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Casey's Story
From the start Casey was very difficult. Before Lesley and Colin Harpley brought her home from Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, she showed signs of nervous aggression to people and dogs, while at the same time being quite dominant. Lesley explains how they got over the problem.
Cassie - An Utter Nutter
Junior handler Gina Graham got her 'little freak' as company for her crossbreed Dizzy who had been in training for about five months. And what a dog she got! This is Cassie's story - a fruit 'n nut case makes good!
Beamer - Jason's Next Generation Cosmic Sammies
It was in 1988 when a friend named Jill Crawford introduced 11 year old Jason Loper to the sport of dog agility. Little did she know that he would be hooked for life! He believes it's helpful for beginners to learn about other people's 'First Times' at an agility trial. With that he is going to tell you about his first show with his boy Quazar!
Disney's World
When Rosie Ison heard about an accidental mating between a Miniature Poodle and a Collie, she though this could be just what she wanted - a dog with the will to work. She had experience training two Standard Poodles who were 'hard work' to motivate. What she wanted now was a dog that she didn't have to wind up ten minutes before a run.


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