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You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too...
Denzel Washington

Water water everywhere and all the rings did sink. That was the scene at the 2019 Kennel Club International Festival at Rockingham Castle on the Friday and Saturday. Classes were cancelled and qualifiers rescheduled. But Agility people are nothing if not resilient and, even when the rings were underwater and caravans sinking into the ground, they still found time to smile.

As Seen on the KCI FB Page

The Kennel Club is selling 2019 commemorative t-shirts for 5. If you wish to purchase one please come to the secretarys tent today from 10am.

Do they say 'I survived KCI 2019' on them? Georgia Anne Dougal

They say I swim at KCI 2019. Masha Shaverneva

Are they wet T-Shirts? Caroline Hurst

Just X through 2019 with a Sharpie and write in 2020. Job done for next year! Julia Hunt

Wait until 2020 crufts and pick them up for 2! Ellie Morgan

Course ready for walking. Lynette Chant

An Email to God
From Dawn Gilmour on FB

Has anyone got a recent email address for God?

Ive emailed him a few times regarding this p**sing rain but nothing seems to be happening. Im assuming he's changed it and forgot to let me know. If you have any luck getting a hold of him, please let me know as Im totally scunnered with it and he really should be more considerate at this time of year when he knows fine well the shows are on. Karen Stubbs

 Especially bad of him as his name spelt backwards is dog. Viv Fendick

Try a different god? Jan Wilkin 

 He is busy dealing with his house flood at the moment I'm afraid.  Helen Mary Ashenhurst

 He leaves the weather to his mum... and she's not on-line yet. She's a technophobe! And a real greenie! Jan Stubbs

Wrong department.... you need Mother Nature for weather enquiries and feedback! Helen Marsh 

Where the hell is Noah when you need him? Dawn Gilmour

Feck waiting around for Noah. Ive organised myself for all future shows. Louise Walker

Ah now I know who nicked our boat last week! What a cheat! Jan Stubbs

Noooo, not guilty. I didn't steal anything, built my ark all by myself - no cheating here. Louise Walker 

He is on holiday... somewhere warm, dry and sunny. Kerensa Mckie 

Tell him to send it to Australia. We are desperate. Jenny Wood

KCIAF Washout

 Unfortunately due to the bad weather and unfit ground, several days of competition at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival 2019 were cancelled. Sometimes adversity leads to creativity.

KCIAF Quote of the Day...

Best KCI ever. No Es!..
Rosie Dains

Reasons to be Cheerful...
From Rosie Dains

I took the awning down.

The caravan is full of food.

The dogs are happy.

The kids are (currently) not battering seven living bells of s**t out of each other.

We have booze.

I'm not at home failing to do all the things I should be doing at home.

There's an organised day long park run
so I don't even have to have got out of bed early to run.

I have 4G.

I'm not in a tent.

There are showers and flushing toilets within a short walk.

Things could be a lot worse.

The Dirty Dozen...
Roger Brown's playlist for KCI

Rain - Status Quo

Here Comes The Rain Again - The Eurythmics

Rainy Night In Georgia - Randy Crawford

Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CCR

It's Raining Again - Supertramp

Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

Purple Rain - Prince

I Can't Stand the Rain - Tina Turner

Why Does It Always Rain on Me - Travis

Walking In the Rain - The Ronettes

Don't Rain on My Parade - Bobby Darin

Riders on the Storm - The Doors

Feel free to add to it!

Leaving the KCI...
Photo: Karen Lawlor


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