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Chicken Clicker Training
Chicken training workshops have been in existence in America for some years and are considered useful for dog trainers. After all, if you can train a chicken, you can train just about any animal! Julie Love explains why they are so popular. (03/06/01)
Click & Treat
Kay Westgate, the 'Silver Surfer' from Harlow, uses clicker training techniques to train her dogs for filmwork and fun. Her JRT Ozzie (the Nat West Dog) loves to work and does agility with great enthusiasm. A bat out of hell best describes his performance. At the moment, however, his touchpoints could be described as atrocious so Kay is using this method to correct this problem. So far so good... (03/06/01)
Clicker Camps 2003
When well-known Canadian agility handler and instructor asked Jo Sermon to teach at her summer camps, what could Jo say but yes. So Jo packed her bags and her clicker, kissed her dogs good-bye and off she went. (01/02/04)
Clicker Training for Agility: Myth or Magic
As clicker training becomes more popular, people are beginning to incorporate this method into obedience and agility training. As a newcomer to clicker training, it took Shirley Frankcom a while to understand how to use it to advantage in agility. The ideas which follow are based on her 'trial and error' experience with the youngest member of her small pack.
Clickety Click
Jo Hayes is a ‘crossover’ trainer in every sense of the word. With every dog that she trained she improved her methods, forever looking for a better way to train. Two years ago she was privileged to be introduced to Clicker training in Obedience by Joanna Hill, one of the pioneers of clicker training in the UK. She soon discovered that this was a fantastic way to train, with huge implications to the world of Obedience. But how could you do it for Agility? (11/04/01)

Ready Steady Click: Building Blocks for a Successful Introduction to Clicker Training by Stephen King
Review of Stephen King's latest book, an introduction to the scientific principles behind the process of learning, with an emphasis on practical solutions to behaviour problems such as encountered by dog owners, trainers, rescuers, boarding kennels and pet behaviour counsellors. By Joanne Steward. (10/01/01)


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