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21st Century Agility
Tony di Bartolo used to employed to research various products to help with inventory tracking and job shop production control. That's when he first started thinking about using the new technology for agility. Then one day while he was working, he came across an idea which made him think, 'Hey, wouldn't it be great if you could use this in agility?'

Advanced into Intermediate?
The debate about whether Advanced dogs should be able to compete in Intermediate classes was going on way before the Kennel Club announced the changes to the 'H' regs. In an article which was written just before the changes were announced - but remains relevant - Nancy Hudson asks whether this decision is  entirely fair to Advanced dogs and their handlers, now or in the future.
Advanced into Intermediate Continued
Following an open debate between Agility Liaison Council members at a recent Kennel Club meeting and the subsequent vote 5-4 against, the discussion on whether to take Advanced level handlers out of Intermediate classes continues. Should we or shouldn’t we? What are the arguments for and against? Three top handlers present their opinions - Jo Sermon (pro), Dave Cooper (con) and Mary Anne Nester with the Mini/Midi point of view. Read both sides of the argument.

Back to the Future
Looking back at the future, we must say that 'The fun never did go out of this 'fun event.' Agility Voice's own Mystic Meg foretells of things to come in this treasure from The Agility Voice archives. With 2001 not so far away, somehow this tongue-in-cheek article from 1985 does not seem so far off the truth - or does it?
Bud Houston Bud Houston's Handling Moves
Bud Houston is one of America’s pioneering agility teachers, stressing solid handing fundamentals and positive training techniques. He currently operates Bud Houston’s Country Dream in southeast Ohio where he and his wife offer agility and rally‑o camps, resort visits, ongoing classes, and monthly workshops for agility enthusiasts.. He wrote this article describing some of his better known moves. Comparing them to your way of handling today makes interesting reading.

Bretons DTC Circa 1981

Happy 21st Birthday, Bretons DTC
Bretons DTC was one of the first clubs in the UK to do the new sport of show jumping for dogs. This year they will be 21 years young. (04/04/00)

Over her agility career, Jayne Bray's apricot Miniature Poodle Portia (Ag.Ch. Harvest Geld for Aprika) won 305 classes, making her one of agility's all time greats. At age 16 years and 4 months, she won the All-Time Achievement for Services to Agility Award from the Poodle Breed Club of Great Britain.

Talking Heads
You've probably heard stories about the old days of Agility when everything was 'friendlier and more fun.' Here's a selection of voices from the past and present, recalling their own experiences.


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