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What's your take on this photo?

Rob Kerr had been having a tough time. He'd had a rotten weekend and Senior Jumping was the last event. There were not a lot of clear rounds in it. As you can see, he is putting everything into his run. So what's really happening here? Incidentally, don't feel too sorry for him. Rob's bad day was a good day after he and Phizz (Rocket Phizz Assist) came second in the class.

Photo: Jim Webster

From Nina Hood (a friend)...
I have it on good authority that Rob was unable to find a portaloo before that particular class. The lady picking up poo unfortunately had been standing in line with the jump that Rob did a blind turn at, prior to the one in the photograph. Getting that next turn over the back of number 17 was just too much for his bowels to cope with!

From Penny (Garner-Carpenter)
I would imagine the distance between fence 1 and 2 and also between fence 2 and 3 - the rest of the course was fine :-(   (07/04/04)


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