & Annie Leslie

Description: Boodle is a loveable Golden Doodle who has lots of adventures. This is her second book when she goes to a playground for dogs and learns lots of new games. A new Boodle book Boodle Goes to Town has just been published.


  • Paperback

  • 24 pages in full colour

  • Three books in the series

  • Original photography

Why did you agree to review this book?
With Agility running in the family, it seemed about time to get Sasha (4) familiar with the sport. After she attempted a few runs with Bracken, a supersonic, ball mad collie, we thought that perhaps a gentler (slower) approach was required!

So when Grandma Ellen asked if we wanted to review a new children's book by a lady in her training class, it seemed the perfect way for her learn more about our sport and why our furry friends like it so much.

What specifically did you like about the book?
After reading the book to Sasha, I first asked her what she liked about it and she said, 'I like the pictures of Boodle and when she learns to wiggle,'

We then read it several times more and I encouraged Sasha to 'read' it back to me, using the pictures as guidance. As a mummy, I liked that after reading it twice, Sasha was finishing the sentences off for me as she recognised the actions from the pictures.

She also took it to 'big school' to show her friends.

The large writing and jolly text would be good for slightly older children who are starting to read books by themselves.

What do you think could be improved?
As the story was quite simple and I think would appeal to a younger age demographic, but I think it might not have the excitement that older children need to hold their attention. I would say this book is best aimed at 3-6 year olds.

I liked the book but thought it had limited appeal as you have to know something about agility to understand it. As this is a niche market, I was surprised from a marketing point of view that the word Agility was never used.

What do you think of the design and format and quality of reproduction of the book?
Jane Ambler's original photographs in the book are excellent - bright and cheerful. And I like the fact that they were obviously taken at a real agility field.

As with many books for small people with sticky little hands, a hardback or a board book might be longer lasting but that would make it more expensive so probably isn't practical.

Overall rating:  8/10 This is a fun book that both Mummy and child can enjoy especially those in the agility community, but it is a nice, gentle read for anyone.

Price: : 4.99 each plus 1.80 p&p. There is a special Oodles of Boodle package, consisting of all three books for 11.95 plus 2.95 p&p which is a saving of over 3 on buying the books individually. Boodle would be very happy to sign copies of books purchased online. People should email the publishers (Christopher@boodlethedoodle.com) with the name of the person the book is for.

Value for money: It costs less than a bag of dog food and lasts longer!

Would you recommend to your family and friends?
Definitely. It would make a great Christmas present or birthday gift for children in agility families.

All three Boodle adventures are available either on-line
or from the Gift Shop at The Grange at the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity (Saunderton)

About the authors...
Jane and Christopher Ambler live in Buckinghamshire with Walter, their Korthals Griffon and, of course, Boodle the Golden Doodle. Jane is a professional dog photographer (see her work at photographmydog.com) and Chris works in advertising and publishing. When not dreaming up new adventures for Boodle, they love walking with their dogs in the beautiful Chilterns.

About the reviewers...
Sasha Shelley is four years old and has just started 'big girl's school. She is a dog lover - what choice did she have - and her best friend is the family Rottweiler Oscar or 'Ozzy Baby' as she refers to him.

As the granddaughter of Ellen Rocco, founder of Agilitynet and John Leslie, a publisher and editor, Sasha is set up well for a future in journalism and dog-related activities.

Annie Leslie grew up as an agility orphan. She dabbled in Agility with one of the family's Standard Poodles many years ago, but now just comes along to shows and training as a support and cheerleader for the family dogs.

Annie and Sasha live in West London with their dog Oscar and two cats.

First published 8th November 2019