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A Gifted judge...

A good agility judge can be hard to find, as show secretaries everywhere will confirm. Judges give up their chance to compete with their own dogs in order to spend a day standing in pouring rain, freezing cold, blustery gales or even (sometimes) sweltering heat while hundreds of hopeful handlers and dogs sweep past, expecting (quite rightly) that the judge will be paying 100% focused attention to every move they make.

Okay, admittedly, judges often don't have to fight too hard to find a parking space. They get to wear their nice smart suits while all around are slopping about in tracksuits and trainers and, of course, there are the delights of the lunch marquee. However, there is no doubt that a thoughtful, thank you gift at the end of the day will always be appreciated.

The problem so often comes down to - what gift? To help shows make the right choice, Agilitynet is asking you judges out there to give us an insight into what gifts you'd actually like to receive. It only takes less than a minute - let us know what you think. You will then be able to see the overall results in case you're interested.



The judges have voted and overwhelming chosen their favourite thank you gift. To see what they preferred, go to Results

To check your entry on the Judge's A-List, click here. Send any amendments by email to

If you are not already listed on the Agilitynet A-List and would like to let show organisers know that you are available to judge, please send your full name, contact details (postal address, telephone/mobile and email) along with your preferred levels, experience and geographic preferences to


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