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Welcome to Agilitynet


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  • The closing date for the Half Moon show on 4th March has been extended to Thursday, 15th February. (Show Diary)
  • The Prestwick show in September has been cancelled. Their weekend has been taken over by Ayrshire. (Show Diary)

  • SWAT is sponsoring a new Junior Challenge at a number of SW shows.  (Show Snippets)

  • The KC clarifies Olympia qualification for 2018. (Show Snippets)

  • The KC is hosting a FCI agility judges seminar in November 2018. (Show Snippets)

  • Dundee ATC will be holding their August show at Glamis Castle. (Show Diary)

  • Congratulations to the Large LHO League Winners 2017. (Show Snippets)

  • The KC is seeking to recruit Accredited Trainers for judges of agility. (Show Snippets)

The Rescue page is sponsored
by Akela WholePrey
Rescue a dog. Rescue yourself.

Here are some of the latest arrivals but there are many more looking for active homes. Yes, there are quite a few collies but there are also other breeds of all sizes and, on occasion, some from outside the UK.

You can now add potential agility dogs direct, using the on-line form. This is a free service for rescue organisations and private individuals!


Agilitynet Show Diary
Agilitynet has been listening to you again. We've had a request to add classes for Juniors to the Show Diary but will need the help of all the show organisers to identify shows with classes for kids.

In addition, thanks to the 4th Height Supporters Groups, we have a list of shows with LHO on the Show Diary.

Both these options can be accessed via the filter called Qualifiers on the Show Diary.

Senior Agility League
The winners of the 2017 SAL League have been announced and trophies and rosettes sent out. Thank you to the Big Dog Bed Co for their continuing support, artist Ally Tate for her lovely limited edition prints and Norton rosettes for the wonderful rosettes.

If you are over 55 and still competing, why not join in on the fun. All points count as long as there is a rosette awarded except 'just for fun' and training in the ring competitions.


Events added in the last two weeks.

'The Agilitynet site has really helped me in the past to find training courses for me to attend. I have done training courses all over the country and thoroughly enjoyed them.' Marianne Tembey


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.

'Thank you from the whole of Active for allowing us to use Agilitynet. It was amazing. For the 2nd year on this service, we saw every show sold out all with waiting lists.' Stephen Bartholomew


Framed CertWinning Out Certificates
The Winning Out Certificates have landed. Let the Boast Posts begin.

Well done all and once again many thanks to our sponsors - Xtra Dog, Wes Lo, CSJ Specialist Feeds and Athag / Guardsman.

Training News
Whilst on maternity leave - and before she has to go back to her day job -top trainer and competitor Selena Bray decided to write a agility e-book on Weave Excellence.

In Memory
On 14th February, the agility community said good bye to another agility gentleman, Paul BIngham. A JustGiving page has been set up in his name on behalf of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Agility Thoughts

  • Keep calm and open the envelope in case of emergency. Gill Cowie
  • Can we not have fun and compete at the same time? Rebecca Harris
  • There is a group of people out there associated with agility who never get a mention and are rarely acknowledged. Let's give them a little love. Hannah Grantham

Pic of the Litter
Ah, what fun they had back in 1985! Check out a much younger Yvonne Croxford with Ben, the first in a long line of agility dogs.

Photizo® Vetcare
Chris Garrett has used Photizo Light Therapy on her dogs and herself for a while now, and she agreed enthusiastically to review the Photizo® Vetcare devise, a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

Rosie's Last Agility Weekend
Rosie Pearson had not told anyone that she had decided to retire from the Agility until the N. Derbyshire show. Ten in a voice breaking with emotion, she announced at the end of her Champ final briefing that these would be the last 20 dogs she would ever judge.

Senior Agility League
Thank you to The Big Dog Bed Company for agreeing to sponsor SAL again and making it all possible. Watch out for news of the 2017 grand winners.

Judge's A-List
The A-List is now on-line so anyone who judges at KC, UKA or independent shows can add and/or amend their entries themselves.  There are more than 400 judges around the UK listed so plenty of choice.

Events & Measuring
Several measurers have requested that we list official measuring sessions on Agilitynet so from now one we are hoping to have more dates and information of events.

Pic of the Litter
What a great shot of collie Leroy Astra flying out of the tunnel.

Handler Fitness
Agility Team GB fitness coach Ruth MacGill says not to forget your own fitness when making training plans this winter.

(Incorporating Wanted)

New section... Training places wanted or for sale

And don't forget that you an buy and sell your unwanted items on the Flea Market all year round.


Agility Judging in 1984
We've just remembered this wonderful Agility Voice editorial, by John Gilbert, which was written back in the days when the dogwalk was known as the cat-walk. Have things changed in 25 years? Read on and judge for yourself.

Morgan Shoosmith
Morgan is the 10 year old handler who is taking the Poodle world by storm. She's been competing since she was seven! Read her story in her own words...

The Life of a KC Agility Judge
Emily Osborne started judging five years ago because she wanted to give something back to the sport and, though it can be hard work at times, she is still loving it.

Choosing Pet Insurance
We all know that veterinary bills can be eye watering, so it's no wonder that about 40% of owners have pet insurance. Policies can vary widely which means that it is very important to get the right cover for your dog first time. Julia Carr explains how it works and what to look for.


Fun with Fido Treat Pods & Tuggies
Sharon Tuffnell reviews Becky Layphries' new interactive, super squidgy treat pods and tuggies. Perfect for Agility training, Flyball and other dog sports.

ByBenji Treats
Inspired by the South African beef snack Biltong, ByBenji Training Treats are made of premium quality, dry cured silverside of beef. But are they worth the money? Helen and Adrian Miller tried them out on their dogs.

DOGGO Parcours
Daniel Gee reviews these agility trainers designed by a German Championship handler and now in the UK for the first time.

Dog StreamZ Smart Collar Review
Sue Culmer offered to review some Dog StreamZ collars which were kindly donated to her rescue to test and here are her findings.

Ball Thrower Bag
If you throw, launch or chuck balls for your dogs, you'll want to know more about this new product. Rosie Lander reviews the clever new Ball Thrower Bag. Just £10 + £3.00 P&P of pick up on at Just Dogs Live where Jenny Fish is raising money for Dogs Trust.


There's an extra 'run for fun' qualifier for every Grade level now, not just the Advanced dogs. You can find a qualifier to suit you by using the Qualifiers button on the Show Diary page. Don't be shy. Go for it!

Agria Brillo Bounce
Report from the Agria Brillo Bounce Finals held at the British Agility Championships and judged by international judge Jorge Pires.

Animal Health Co Classic
Ten things you may not know about the Animal Health Company Classic. There's more to hosting an agility qualifier than you think!

ROYAL CANIN® Agility Challenge
Read Dave Deaville's Judge's report on the Final held at the Malvern Autumn Show this year. Congratulations to the winners.

Qualifiers News
Agility Rocks,Dogs Matter and PAwS Shows have teamed up to bring you The UKA South West Winter Finals with 10 heats at UKA shows throughout the winter 2017/18.

LOW 550 Scotland
It was a cold and windy day at Kelso but the dogs were flying at the  LOW 550 Scotland Jumping Cup Final 2017 at the Tweedbank show. Report by Judge Fiona Turnbull.

SAM's League
SAM's League was set up by Emily Osborne to support and represent Small and Medium dogs that run at Lower Height in KC classes and Toy and Midi at UKA in the UK. They now have 60 members and growing.


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