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Positive Training Isn't Just for Dogs

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Allow yourself to dream

You care passionately about your dog.  You take the time and energy to ensure that it eats healthily, exercises regularly, continually builds confidence, enjoys new opportunities and learns new skills.  In short, you do everything you can to make sure that your dog has a happy life and fulfils his/her true potential.  You know that positive training works and that success is rewarding! Sometimes though we dont show the same kindness to ourselves.

Life can be so hectic and stressful that we loose sight of our own dreams.  So how can we become happy, fulfilled owners and as a consequence add to the quality of our dogs lives?

      1. Set aside some time every week for yourself, it can be as little as 10 minutes. Time that is completely free of demands and distractions. Take this opportunity to relax and think about what would enhance the quality of your life.

      2. Be clear about what is important to you. Have a list of your top 3 priorities. In the future when you have to make decisions, being clear about your values will be vital in helping you to make balanced choices.

3. Allow yourself to dream. What would you do if you had the time, money and opportunity?  What would you like to achieve? Write down everything you can think of no matter how wild, in fact the wilder the better!  Open your horizons.

      4. Decide which part of your dream inspires you the most. Dont worry about whether or not it seems achievable. What is it that appeals to you about it?  Be precise.

5. Now create a series of steps, which will enable you to make that part of your dream a reality.  Begin by writing down a very specific positive goal that is measurable, realistic and attainable e.g. By 30 September this year I will  _________. By being clear about your aim you will know when youve achieved it! Keep it somewhere where you will see it often, as a reminder.  

     6. What is the first and easiest step to take you to that goal? It could be something very small, like making a phone call. Write yourself a note e.g. by Friday lunchtime I will have phoned ________ and found out __________.

7. What will prevent you from taking that first step?  Be realistic. Perhaps you need to arrange a quiet time in order to make the phone call. Put in place the measures to overcome the obstacle and you are on your way to success!

If you focus on taking small steps, before you know it you will have come a long way.  You will have begun to fulfil your potential and be turning your dream into reality. 

If you can dream it you can achieve it!

About the author...
Fiona Robertson is an experienced, qualified Career Coach who is passionate about enabling people to fulfil their true potential and find an occupation that they love. She coaches by phone as this fits in with peoples busy lifestyles and has clients throughout the UK. Fiona can be contacted at pegasuscoaching@aol.com


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