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Training Techniques

   Supporting agility dogs with specialist lifetime cover


Basic Training
There's more to agility than just doing jumps.
Case Studies
Good training makes good dogs.

Clicker Training
1-2-3 click for success.

Competitive Training
Striving for better results and meeting the challenges of competitive agility.

Contact Training
Get in the yellow zone.

Jumping Through Hurdles
Up up and over.

In Praise of Praise
In training we are told to reward our dogs after every run but how often do we forget the handler? People need praise, too.

Praise & Recover
Alex Collins offers a video service for agility handlers who want their runs at shows recorded so they can asses their performance and improve their overall handling. Having watched more than 3,000 runs this year, she has noticed some interesting patterns which she has decided to share with us.
Pre-Agility and Puppy Training
Getting your puppy ready for agility
Special Needs
Agility is for all kinds of handlers and all dogs.
Training Tips for Handlers
Understanding how your dog learns.
Wonderful Weaves
Fast and flawless weaves.


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