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Captain of the ship or a comedy of errors?

The judge is always right... right? The judge may look confident on the day but what's the truth behind that authoritative figure in the centre of the ring? The course may flow on paper but what happens in the ring may be something else. With up to 450 dogs in a class on a day, are you confident that you can make the 'right' instant decision each and every time? It's never as easy as it looks from the sidelines.

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Bill Glover

I'd previously been on the Agility Club's 4-day judging course, and my first appointment Starters Agility at Eastbourne & District DTC went without a hitch. Until the prizegiving that is, when it transpired that Sue Glover from Newlands WDS -  same club as me - had won the class!

Sharing the same surname and club was complete coincidence, and we weren't related in any way... but I'm sure you can imagine the mutterings from those who didn't know this!   (11/04/04)

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