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Can you top this?

As Richard Wilson of One Foot in the Grave was often heard to say, 'I don't believe it!' Sometimes we astound ourselves with our achievements... and equally our failures. It can be a good thing to be able to sit back and crow about our successes or laugh if we mess up. So we're taking nominations for those occasions that (you hope) will never go into the Guinness Book of Records as well as those you will feast on at the pub for years.

Come on. Admit it. Send your monumental brags along with your boo-boos to Agilitynet. And don't forget that experience is something you get just after you need it!

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Best Irish Terrier
in Agility

Irish Terrier, Tollo (aka Marshcourt Sparrowhawk) has reached the dizzy heights of Grade 6, running as a Large dog.  He had two Agility wins and one Jumping win at Grade 5, so he has moved up. It wasn't easy but it is a dream come true. Is this achievement a first for an Irish Terrier? Hilary Stewart

I’m sorry to disappoint Tollo and his handler but unfortunately, he’s not the first Irish Terrier to reach Grade 6. Vet Kath Darroch, who used to train with us, achieved this accolade and had considerable further success with her Irish Terrier girl Dill many moons ago. Mavis Sherwin

Most Champions Tickets Won

Ag.Ch. Piquant Painted Sunshine (aka Chelsea) won 16 Championship Tickets. Was this a record? Dawn Weaver

Fastest Rise
from G1 to G7

Dennis Hilton and his rescue dog Chief went from his first show in Grade 1 to Grade 7 in just 23 weeks and 5 days. Quite an achievement and also very rewarding for the K9 Agility North Yorkshire trainers Kathy, Steve and Ron.
Ron Rawlinson

Two Size Trophy

Sheltie Ziga (Obay Tiz Magic) achieved two places on the same day at a Kennel Club Open Agility show in two different height categories after having been re-measured from Small to Medium. Elizabeth Saggers

Pat on the Back Award
Highlands & Islands

I am making a brag on behalf of a friend as I know she is too modest to do it herself. Her name is Julia Lecrivain from Jersey. She runs a Bearded Collie named Misty.

At the end of August, she came over to the the UK Mainland for the first time to compete a two KC shows - Dog Vegas 4-day and the Letchworth 3-day. She ran in 12 classes at Dog Vegas, gaining 10 places including two Agility wins, and two clear rounds. She also qualified for the First Contact final where she picked up her only elimination as her dog had never seen a Wishing Well and did not quite know what do  with it! The following weekend at Letchworth she did a further 12 runs, gaining a further three places and six clear rounds. All this has sent her back to Jersey as a Grade 2 handler with a massive 178 warrant points.

I also think Agility Folk deserve some praise, too. Although Julia was alone at the shows, she was delighted with the support and praise she received from her fellow competitors. Doreen Sizeland

Most Agility Dogs Judged

I filled out my record book and discovered that I have judged over 5000 dogs since 2002! Penny Cockerill

The Highest Placed First Time Competitor Rosette

I would like to nominate my husband Martin Conibere for this award. He had to come to rescue me from the UKA Tamasjie show as I had broken my leg whilst unpacking the caravan - not my wisest move - and was persuaded to run my dog Dooley in the Novice Steeplechase on Saturday. As he had never been near an agility course in his life, my friend Alexis gave him a crash course in how to walk a course, how to run a course and what to do with his arms. And then he was away. Not only did he manage to get a clear round, he also finished 4th. He was well and truly bitten by the agility bug that weekend and continued to run Dooley in the Steeplechase for the rest of the show. By Monday, he was feeling confident enough to have a go at everything with a little help from my friend Bobbi - Jumping, Gamblers and Steeplechase. He finished off his weekend by running the Beginners Agility and finishing 3rd. To top it off, yes we did get it on video. This is his first ever run and this is his agility run . Bless them. They made me so proud. Pat Conibere  

Dog with Least Clear Rounds Rosette

Clipart: BC Buddies

My rescue dog Bryn has never had a clear round. He always had one or nearly all the jumps down. He just did not understand that the idea was to leave them up, not that I have dared run him that many times. It always hurts to see 'You have no results for this dog' on the UKA website. The only rosettes he has ever got have been for Good Citizens. Peggy Sidewater

Most Consistently Placed Dog Bowl

Chris Stamp competed with his chocolate St. Poodle Barnaby for about seven years and says they never left a show without a placed rosette. Chris Stamp

Littermates with the Smallest Margin Between their Course Times Flag Pins

Mike Douglas’ Lulu and Jill Spur's Dali are litter sisters. Both ran the same Graded 3-5 Jumping at Nottingham, and recorded times that were just 0.175sec apart! Mike Douglas & Jill Spur

The Red Red Red Rosette Group Award

Tarny's Tossers managed a staggering 36 wins and numerous other places at the Hare N Hounds Agility Festival. Jacqui Tarn

