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RVC Epilepsy Research Surveys

The Royal Veterinary College has launched not one but two surveys by our dedicated, final year vet students who have a special interest in canine epilepsy. They would love it if you could support them, and contribute to their understanding of canine epilepsy by completing them and sharing them widely!

The first study is by Kristi James who is exploring UK owner views on the use of CBD products for dogs with epilepsy. Importantly, it is open to owners of dogs with epilepsy that DO and DO NOT use these products - we want to hear everyone's views!

Please follow the survey link below to complete the study and share the link and flyer below so we get as much useful information as possible to learn about this growing area of epilepsy management!

Epilepsy and Behaviour
second final year vet student study is a project is led by Ezekiel Maguire who has a special interest in epilepsy and behaviour.

His study explores your dog's health and behaviour to continue to untangle how breed and epilepsy may influence a dog's behaviour. To do this we need dogs WITH epilepsy and dogs WITHOUT epilepsy, so please do complete and share with anyone who owns a dog!

This survey should take 10-15 minutes and is open to owners across the world.

7th July 2021


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