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Show Diary

  • Let's Go Manor - 30-31 January

  • KST - 31 January

  • Kelluki - 31 January

  • Kelluki - 31 January

  • Pachesham - 6 February

  • Dartmoor - 7 February

  • Scrambles - 7 February

  • Dashing Dogs - 13 February

  • OJAC - 13-14 February

  • UKA Valentine 13 February

  • M & M - 20 February

  • Kelluki - 20-21 February

  • Agility Ability - 21 February

  • Agility Antics - 21 February

  • Mid Cornwall - 21 February

  • Kelluki - 27 February

  • Stonebridge - 27 February

  • UKA Cool Runnings - 27 February

  • K9 Brats - 3 March

  • Barnstaple - 14 March

  • M & M  - 20 March

  • UKA Cool Runnings  - 20 March

  • KST - 28 March

  • Stardom - 28 March

  • Scunthorpe - 9-10 April

  • Scottish Border Collie Club - 18 April

  • Wallingford - 18-19 April

  • Lincoln - 23 April

  • Prestwood - 26 April

  • Shrewsbury - 1-2 May

  • Stardom - 2 May

  • Beachside - 2-9 May

  • Vyne - 3 May

  • Tunbridge Wells - 8-10 May

  • WAO - 13-16 May

  • Gleniffer - 29 May

  • Agiity Rocks - 29 May - 6 June

  • Oswestry & High Lane - 5-6 June

  • Thames - 12 June

  • Prestwick Park - 12-13 June

  • Sherborne Vale - 11 July

  • Dickson & Westlands - 10-11 July

  • Barnard Castle - 18 July

  • IMCA / PAWC - 12-26 August

  • Agility Rocks (Teejay) - 14-15 August


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.



Events added in the last two weeks.

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Agility Together
Lockdowns and restrictions can make you feel quite isolated, unable to see family or friends and, of course, missing training and shows. Agility Together is a temporary FB group, aimed at supporting agility people during these difficult times with some friendly chat and a range of free informative talks and activities, given by agility folk for agility folk.

         Interactive events coming up...

  • Saturday, 30th January - Introduction to Parcours with Karen Laker, a certifified UK Parcours instructor. From 7.00-8.00pm
  • Saturday, 27th February - Wag & Tone, a fun session with Karen Laker. Bring your dog. From 11.00am-noon.

Retired Agility Dogs Tribute
Meet some of the dogs that retired in 2020 - some of them before their time due to corona virus restrictions - and always too soon for their loving handlers. If you want to add your dog, please email details.

In Memory
Sadly, Agility has lost a number of its pioneers this month, some due to Corona virus and others to natural causes.

  • Martin Pollard, known for developing the first electronic timing system for Agility and Flyball, died on 19th January after testing positive for Covid.
  • Ian Nicholls (aka Scon’ed) has died, just 17 days after his wife of 56 years, Marg. Cheers, Ian!

  • Marg Nicholls lost her long battle with lung disease on Christmas Day. She was well known all over the North West for scriming at every show and running the Wirral show with military precision.

  • Dave Perry, one of the early agility competitors and a popular judge, died on 16th December. He was also known for his miniature agility models.

  • Jacky Slater passed away on 30th December due to Covid. She will be remembered for her red collies and for always being first to arrive at shows in the morning. She was more than a friend to Deeanne Nash who was her Junior handler for seven years.

New Years Honours List
Check out who's made the NYHL this year despite Covid. Maybe we can persuade them to do some boast posts. With thanks to K9 Transport Solutions for their support.

Good Deeds
Kate Thomson (17) is on track to raise £1,000 for Forever Agility, after cutting her very very long hair on-line for charity.

Pip - The Story So Far
Pip was a failed sheepdog but he found a good home with Mandy Colbourne on a smallholding in Wales and started a new life doing agility.

Product News
Winston & Porter have won the 020/2021 Animal Supplements Business of the Year in the Corporate Live Wire North England Prestige Awards!

(Formerly Snippets)

Follow the link in grey for more information...

  •  Sue Wood and Morag Harris have decided to step down  from running Agility Rocks shows. (Show Snippets)
  • WAO 2021 has been postponed until October. Contact your country orgnisers if you have any questions. (Show Diary)
  • The Kennel Club has approved changes to the regulations for agility, all effective 1st January 2021.(Show Snippets)
  • The Open Junior Agility Championships (OJAC) in February have been cancelled. (Show Diary)
  • The IMCA / PAWC 2020 Championships in Switzerland have been cancelled. (Show Diary)
  • Discover Dogs returns to London in 2021. (Show Diary)
  • Crufts 2021 will take place next year on 15 -18 July at the NEC Birmingham. (Show Snippets)
  • The dates for the 2023 FCI Agility World Champs in the Czech Republic have been announced. (Show Diary)
  • The KC has reassured competitors, exhibitors and everyone involved in the dog world that it remains actively committed to holding Crufts next year. (Show Snippets)
  • Data modelling for COVID compliant shows explained. (Show Snippets)


Training Tiny Dogs
Chihuahuas are known for their tiny size and not their athletic prowess. Naomi Hosker believes, however, that they can succeed at agility the same as any other breed. She says they're are just like any other dog, only smaller.

The Repair Shop
It's many people's favourite telly show but can they help Carol Mortimer fix her A-frame?

Returning to Agility after Time Out
How can you be sure that your dog ready to go back to training or shows after an enforced break such as lockdown or an extended holiday, an injury or illness? Vet physio Zoe Hindle helps you decide.

An Alternative 2020 DINAS
Di Poingdestre has attended every Dogs in Need since it started, and out of all the shows that have been cancelled in 2020, this one hurt the most. So she decided to do her own!

Taking the 'Dis' Out of Disabled
Disabled G7 handler Julie Thomson and her long-time trainer and friend Jacqui Wood talk to Agilitynet about the highs and lows of competing on a mobility scooter.

Nigel P. Davis - The Man with a Mic
Freelance auctioneer, drayman at the Stonehouse Brewery and commentator with a sense of humour, Nigel Davis tells the story of how he became a commentator at Crufts.

Going the Distance
If you are interested in distance handling, this article by Anni Telford and Joanne Orrell is a 'must read.' It's the first of three articles to help you achieve more independence with your dog and start the next chapter of your agility career.


Senior Agility League
Nominations for membership in the prestigious Hall of Fame are closed.

Clubs & Private Trainers
Now that clubs and training groups are starting up again, we'd like to update the lists. Please let us know if all your club's details are up to date. New groups welcome.

Agilitynet Show Diary
Here at Agilitynet we are optimistic about shows in 2021 while at the same time, we continue to keep you up to date with show cancellations due to the pandemic. But fingers crossed, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Judges A-List
It's always a good time to add your name to the Judges A-List or update your details. The shows will be back and show organisers will need you.

Agilitynet FB
Agilitynet FB has reached an impressive 27,000+ members. Welcome to all new members. And thank you to the dedicated Admin who have kept it growing.

The Agilitynet Shop
Since so many agility people now do Hoopers with their oldies, we've added a new section for equipment and accessories to The Shop called... Hoopers!

Flea Market
The Agilitynet Flea Market has been open 24/7 through lockdown so you can buy or sell unwanted items.  We've improved our security in our constant war against spammers.


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