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Jumping from A to Z
A comprehensive and topical guide to canine jump training. Whether you train in agility, flyball or obedience - or all of them - this classic book by Chris Zink and Julie Daniels is designed to teach you how to train your dog to jump safely and accurately, how to decrease your course time in agility and how to keep your canine athlete healthy into old age. Reviewed by Karen Smith. (11/03/01)

Jumping Height in Agility: A Vet's Perspective
Well-known agility competitor and vet Peter van Dongen has been following the debate about the height of jumps in the UK in the agility press for some time now. He's concerned about the possible consequences of changing the jumping height, specifically the risk of injury, and the safety of our dogs in general. (18/02/01)

Things to Do with Three Jumps
Training exercises you can do at club or even in your own garden.  Based on an article by Anne E. Smith and adapted by Sally Adam for the South African Dog Agility Association. (23/07/02)
Up & Over
All agility courses contain a number of hurdles so to do well it is essential that an Agility dog enjoys and is reliable at jumping. The way a dog is introduced to jumping is very important. Top trainer Ruth Hobday shares her methods. (10/8/99)


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