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The New Year's Honour's List

Itís been another exciting year in the world of British agility with many changes in store for the future including the new grades and rules for moving up. One thing, however, that will hopefully never change is the thrill of winning out of/into a higher level. Every year Agilitynet celebrates this achievement with a New Year's Honours List (just like The Queen) and a Winning Out Certificate which we send to everyone listed. So put your hands together for all the handlers and their fabulous dogs listed below. Your certificates will be in the post (at the end of January)!

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Please note: We have loaded the winning out lists into their own 'popup' windows to make this page faster to load. If you can't see  a new window when you click on a level on the left, please turn off your popup blocker(s) or change your blocker settings to allow popups from The tables show the way your name and your dog's details will appear on your certificate. IF there are any errors, please email us immediately... if not sooner.
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Urgent - Missing Persons!

  • If you, or someone you know, is not on The List, please fill in an application form and email it to us as soon as possible.
  • If you recognise someone listed as a 'missing person' below, (meaning we don't have a postal address or a willing friend to pass on a certificate), please get in touch by email . Many thanks.
  • If you are one of the people listed below, please please fill out this application form with your postal address and other details as soon as possible. Or Email Agilitynet today.

A-Z order by level and surname

Handler/Dog (KC Name & Pet Name)


  1. Marie Coxon with Ballistic Blue Eyed Boy - Elementary
  2. Cheryl Duce with The Highland Flyer - Elementary
  3. Alex Finnie with Flynntastic Red Mist (Mist) - Elementary
  4. Rachel Godfrey with Banjo Badjer - Elementary
  5. Matthew Hardwick with Zerabie Secondus - Elementary
  6. Pat Holiday with The Quidmaster - Elementary
  7. Angela Marsh with Shelley May - Elementary
  8. Sonia O'Sullivan with Minnie Ha Ha - Elementary
  9. David Preston with Khados Mister Mackay - Elementary
  10. Tina Price with Tina's Marmalade Boy - Elementary -
  11. Lisa Richards with Bosco Boy - Elementary -
  12. Helen Rigby with Blakes Seven - Elementary
  13. Jenny Smith with Clear Water Babe - Elementary
  14. John Stevens with Pondacres Limited Edition - Elementary
  15. Gill Stock with Maisie Mighty Mouse - Elementary
  16. Brooke Baker with Mayhem In Miniature - Starters
  17. Fay Bean with Master Angus Beano Boy - Starters
  18. Sophie Betts with Molly of Norheugh - Starters
  19. Melissa Casey with My Last Rolo - Starters
  20. Bobbie Chadwick with Lady Gee - Starters
  21. Marie Coxon with Ballistic Blue Eyed Boy - Starters
  22. Mandy Crabb with Tiger Lightning - Starters
  23. Jane Davis with Lemmy Lempster - Starters
  24. Rachael Dusk with Corydoras Dancing Flame - Starters
  25. Alex Finnie with Flynntastic Red Mist (Mist) - Starters
  26. Katy Girdler with I'm Tam Not Sam - Starters
  27. Gemma Haycock with Fluffy Angel - Starters
  28. Kate Kilwan with Lufflands Tamar Rolo - Starters
  29. Jackie McGeogh with Mighty Mouse Hound - Starters
  30. Kath Morgan with Kenmillto Man O War - Starters
  31. Clare Parker with Princess of Winnie - Starters
  32. Tina Price with Tina's Stin Lover - Starters
  33. Malcolm Robson with Sally Anne - Starters
  34. Leanne Smith with Foxdown Dutch - Starters
  35. Julia Thomas with Penhale Bramble - Starters
  36. Jenny White with Forest Ride Vicky - Starters
  37. J. Wiekes with Tilly Twister in Podsbrook - Starters
  38. J. Wilkes with Deefa Little Darling - Starters
  39. Laura Anderson with ? - Senior



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