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And you thought there just weren't words for what happened!

Language by definition is live and, therefore, constantly evolving. As Agility is only twenty something years old, new words are coming into use all the time like 'pull through,' 'flick flack' and 'scrimer.' Here's a massive dose of new terms to make your everyday agility conversation, shall we say, more 'descriptive.'

Thank you to American Lynn Tamms for bringing this list of creative agility jargon that she found an on a Miniature Schnauzer e-list to our attention. If you have another word to add to the list or a photo to illustrate the words here, email them to Agilitynet.



Articunavigating (ar-'tic-u-nav-i-gat-ing) vb.

To bark commands at one's invisible dog while walking the course.

Cagify (cage-e-fie) n.

The smallest particle of a toenail a judge can see to determine if your dog made the contact.

Cratify ('kray-ti-fi) vb.

To convert a van or estate car for canine transportation.

Discoursification (dis-'cours-i-fi-'k-shun) vb.

The act of throwing both hands in the air to disqualify oneself after a brain malfunction causes one to send one's dog off course.

Estiwalking ('es-te-'waw-kin) n.

Trying to figure out a course's obstacle order before the numbers are placed.

Framegazing ('fraym-gay-zin) n.

When your dog stops at the top of the A-frame and looks around at the spectators.

Hesitip ('hez-e-tip) vb.

When the dog slows down and leans back on the teeter just before the tip point.

Judge Fright ('juj 'freyet) n.

A dog's belief that the judge is an axe-murderer.

Knobbler [nob-el-ar] n.

A child in the audience who insists on offering a dog a half eaten burger during a run.

Lefaargh lef - aargh <gutteral>] vb.

When the handler wants the dog to go right.

Miscommandication (mis-ke-mand-i-'kay-shun) vb.

Calling out the wrong name for the next obstacle.
(See Tunnire and Teetunnel)

Nowaitacidal tendencies (no-'wait-uh-sy-dal 'ten-den-seez) n.

The overwhelming desire of some dogs to start the course while the handler's back is turned.

Nowayzone (no-'way-zon) n.

The area beyond which there is no chance of calling your dog to return to the course once he's left the ring to visit friends.

Otherleftitus ('uth-er-left-'ti-tus) n.

A condition in which the handler is constantly giving the wrong directional command.

Poopylactic (poo-pe-'lak-tik) n.

The plastic bag used to pick up dog doo.

Popuppups ('pop-up-pups) n.

Dogs that lift their rears and/or elbows just prior to the 'go' command on the table.

Premature oexitation (pre-me-'tur o-eg-se-'tay-shun) n.

The act of leaving the table before the 'O' in 'GO'.

Pupulsion (pu-'pul-shun) n.

The invisible force a handler uses to make the dog perform an obstacle at a distance.

Repole (re-'pol) vb.

To correct a weave pole performance without having to start completely over.

Retun ('re-tun) vb.

To perform back-to-back tunnels.

Righyeft ('r-eye-yeft') vb.

When the handler wants the dog to go left.

Subcinco (sub-sin-ko) adj.

Describing a run with less than five faults.

Tunnire (tun-'ire) n.

An object which is either the tunnel or the tire, but the handler can't remember which. (See Miscommandication)

Teetunnel ('tee-tun-ul) n.

An object which is either the teeter or the tunnel, but the handler can't remember which. (See Miscommandication)

Treetrap ['t-ree-tra-p']n.

A large plant conveniently placed just the other side of the course perimeter for dogs to have a quick toilet break during a run.

Untun (un-'tun) vb.

When a dog reverses and comes out the same side of a tunnel he entered.

Wheezer ['wee -zer'] n.

An asthmatic handler thankful to be running a deaf dog as its hard enough to breath while running let alone give verbal cues as well.

Wheretowhirl ('hwer-tu-hwerl)

The spinning motion a dog makes after completing an obstacle not knowing where to go next.
Source: Thanks to Jo Poston-Davidson for submitting the 'Alternative Agility Glossary.' (18/02/02)

From Wendy Pinckney...
My dogs interpretation of the 'contact' zones on occasion.

NOWAYZONE (no-'way-zon) n. the area beyond which there is no chance of calling your dog to return to the course once he's left the ring to visit friends. The yellow area into which there is no chance your dog will actually put a toenail. (27/08/02)

From Patch Guipago-Gleave...
I loved the alternative terms glossary <g> A ' describes me and my dog.wheezer'


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