Better to be safe and than sorry...

Living in the UK, were used to changing weather patterns - if you don't like the weather, wait a minute! Even though quite a bit of the time its clouded over and drizzling rain, sometimes we experience hot sunny weather which may be fine for humans but can be dangerous for dogs, If you do not take measures to protect your dog, it could lead to heat stroke and death. You can keep your dogs safe at shows, training and at home with some innovative new products and some old-fashioned commonsense. Here are some cool suggestions from Agility Warehouse.

Swamp Cooler

Ideal for competition dogs and any other full-sun, high temperature activity. The innovative design uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs comfortable.

Ventlock Tailgate Locks
Ventlock Tailgate Locks
Allows more ventilation into your car than just leaving windows open. Fits most cars or vans.

Seesaw Agility Design Sun Screens
Agility Design Sunscreen

Choose from a number of agility designs including See Saw, A-Frame, Weaves, Dog Walk.  Plus many specific breeds.

Country Mun Wet Wrap
Country Mun Wet Wrap
Soaked in cold water the Country Mun Wet Wrap helps to cool  your dog down pnm hot days.

  • Makes drying 'hard to reach' places such as faces and legs easy
K9 Cooler Bandana
K9 Cooler Bandana

These great bandanas will keep  your dog cool for hours. Very smart with a choice of designs.
Pow Wow Active 500ml 2011 improved formula
PowWow Active

Scientifically designed to provide fast effective Hydration through restoring essential fluids and body salts. 

Keep Cool Dog Coat
Keep Cool Coat

Specially designed to keep your dog cool in any situation, this coat is made from a unique, totally different fabric which is activated by water.

Reflective Silver Fabric Sheeting
Reflective Silver Fabric Sheeting
Why pay the earth for reflective sheeting when you can have any size you like for a fraction of the price?

SWAG Towelling Dog Rug
SWAG Towelling Rug

This is a great multi purpose rug - great for drying dogs after they have had a bath or cooling dogs down on hot days.
Cool Dog Tailgate Lock
The Cool Dog Lock
This amazing product is designed to allow greater airflow and ventilation by keeping the tailgate open but locked.
Coolaroo Raised Dog Bed
Coolaroo Bed

The unique Coolaroo knitted fabric Pet Bed elevates your dog off cold, hot or hard ground.. It offers all the comforts of home, is flea and mite resistant, easy to clean and very durable.

Human Cool Bandanas
Human Cool Bandanas
These cooling ties contain a gel which when soaked in cool water for 20 minutes will keep you cool all day.

Road Refresher Cage Brackets
Road Refresher
The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills when travelling in your car or van.
Rhino Reflective Sheet
Rhino Reflective Sheet
This heavy duty reflective sheet will keep your dog cool in the summer. It can be used over a cage or on your vehicle.
Bunk Bed Leg Extensions
Bunk Beds
These leg extensions for The Original ... Raised Pet Bed allow you to convert either your medium or large raised beds into a bunk bed. Comes with mesh slings. Perfect for hot days.

Cage Fans
Cage Fan

Keep your dogs safe and cool this year with a battery-operated cage fan. The 4.5 inch fan blade will provide enough ventilation to keep your dog cooler.

Country Mun The Cooler
The Country Mun Cooler
It uses our special Reflecto material coupled with ultra light cool cotton lining which helps the reflective qualities of this dog coat, keeping your dog cooler and happier underneath.
Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat
Ruffwear Big Eddy Float Coat
Does your dog love swimming? Then this canine floatation coat the best thing that there is for safety in the water.

First Published 14 June 2011


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