More 'Es' Than You Can Shake a Stick At! Award







  1. Under the most eliminations - or Illuminations as they are known in our household - I have had about 570 this year between my three dogs! And that isn't counting multiple illuminations in one run. Jo Wormald
  2. At Tonbridge Wells show this year (May 2009) I had three eliminations before 08.50am and was in the car on the way home by 08.55.  Does not beat four eliminations, but beats the time. Anne Arbon
  3. Can anyone beat four eliminations before 10.00am! Jane Tatam
  4. I can't beat by 10am but I can beat four. I had five by lunchtime on more than one occasion.
    Leona Kadir
  5. Okay, I admit it - 43!  But - he, I (and the judges) enjoyed every one of them and each elimination had its good points. This was with my mad Springer Spaniel, Disney, in his first year - mainly in Allsorts, then Starters. At the end of the year he finally got ten faults, then five faults in the last two classes - light at the end of the tunnel! He treated every course like a Gamblers. It was a shock to me having such a fast dog after being used to 'normal' Springers. Luckily, at the beginning of his second year, he started picking up clears and places but he is still 'good entertainment value.'  Would not change him for the world but wish I was a better handler. Sue Taylor
  6. My old collie Chaz - whom I have just had to drop down to Anysize classes due to arthristis in his spine - ten in December. He was entered into his first show at 18 months old and he as only ever had 1 clear round at full height (in the year 2000) and probably only a handful of times on the scoreboard with faults. Every other time has been an E. Surprisingly now he has dropped down he has done 2 out of 3 clear rounds for me. Kirsty Luttman

The Most Special Special

1. My springer Flossy got a special at Scunthorpe last year for having the flappiest ears - and lots of enthusiasm. My cocker Wisp got one at Weardale this year for being able to wag his tail frenziedly and jump at the same time. Jo Wormald

2. My rescued collie Luka and I are the proud owners of a Special for finding the most way to get eliminated in one run. Out of 20 obstacles, we managed three and that is not including the fault in-between. Liz Lyddon

1st Dog Club to Qualify Teams in All Three Sizes at Crufts
Derbyshire Dog Agility Club have successfully qualified a team in each of the three categories e.g. Small, Medium & Large. What a fantastic achievement.  Well done everyone involved. Pat Wallis

1st Individual Gold at the FCI World Champs for the GB
Natasha Wise and Dizzy won the first ever Individual Gold at the 2009 FCI Agility World Championships at Dornbirn, Austria. She was 4.4 seconds faster than the Silver Medalist.
Fastest G3 Win
Roger Teasdale accomplished the awesome achievement of winning his first ever run with Petnat by Jingo - a Grade 3 class at Wigan 2009.

Fastest Bronze Warrant

From his first ever run at the KC Festival to the weekend 5-6 September 2009, Eleanor Balchin’s fabulous Sheltie Smokey (Sheldray Smoke on the Water) had gained sufficient points - 200 with minimum of 50 points in agility - for his Bronze Agility Warrant. Ian Balchin

Most GB Team Members from a Single Club

Beacon ADTC is sending three members of the GB team to the 2009 FCI World Championships in Austria. They have a dog in each of the categories - Small, Medium and Large - in both Team and Individual events. Kate Howard
  • Large: Jackie Gardner with Borderstorm Tom Boy (Border Collie)
  • Medium: Alan Gardner with Touchango Again Girl (Border Collie)
  • Small: Nicola Garrett with Ag.Ch. Obay Truly Driven (Shetland Sheepdog)

Fastest Progression from G6 to G7

Lee Gibson's Scott (Taddymoor Scott) went Grade 7 at Dog Vegas. On Friday he won two Grade 6 Agility classes and one G6 Jumping. By 11am on Saturday morning, he had won another G6 Agility class.  He then went on to win another Agility and two more Jumping classes - a grand total of seven wins in a weekend! He managed to get all of the runs on video, too. Gina Graham

Most Faultless Rounds at a Six Day Show

Margaret Goulden had 18 clears out of 19 runs at Dashin' Dogs with her dog Shani - and only 1 pole down in six days. Margaret Goulden

The Most Faults to Win a Class Award

Clipart: BC Buddies

  1. John Williams won a Jumping G3-5 class with Manchester Terrier Skye (Eaglespur Rose Bay). It was at the Easter Agility Show at Shuttleworth - yes, the snowy one. They won with 21 faults 9 i.e. 1 x refusal and 16 time faults - all of which proves, don't stop running even if you've had a pole down! John Williams
  2. ! can challenge the Most Faults to Win a Class” category from a team run I had in Ireland quite a few years back. I had taken four dogs with me so I found three unsuspecting handlers from the other Irish competitors and we had ourselves a team. It was a pretty challenging course and we won because we only had 3 out of 4 dogs eliminated. All the other teams had all four dogs eliminated! Kate Cook
  3. Last year I won a Champion Maxi Agility at UKA with 32.89 faults.  I thought I had been eliminated because we had so many attempts at the weaves, but we had actually only got five faults for popping out before the end.  All the rest were time faults as I sauntered round praising my dog on her contacts and chatting with the judge.  As it happens I was the only person not be eliminated. Sally Jones

Largest Class at a UK Agility Show

Just working out my Supa Dogs running orders and one of the Novice Jumpings has a total of 1036 dogs entered. Is this the biggest class yet? I remember classes of 900 and something but don't remember seeing over a thousand dogs entered before. Lorna Goodban

Best Agility Litter Ever

Spec & Puppies 2006

I would like to nominate a litter bred by Chris Bolton in 1988.
  • Sire: Mary Ray's - Mr Chips
  • Dam: Jeff Bolton's - Midnight Moonlight (Penny)

All dogs in the litter bar one made Advanced. Four of the litter were at Olympia at the same time, specifically Robbie, Boxer, Carrie, Chad, plus their full brothers Freddie and Chip from the previous mating.

There were four reds, one tri and one B/W. A very special litter!

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