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Don't let Halloween spook your dog!

Beware of the 31st October when witches, ghosts and goblins come out to play. It may all be a bit  of 'nightmare on Elm Street,' but to ensure that your dog is safe on Halloween, remember these four tips from the Humane Society of the United States. Better safe than sorry.

And don't forget to have fun! Happy haunting!

  1. Don't let your dogs eat your treats. Candy, especially chocolate, poses a serious threat to pets. Give safe, nutritious pet treats instead.
  2. Avoid costumes for your pet. Pets dislike confining clothes and masks. Rubber bands cut into skin and cause infection and pain.
  3. Keep your pet inside. Halloween pranksters sometimes target pets, even in fenced backyards. Don't take your pet trick-or- treating; it may become overexcited and break loose or bite. Be sure your dog wears a collar with ID in case it slips out of the house while you distribute goodies.
  4. Play keep away. Prevent access to seasonal decorations such as candles and fireworks with open flames or streamers that could entangle or choke your dog.

 For more seasonal advice on how to handle the noisiest time of the year, visit the Battersea website

Halloween Fun for Dogs

Safe Games for Halloween

  1. Bobbing for hotdogs.
  2. What will your dog eat game (Get five things like Cheese, crackers, rice crackers, cucumber and then lettuce in that order and offer each one and any dog that eats the lettuce wins a prize.)
  3. How long will you dog wear that silly costume hat without pawing it off their head game!
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