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Salomon Supercross Trainers

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More than a trail running shoe...

Description: Supercross and Supercross GTX are new versions of Salomon's popular, all-terrain running shoe which is often seen at Agility training and shows. 

Supercross GTXProduct information:-

  • Standard SupercrossOutstanding stability

  • Aggressive grip on all wet, muddy grass courses

  • Lightweight (310grams)

  • Precise EnergyCell midsole cushioning

  • Contagrip® rubber outsole

  • T A protective, molded toe cap and mudguard

  • SensiFit™ construction for impressive foothold

  • Quicklace® kevlar lacing system

  • Choice of colours

  • GTX version is waterproof Gore-Tex

  • Generous fit

  • Easy to wear in urban settings as well as at agility

Why did you want to review this product?
I have owned a pair of Salomon trainers since they were invented - all the way from the Speedcross 2 to the Speedcross 4. I suspect quite a few agility people will be in a similar position to myself when looking for new trainers. I hope my review will help them choose the right one for them.

What was your experience with this product?
I bought the standard Supercross trainers from Agility World at the beginning of August and was then asked to test the waterproof GTX version which I picked them up at DINAS. Since then, I have been wearing them everywhere - indoors on sand and outdoors on grass as well as on Astro Turf. As I am a dog trainer as well as a competitor, I have been wearing them whilst I teach and train my own dogs as well as when I am Cani-crossing. I have even worn them to go shopping!

What did you like about this product?
I really love the new design. I like how Salomon has removed a lot of the weight from the shoe, giving both models more of a slipper-like feeling than other trainers. They are wider than previous models and the new material feels more breathable. When it has been really hot, my feet haven't suffered.

The GTX version is 100% waterproof which mean they have superb traction and provide an excellent grip on wet grass or damp ground. Whether walking a course in the early morning or splashing through a puddle while out on a run, I want my feet stay dry and comfortable so I can concentrate on what I am doing.

I found the Supercross reasonably easy to clean and keep looking good. Just bang them together and clean afterwards.

What could be improved?
At the moment, the only thing I can think is the holder for the excess lace. I liked the way the Speedcross had a nice pocket in the tongue of the shoe so you could tuck away any excess whereas the new Supercross only has an elastic tag.

Personally I would also like more choice of colours, but I am sure that will come as they grow in popularity

What did you think of the design of the product?
I believe that the design changes have really made the Supercross and Supercross GTX better trainers. With the new models, I kind of forget that I have them on as they are so comfortable.

The design is simpler with less stitching. Compared to my old Speedcross 4, the new Supercross and Supercross GTX still look new even though I have been wearing them constantly whereas the Speedcross looked tired and well worn by this same time.

The Supercross seems more durable. A pair of the old Speedcross used to last me on average about six months. The design of the sole has been changed so the material connects better, and the tiny tears that used to appear on the sole have not developed.

Price: The RRP price on these shoes is £100 for the standard shoe and £120 for the GTX

Value for money
Yes, definitely. When you're in running shoes as much as we are, you just can't afford cheap ones. As far as value goes, I personally don't think there are many other trainers as good for Agility as Supercross. You get what you pay for.

Overall rating
0/10 because they very flexible and with the new design, there are no little tears as in the old Speedcross model. I am glad I have changed and definitely would not go back to the old ones.

Would you recommend to your friends?
Yes. I think they are great shoes and I am sure that when people make the purchase, they will be happy with them. I would recommend the GTX version as they offer all the aspects of the standard shoe but with the added waterproof,, For the difference in price, it’s a no brainier!

Available from Agility World and other retailers

About the Reviewer...
Iain Patz
has been in agility for six years, competing from Grade 1 through to IFCS internationals. He currently runs three Large dogs, shared between himself and his wife. All three compete in Champ.

In addition to being a top competitor, he is a dog trainer and he loves judging agility.

Iain and his wife live in the Southampton area.



First published 11th September 2019

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